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RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

"....and a camel yet to be named."

Do they come in menthol w/filters?

"Dude, get him to throw in a bag of Doritos, too. Oh, and some guacamole dip. And maybe a box of mac & cheese."

Preferably the "hint of lime" Doritos and homemade guac. None of this pre-packaged guaca-caca! You could always use goats milk and goat butter for the mac & cheese.

I just wish these buttheads would quit butting heads about The Lioness. That's not very Brokeback of them. My S.O. is very upset about all this auction block biz.[I haven't had the heart to tell her I'm wholly hetero!] Holy COW she's a posessive progressyve.
I may be easy, but I'm NOT for sale!

Loreena For President!!!
Bobbitt~~Boxer '08
[aka: Boxers cutter--Bow Wow Babs '08]

Kiki B.

"on the Mayan calender I'm as yet to be byrthed"

*sniff* Perpetual Menstrual One, you are so lucky!! You can still be aborted, if not by your human mother, then by Mother Gaia(praise her!). I wasn't given that choice. I've already been birthed.

Kiki B.

Dear Two Goats,

My sister is rather a large woman, and so I do believe that I shall require more than 2 goats as payment for her. Maybe a couple bulls, a couple cows, and 2 goats. Throw in a camel for good measure, and I might then be able to give her to you(if she wants to go, but she might not).

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

"sniff* Perpetual Menstrual One, you are so lucky!! You can still be aborted, if not by your human mother, then by Mother Gaia(praise her!). I wasn't given that choice. I've already been birthed."

Be encouraged, KikiB! When Hillary Rodham is QOTUS, retroactive abortions will be the status quo in all 55 states! You won't be overlooked! Help from Hill is On The Way!

Fist of Larry

Hi there Menstrual Rainbow!

Thanks for your reply. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Fist of Larry

Fist of Larry

Hello RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS.

I see you have made several posts on this board. Perhaps you missed the post I addressed to you, when I asked if you liked Japanese animation and board games.

If you like, I could repost it for you.

I look forward to your reply.

Fist of Larry.

By the way, did you know I am in charge of moderating posts on this board? Me and Liberal Larry go way back.

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

Dear Feast of Larynx:

If Donald "roadkill coiffed" Trump were here, he'd tell you: " YOU'RE FIRED!" (from being moderator..self appointed as it is!)

I DID respond to you:

Posted by: RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS | March 30, 2006 at 12:05 PM

BTW--is Twister a board game?

You should play Scrabble a LOT! In the words of our beloved Hoowie (gaia rest his seoul) "you mihgt laern seomthnig"


Fist: Well thank you, sir.

I'm so glad you could see the satire in the political views expressed there. When I write things like "kill insurgent terrorists with bullets filled with pig blood, and advertise that fact" I often fear that someone might not get it.

Bush Ate My Soul...

BV = Beaulieu Vineyards.

Sorry. Sean was passed out in my line of sight again and I couldn't read the (*&^ label.

Kiki B.

BAMS, it brings tears to my eyes to see you and Sean getting so close.

Bush Ate My Soul...

Thank you.

His wife feels the same way. She's been trying to get the big lug out of her bed so she can make it with that new transgendered couple across the way for ages...

Men can be so thick sometimes.

Bush Ate My Soul...

Me and Liberal Larry go way back.

Look, no one is trying to judge the beautiful and natural feelings the two of you have for each other. After all, we are all progressyves here. As long as you both consented I'm sure there is no need to confess to the group.


With 150 comments already I feel I should contribute. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, la la la, tumtititumtititumtumtum.

Creative block, sorry.

Posted by: Menstrual Rainbow

Feeling much the same way, after 187 posts, MR.

Throught the tears of laughter, the only response I have is:

Guess I'll adjourn to the new thread, which already has 50+ comments, and see if I can get motivated.


Howie is in Seoul?

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Hey, I know this is off topic, but does anybody know where I could get some free music downloads?

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"but does anybody know where I could get some free music downloads?"===Dodger

Well, D: You're on your own there. Only thing I know of is get some of your own, already paid for CD's--or borrow em from a friend. Then drop em down in the CD changer, and there ya gotcher music download. I hope this helps.

Bush Ate My Soul...

Sorry dude. I've searched everywhere. No can do on el Interneto.

Es impossible. Or at least that's what I hear.

Bush Ate My Soul...

The thing of it is, before this illegal, immoral war, you used to be able to get free mp3 downloads EVERYWHERE, man.

Now they the mp3 have been sent to Iraq where they're being used to torture innocent Iraqi men and children. We're exporting Christina Aguilera and now we can't even get any when we want it back home.

I swear to Gaia this violates the Prime Directive or some shit like that...

Bush Ate My Soul...

The other hell of it is that I used to be able to type before the Bush adminstration stole two of my fingers... damned fascists.

Juanita Francesca Gomez-Santiago-Lujan-Trujillo-Gonzales-Carillo-Jaramillo-Hernandez-De La Cruz-Gold

"anybody know where I could get some free music downloads?"

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