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Do you know what they say doesnt hold water?
But I have proof there's Water On Mars



Life On Mars too, as someone already pointed out here before.


Charlie Sheen knows his stuff too.
I'm told he's pretty bright.
His old Senior high school teacher sent me one of his math problems.
Solved correctly I might add.

Find x



That's 3 to everyone else's NONE!
Get on the ball or I'm tellin' Noam.

Friend of USA

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't that missile hit the part of the Pentagone exactly where it had been reinforced just a little before 9/11?

I think Bush was also doing a little testing on that day...a two-for-one for Bush.

But I just don't understand how Bush managed to have tens of thousands of tourists visiting Washington DC
( the space and aviation Smithsonian which is like a couple miles away is one of the - if not the - most visited museum in the world ) look in the opposite direction...

Not one Japanese tourist had his polaroid pointed in the Pentagone direction...

How did Bush do it?

Bush works in mysterious ways...

African Moonbat

Charlie Sheen did not come up with the truth all by himself. He probably got the idea from a Barely Legal Babe.

Concerned Citizen

Anyone who has seen the cinematic work of art called "Capricorn One" (with a brilliant performance by OJ Simpson) knows just how far this government will go to cover up its lies.

Experts in forensic accident reconstruction like Ally Sheedy and Rob Lowe need to take this on to expose it for what it is.


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

Fist of Etiquette

Okay, having exhaustively analyzed the first video, I am able to see where the cover-up begins. Approximately one minute and five seconds into it, the "plane" flies by, and the explosion happens about twenty seconds after that.

Only, the "plane" isn't a "plane" at all. If you slow the video down and utilize viewing enhancements (marijuana, heroin and cocaine) you can clearly see the "plane" is just a "police car" driving by the camera. I think it's a Ford.

Apparently Richards is on the Bush payroll, twisting the facts about Sheen's healthy labido into something sordid just so the sex-crazed right wing mainstream media will focus on so-called kiddie porn obsessions instead of poking around the big, steaming pile of truth that Charlie has dropped on their chests.

Talking Toaster

After playing a real pilot in Hollywood Charlie Sheen knows the difference between a 757 and a huge baklava pie - hitting a camera in the eye (What passes for a blurry white 757 aircraft could be just a large kerosene soaked baklava striking the Pentagon leaving a minor hole in the side).

If fact, Charlie has flung a few bull baklava pies around to see if they will stick. He can duck and sling with the best of them.




Anybody seen Rebbin Jessah 'round here?


I watched a movie or TV show and Charlie Sheen was in a lab coat.
I have never seen the Chimpy McBushitler in a lab coat!


During the planning stages of Chimp's Operation Hegemony, it was decided that the WTC's had to go down in such a way that Chimp had plausible deniability. Simple. He would be forced to read. In the past, this had incapacitated Chimp for hours. Neocons suggested The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, but Shotgun Dick interceded because he knew My Pet Goat was more than sufficient. Yet, during the final stages of preparation, the planners in the Pentagon had pangs of conscience which would be echoed months later in the actions of patriots such as Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, and the entire CIA. So, at the last minute, Paul Wolfowitz fired two cruise missiles into the Pentagon. Built by Haliburton, missile #1 streaked off course and struck Flight 73 in Pennsylvania. Missile #2 struck the Pentagon, just as Ambassador John Bolton tripped the charges on the main support beams of WTC Tower #2. At the same instant, Donald Rumsfeld wiped the spittle from his mouth and screamed 'Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!!' as he tripped the charges on WTC Tower #1. Karl Rove was ready at the major media headquarters with SWAT teams, manufactured video tape, and orders that the tapes be played.

The die had been cast. Chimp awoke from his dazed state seven minutes later, and the world would never be the same. Speak Truth to Power.


Everyone knows that the so-called "Al Quaida Network" and Saddam's non-existent WMDs were destroyed in 1998 by Bill Clinton's cruise missile attack on Afghanistan and Sudan. As a result of Clinton's successful, non-quagmire military intervention, Bush indicted him on charges charges of adultery and crimes against nature (Rethugs believe that any non-missionary position sexual contact, and any relations which do not lead to procreation are illegal and immoral.).

Osama Bin Laden, a philanthropist well known for building women's health clinics and daycare centers in developing nations, adopted the brand name "Al Quaeda" for his charitable foundation. The move was simply a name recognition issue, as everyone in the Religion of Peace already associated it with the noble cause of eradicating the world of feral Jooos. The new Al Quaeda is no more related to the old one than the (then) new Indian Motorcycle brand was related to the old one.

On 9/11, as the Mossad launched submarine-based airliner holograms at the WTC, OBL was busy reading "My Wife's Mutillated Genitalia" to a group of kindergarteners at the Severed Head Madras for Religious Enlightenment and the Destruction of Zionist Pigs.

Shrub, attending third grade in his recently-conquered Florida, immediately executed plans to steal oil, mock genetalia, annoy France, and spy on little old ladies' telephone calls.

Oliver North jumped on an SR-71 spy plane and covertly planted fake intelligence documents in every major country's spy agency in the world, and under a pile of Purple Hearts on Senator Kerry's desk.

Joe Wilson, heretofore living the naive role of Jamie Lee Curtis to his wife's Arnold Shwartzenazi, received the Downing Street Memo from the concierge at a Niger hotel. This definitively proved that Tony Blair was Bush's lapdog. (Wilson also asked the concierge for a piece of chocolate cake. To his dissapointment, he was told that they didn't have any, but yellow cake was extremely popular, and he could have as much as he could carry out of the country.)

Anyway, the point of this history lesson is that William Jefferson was framed!


I'm shaking my head so hard my tin-foil hat just came off.

Bu$h was "reading" ( we all know that the kids he was "reading" to are smarter than him ) My pet goat.....

Who likes goats? Arabs do! who got the blame for 9/11? Arabs!

Put two and two together and you get five.
KKKondi rice
tricky dick

I hope that charlie keeps speaking truth to power to the people and 15 year old call girls all across this once (when dems are in charge ) land!

I hope that


I'm still p!ssed off and disillusioned about Watergate (even though I wasn't born until 1988). One thing is certain: if a Republican president says anything about anything, you can automatically assume it's a lie.


This explains sooo much Larry! To my knowledge the "plane" was filled with undocumented pre-Americans who wouldn't do the jobs Americans won't do! They were summarily rounded up and forced to get on "Dee Plane". The question remains, what did Schrubya do with the passengers of flight 77?


Charlie Sheen is so right (left). A man that takes time away from nailing 14-year-old prostitutes contracted love providers to speak truth to power -- well, you've just got to listen to him. He's not going to be fooled by some grainy video taken from a parking lot security camera that was purchased from the low bidder. He's seen Flight of the Phoenix and knows damn well that no propeller was seen cutting into the aircraft as it prepared to "crash." We know good and well that Bu$hitler fired an MX missile into the Pentagon as part of his neoKKKon conspiracy for world domination.

What are we? Stupid?


Now this guy speaks truth to power!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

WOW, Dave...I wonder how many of Lar's forks & bongs that guy stole from underneath the sink. A pity he didn't steal some shampoo though...and Focus Factor. I guess I can't fault "Robert" though, cuz everyone IS out to get us!


That websight is one of my faves ( He's just worried about the bu$h junta that going on today. and he has indian ( not the dot kind, the first people here kind )poetry!


Not even Charlie Sheen would fall for this latest transparent attempt by the government to cover up its demolition of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon with this digitally created faux "security tape." Of course everything one sees or reads at the DailyKos, democraticunderground.commie and moveon.orgy can be totally trusted in. Why would a progressyve ever lie or spin the TRUTH (whatever that may be from day to day).

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

I've been thinking about that faux film alot too. And one thing I've concluded is that it shouldn't be difficult AT all to find the George Lucas wannabe since we know most ALL Of Hollywood hates Bu..err....rightfully and wisely speaks out
out against the Stupid Evil Genius, Dumbya. Any of the filmmakers who DON'T hate Bu..err...I mean any of the phlegmmakers who fail to see...uhm...feel
how evil The Shrub is (we base our compassionate and reasonable anti-Bush stance on intelligent research and pontificating done
at Adrian Huffingpaint's website) should be lined up with all the other hate filled warmongrel Rethugs and Pro-Dumbya Theocons and SHOT on the spot! It's treasonous to fake such a film and falsely accuse our oppressed middle eastern friends of this heinous act carried out ONLY as our next President Charlie Sheen has said it was. Why would anyone doubt him? As Babs Streisand said...well, tried to say amidst bad grammar and type-o's---It is HOLLYWOOD who keeps the pulse on all of society and knows and sees all as they live and move and shop among the common folk on Rodeo Drive and from Mansion to mansion bringing food , necessities and compassion to us normal folk.



I hope you realize that, by giving this site free advertising, that you are opening yourself to lawsuits. Just one look at his studly face and I can tell you that all Womyn and Othyrs you direct to his site will be clogging his e-mail box with requests for personal meetings.
I had to dump a bucket of ice water on my LyfePartner when s/he got a good gander at him.


The attacks accured on 9/11, divide 9 by 11 and you get .81
Flight 11 crashed, multiple .81 by 11 and you get 9. THINK ABOUT IT.

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