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"it was all I could do to keep from throwing an SOS pad at the TV screen."

We're watching you!!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

7/8 of the capitalist pig's name is KILLING!


[Señor/ita KILLING]

And as for "Kenny Boy", I won't DO potato chips.....or fritos..... only refritos frijoles, in solidarity with the Shrubs latest extermination target in his latest illegal immoral immigrant war.!!


He's got "mad skills"...

Talking Toaster

Jeff Skilling is just another of Bush's Big Burrito Buddies who was assigned the task of fleecing Progressys in the True Blue State of California.

If Bush's Big Burrito Buddie had succeeded, high cost of electricity would have dimmed the lights of Hollywood for years to come. Bush would have won California in 2008 and taken over the world.

Luckily, democrat Grey Davis poured so much money into Skilling's wallet as to make him look like Robber Barron. Thank's to Grey Davis' political skills Grey managed to sit on the big one and rotate while a light bulb was change in the Governor's office.

Grey Davis has cleverly handed Arnold the problem. Now, Arnold be held responsible for manipulating gasoline prices. Arnold will be tossed out of office like so much trash.

Ralph Nader, Barbra Boxeater, and Mad Maxine and other progressives will regain their rightful thrown.

And, Californian's will be buying electric cars by the shipload and once again leading the Nation to toward a healthy green trend of pollution free cars - which use electricity generated from oil or nuclear powered electrical generation companies.

I must say that will be a refreshing change.


Glad to have you back, Lar. I feared that you'd invoked your French rights to receive the benefits of working on your blog without performing any work on your blog. I supported you, of course, but because of your decision, I was forced to skew right and go to the NYT editorial page to learn what I should think, and its reactionary judgmentalism makes me uncomfortable


If S-Killing goes to jail, he'll just pull that old Hateful Re-Thug trick, like Chuck Coulson, and he will "find God". It is sooo pathetic how these Reich-Wingers latchonto their imaginary friend when they get plopped into GenPop. It is just so phony unlike TRUE converts like Tookie who just says "God" but means "Gaia" which we real Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves understand.


I hear sKilling is working on a chyldryns book while in prison.

I did not shred them in my house,
I did not delete them with my mouse,
I should not have a fine to pay,
I learned accounting from Tom DeLay.

So beyatch, don't give me cause,
I'm hard and tough, and I watched Oz.
I made my scratch by selling power,
And if you jump me in the shower,
I'll do whatever it takes to live,
Then stick you with a rusty shiv.

I'll go to the hole, but you'll talk falsetto,
In my defense, Si se puedo!


You have to admire Skilling's work ethic, though. Despite his legal troubles, he still keeps on doing the weather reports on WGN and tending the ivy at Wrigley Field.

Libby Gone™

The correct way to interpret Skilling is understanding he is only committing the white collar crime everyday Americans refuse to do...........


Oh Gaia, The Rovian Roswell Radio Waves are jaming my central cortex again. Worst of all they are playing some sort of Rethug hate music. Some band called "No Truth To Power"

Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
And you know little countries can become such a mess.
Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
Renditions curtesy Bush Air Express.

We'll Rendition your @ss
Get a nice 3 day pass,
And you know your family won't know a thing.

Cause Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
And you know little countries can become such a mess,
Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
Smart money says Iran is next.

Be a good little Rag,
or Bush will make you a F@g,
And tell Kofi Annan you fell off a swing,

Cause Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
And you know little countries can become such a mess.
Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
Put the whiskey & women on my American Express.

You'll go to bad Abu Ghraib,
and meet some evil black labs,
Hood and wires will sure make you sing.

Cause Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
and you know little countries can become such a mess.
Hell, Hell is from Haliburton,
The doggies all say its time you confess.

Your lost civil rights,
Won't keep Bush up late nights,
And Cheney thinks its a grand thing.

Gaia, who listens to this Cr@p! It sounds like they have the entire Arian Youth Orkkkesta over there. Why can't they play good progressyve music like "Jump Little Eichmans Jump." There's a band that tells truth to power. I love my Ward Churchill commemerative box set. Meanwhile, I need to beef up my tinfoil beany with some lead foil. Maybe I can get some off of my winebottles. Wait a minute, there is no foil on Ripple bottles. I guess I shouldn't have sold daddy's Grand Crues for weed money. I'm Doomed! Help!


SKKKinlling is going to hang. he's a captalist and that is enough for me. Please come back lar. we need you speaking truth to power!

Hey loveisblue. thanks for the shout out. I'm the lead singer of jump,little eichmans,jump. I'll give you free tickets to our next show called "We are america" on may first to help our friends south of the border. someone told me we should name it "laws? we don't have to obay your sinking laws" show but we have to put on a good face if news crews are there.

peace out. dave


Moonchild, you're right about the NYT going downhill. It's been almost a year since they called for the armed overthrow of capitalism, but whaddya expect? They are corporate owned, so naturally they will spew the Rethuglican party line. Try reading the San Fran Chronicle. They are owned and operated by a Workers Soviet, so they aren't afraid to Speak Truth to Power (god, I love saying that).


It's high time we took the evil capitalist thugs money and made it ours! Only we know how to spend it! Where's Che when you need him?


If S-Killing goes to jail, where there are no mmebers of the oppostie sex, will he become a lesbian just like the daughter of The Evil That Lives With A mechanical heart, DicKKK Cheney?


We can use him in NJ for litter patrol!!!! Then we can cane the bastard!!!!!


Dick 'Shotgun' Cheney's daughter - a lesbian? A lesbian?! Is this true?!

Thanks for the tip on the SFC, Crouton. Paul Krugman's drift away from Mao troubles me almost as much as Dowd's shameless surrender to her neurotic desire for a 'relationship' which we all know is just a euphemism for ritualized rape. Perhaps Dick 'Shotgun' Cheney's lesbian daughter might enlighten MoDo on what true intimacy might entail, assuming the rumors concerning Ms. Cheney's lesbianism are true.

[...] must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
U.S. law?

Or Mexican?


"Well, I decided to go over and visit Neocon Pincher's website today, and see what great political insights he has documented. My eyes were seared, and I do mean SEARED by the images seen there(scroll down). As a Progressyve, I grant NP the right to post what he wants, but I must protest his blatant political exploitation of women. I'm a Progressyve after all, no matter what the Lioness says. ;-) We Progressyve womyn must of course, call NP a dirty, nasty boy who needs to be punished.

I do realize that the myn(need I say more) on this forum don't see a thing wrong with his website. They will perceive him as brilliant, insightful and witty. And, they will just be reading his blog for the articles."

Sorry for the delay. Bu$hitler made me dump my motorcycle and break my collar bone -- so typing is difficult, thus the delay in defending myself from these vicious attacks.

ALL of the erotic imagery occasionally posted at my site CELEBRATES ALL THAT IS WOMYN!!!!!

None of it is misogynistic or exploitative!

You have to understand the symbology (true Progressyves such as myself do not limit themselves syntactically -- while "symbology" means PRECISELY the same thing as "symbolism", the intellectually elite progressyve will always opt for the spurious academian construct over the actual word)

The nude female form is the very living manifestation of Gaia's spirit. The female form is grace and richness. And it is in celebration of this that I sometimes show the female form made "air tight" with three penises (or any other of the myriad ways of celebrating the grace and beauty of the female form).

You peopyl try to make me out to be some kind of perverted ReTHUGliKKKan heterosexual lust monkey!

*being emotionally hurt* (which ain't crap compared to the freaking collar bone)

Mr. Baldo. I'm Bald. I'm nationwide.

Announcing ‼ONCE AGAIN‼ Baldo’s Easter Packet™‼; Now, color your Bald like a giant Easter egg as you shine it up‼ Have the kids help‼ Or, they can have all their friends over for a Baldo’s Easter party. Imagine the ooh’s and aah’s from their teachers and classmates when your kids walk into school with their shiny little Bald’s done up like Easter eggs‼ Imagine the looks of envy‼

On sale through Easter Sunday April 16, 2006.

Now with Phlogiston®‼

Baldo’s Shiny Wax™ for Balds. Available at your friendly neighborhood drugstore.

Red Loser

Larry, I hope you quickly conclude your self-imposed yet beyond-your-control exile. Our country needs you!


...they are as guilty as hell and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Hey Lar, isn't being a one man progressyve kangaroo court empowering? Time to trim another Shrub who keeps talking about a "new tone" in Washington. We'll show him a new tone .... IMPEACHMENT!!!

Friend of USA

Did you hear the one about the new inflatable Muslim sex dolls?

They blow themselves up.

Kiki B.


I hope you feel better soon. I'm sorry that Bush stuck out his foot and tripped your tricycle(they're so dangerous, children SHOULD NOT be allowed to ride them). Please be careful next time, and try putting those cute, little streamers in the handlebars. They're sexy, and they look like my whip!

Also, what's my cut for the increased(50 fold) traffic to your site? I've tried doing the math, including advanced Calculus, and I keep coming up with 1/10th of a penny. Surely that can't be right. But, I will be a good Progressyve, and trust you to be a good Progressyve, and pay me what's rightfully mine, you greedy %&#(@!!


As Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, we should thank Gaia that we have such creative energies as Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Al Franken & Michael Moore on our side. They allow us to be able to express ourselves in new & creative ways all the time...and...and...and...



RWing Nut

Being the product of a repressive upbringing where my parents set rules, I am monolingual. I don't speak another language, but I understand neoKKKon induced suffering. I have tried to spell out how the Spanish sounds in English so if you were victimized in your childhood too, you can follow along.

I attended the big March of Oppressed Immigrants (MOI, that's French for surrender in Iraq) last Monday. Learning from the speakers there how the undocumented are exploited by the RepubliKKKan slave masters by being forced to take jobs inspired me to take action.

The following day I went into work and freed all the Latino workers by firing them. They got really excited about the end of their exploitation and began telling me about those Mexican progryssve heros Chinga Sue Madre and Bessie Mae Culo, they must have been labor union organizers. They even gave me a new nickname, it sounds like "E O Day Poo-Ta" fits don't ya think.

Having struck a blow for SoCal justice, I retired to under the break room sink for a little herbal assisted relaxation. Next thing I know, the Reich wing bossman, who thinks because he owns the business he has the right to tell me what to do on the job, sticks his head (complete with bulging vein) under the sink and tells me to "get the hell out", I am fired. He says it's because of some "crazy stunt firing the Mexican employees" and for sleeping on the job. He's obviously never read Barbara Erlich. Naturally I pleaded with him not to fire me until I'd worked there long enough to qualify for unemployment insurance payments. To no avail.

My friends, don't worry about this little "E O Day Poo-ta" I'll get by on grandma's Social Security check. It's been 3 years since Gaia called her to her great reward, but FDR's gift just keeps on giving.

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