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The Exorcist

Hard boiled inside their shell. How sickening is that? The progressive method would be to stick a little vacuum tube inside the shell, 3 seconds before the chicky hatched, and suck the brains clean out. Now that's giving the chicky a REAL choice.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

and I'll just betcha, Lar's neoconiece was in attendance & has been egging him on about the whole "homeopathphobic", "greedy capitulation" event, too.


Isn't it just like the population exploding, pro rape, ANTI-CHOICE Theocons to mock celebrating the Gaiadess of Fertility by substituting a RABBIT?

Oh and I'll betcha there wasn't ONE piece of carob candy to be found there, either. Only Haliburtons Cheney-chocolate....which I doubt Dick's lesbian daughter (Mary) or her lesbian lover even eat.


In light of this, I think we should just surrender in Iraq.


I hate to say it, but I'm not sure I agree with you on this one, Larry. I grew up on a poor farm in the middle of a depressed urban area, and I was sickened -- SICKENED -- by the sexual violence being perpetrated on the poor hens by the man-chickens. Those roosters would just grab ahold of the hen's head feathers, climb aboard, and go to town... for about 5 seconds. No pleasure for the hen at all. I'm wondering if maybe the hens aren't better off in the safe house egg farms, free from the rooster rape gangs.

Fist of Etiquette

I suspect this all was less about celebrating some guy (like the Phoenix, Spock and about 9,000 people of color in NOLA) who refused to stay dead, and more about getting the country used to the image of a powerful white man from his mansion overlooking fields of children forced to pick things, a scene very common in the south a scant 150 years ago.

With an economy worse than it has been in any other time in the America's history, my fear is that child labor on the Sabbath will probably soon be the only thing that will keep us from slipping into full scale depression.


I found this passage in The Book Of Pharisians from The Lost Gospels, you know, those made-up stories about the KKKonservative KKKhristians' imaginary friend, Jesus KKKhrist:

And, lo, it came to pass that the lead centurion bade Jesus to set aside his cross at the foot of a steep hill. The centurion then called forth a slave who produced a brightly colored orb and a common eating utensil which were then given unto Jesus. The centurion directed Jesus to roll the orb up the steep incline using not his hands but only the utensil. Then, the betting started. Money was cast down in favor of Jesus' being able to complete the task, mostly by the weak, mewling followers of this supposedly great pretender but more money was cast down in favor of his not being able to do so, mostly by the centurions and his brave comrades. Jesus had already had one tough day and he knew that his father would not spare him his life so he prayed, as hateful, evil people will do when they are in a bind and, lo, a strong wind arose. A wind so strong that it enabled Jesus to quickly roll the orb to the top of the steep incline. The crowd went wild. As did the centurion and his comrades who proceeded to lay a beat down on Jesus that he would never forget.

Now we know where it all came from.


Like all enlightened people, I was offended by this past weekend's government-sponsored Xian hijacking of an enlightened pagan celebration. Enlightened people celebrated Persephone's return to Demeter after Persephone's annual abduction to Tartarus, the hellish land of laissez-faire capitalism, by Hades, the Greek god of capitalist exploitation.

However, if Chimp's 'roll a dead chicken' festival on the White House lawn was a true 'Götterdämmerung' for the capitalist Man-God, I would celebrate, but I fear it was more a Kristalnacht for the brown-shirted Chimpy Youth.


Rooty patootie???!!! Ain't that the cats pajamas?

Now I take my keyboard into the men's room and wash it off.


Due to the fact that the eggs are not fertilized, perhaps it is better to refer to them as unmanifested ova rather than embryos which they are not. Only planned parenthood knows what to do with real embryos.


It's Bu$Hitler's fault that the religion of peace is forced to engage in heinous inhumanities against innocent civilians. Otherwise Muslim freedom fighters would actually be a pretty peaceful lot. DAMN THAT SHRUBYA ... AND THE JOOOOOOOOOS!


I think chicken eggs must be put on the endangered species list like the American Bald Eagle egg. It's not fair that we treat the lowly chicken egg differently than we do the ABE egg. Write your congresspersyn.

This great evil of Easter egg hunting totally ruins our progressyve egalitarian view of life. I mean, how would these evil KKKonservatives have felt if Terri Schiavo was boiled to death instead of lovingly and euphorically dehydrated to death? Answer me that you reich-wingnuts.

Amiable Loser

The PeeResident's hypocrisy makes me want to puke all over my keyboard. I will turn a deaf ear to the so-called War on Terror as long as we, in this KKKuntry, are practicing the same acts of terror that we claim to be against.

Free Chicken Little from the torture camps, NOW!

toolittle toolate

>Due to the fact that the eggs are not fertilized, perhaps it is better to refer to them as unmanifested ova

More, perhaps, as "unmollested" ova.

Happy Satan Got Poned Day, y'all


@ Bubblehead,

I concur. There has got to be something in the PETA Constitution that allows raped chickens the right to abort their eggs. This cycle of violence must end!


There are people who want to eat the baby turtle eggs here in Florida. Can you imagine people wanting to kill baby turtles still in their eggs? These poor defenseless baby turtles, full of life growing inside their eggs and people are trying to kill them. It sickens me and this is why I joined PETA. Killing baby chickens and killing baby turtles before they are hatched,what the hell is wrong with these people?

Wilderness Fox

I'm curious: How were these eggs selected? Were they selected at random, or were they purposely selected?

Were the victym eggs perhaps a tad too Progressyve for Shrubya? Were the more KKKonservative eggs spared?

Were the Progressyve eggs just a tad too individualistic for Der Shrubmeister? Perhaps the lockstep KKKonservative eggs correctly kowtowed to the Evil Shrubya like a good brainwashed NeoKKKon should.


I'm curious: How were these eggs selected? Were they selected at random, or were they purposely selected?

They were selected from trains arriving at the White Slaughter House. Tossed by children with huge pooper scoopers. No compassion or mercy. Damn that Bu$h.


Well, to make Pysanky eggs, that procedure as described is performed while the chicken embryo is still in a liquid, vegetative state. Death with dignity for embryos. Pamela Anderson and I are headed toward the nearest chicken ranch to show the layers, pullets and fryers "Chicken Run" to inspire them.


Ah heard tell thet summa them there Homasetchels done showed up 'cause they like pastel colored eggs and what not.


I don't understand these ReTHUGliKKKan breeders and their larvae celebrating Easter with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. I mean, nothing says "the deatha and resurection of our lord and savior" like albumin and glucose.

They would be better off celebrating the Pagan Spring Festival where eggs and rabbits denote fertility.

Wait a minute!

Those ReTHUGliKKKan bastards hijacked our festival!!!!


Bunny Rabbits are creatures of love. I have personally sprinkled bits of sugar and honey on my private areas and the little critters love nibbling on them. This makes Gaia's Garden Grow.


Did anyone else notice that, like, Easter fell on a Sunday for like the last five or six years, man? What are the odds of that?

I'm really creeped out, man.


Or do the Neocons just have Easter on Sunday so we won't get a day off work.


Menstrual Rainbow

I held a neighbourhood easter egg hunt myself this year. After putting up posters outside all local schools advertising my egg hunt scores of local post natal fetuses excitedly gathered outside my house, and I revealed that there were 25 eggs hidden in the neighbourhood.

The children greedily nosed through the needles in the local park, and in garbage cans for hours until one little male oppresser parasite started bawling that he couldn't find the eggs. He had only been looking for three hours so I sent him back out, but over the next few hours dozens more brats gathered round my house in a frightening act of aggression. One of the "parents" finally spoke up and said- "Look, Miz Rainbow, we appreciate you trying to help out, particularly after you troubles settling in here, but this has gone on all day, five children have been hospitalised, and no one has fund any eggs"

At last my patience wore thin- "Oh so you believe Chimpy HitlerBurton when he claims there were WMDs in Iraq, but you don't choose to believe me when I say there are eggs here! BUSH LIED!!!! PEOPLE DIED!!! Maybe the contributions to the population problem will learn something from this.... Never trust Rethuglicans"

Sheesh don't these Red-State rubes understand anything?

Menstrual Rainbow

BTW I'm pretty sure you are all wrong about the chickens, at easter they use rabbit eggs don't they?

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