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My LyfePartner and I were just flipping through our Tivo and found we had kept a FABULOUS episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Eye...not a whiner in THAT bunch!!


The Peoples Republic of Berkeley always has the most riveting and usefull info on the NeoHitlerCons and their offspring.


Thank you, Berkeley

I drove through Berzerk-ly in the late 70s and had these same exact thoughts downloaded to my brain which is why I have voted for a Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, in every election since then.


You can toke but not smoke? Wow. That is progressyve.
And the tolerant kindly posts at DU and Daily Kos serve to reinforce the tolerant indulgence of the left toward the pocket-protecting nasal sprayers.

Got it. Brilliant strategy in talking so loudly and increasing the noise pollution at SHP that you torqued the Jooooooooooooooish whiner in accounting.


I've just won a free trip to the Exotic city of El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula.

Never heard of it but it's supposed to be in California somewhere.

Is it anywhere near L.A.?


HempMaster, you forgot the part about how we must surrender in Iraq to usher in the glorious new age of Hillary and Bill's progressyve Camelot.


Ben Shapiro says: But for the sake of argument, let's assume that the study actually has some merit, and that across the board, whiny kids become conservatives. What then to make of consistent polling data showing that Republicans are happier than Democrats (poll results that have remained stable over the course of over 30 years)? What should we make of the fact that Republicans are wealthier, on average, than Democrats? What should we make of the fact that those who are married and religious are happier than those who are not? Apparently, conservatism turns whiny kids into good citizens and liberalism turns independent kids into whiny adults.


No, no, Mr. Shapiro, what those polls show is that republicans are trained to pretend they are happy (most especially, in public); to stay in their marriage regardless of the misery and lack of sex and honesty; and to ignore the suffering in the world, thereby completely eliminating the depression that comes from empathy and caring about others and about the realness of relationships. Those polls also show that they're not doing volunteer work to help others out of the kindness in their hearts, but are always making the almighty dollar, which is what they give thanks to god for when they go to repent their sins of adultery and stomping others to get ahead at the office. Conservatism turns whiny kids into greedy assholes and liberals into caring/thinking individuals - anyone who says they are happy is not spending any time thinking about the pain and suffering in the world, or is a liar.


I forgot to mention - The White House Stormers are still hard at work coming up with new ways to overthrow the corporate empire - See Protest 101 at


Does anyone want to point out to opinionatedinjerzee the word satire???

Such is the intelligence of a muslima liberal from jersey!!

From a mocking Darul Harbian!

Ruh-Ro Raggie

"anyone who says they are happy is not spending any time thinking about the pain and suffering in the world, or is a liar."

I wanted to stay awake all night considering the horror that is being wrought on the citizens of several African nations by the brutal dictators who rule those countries but now I slept knowing that millions of Iraqis actually have the right to speak freely and vote freely.
BTW, I am VERY happy. In fact, this past year has been the best year of my 50+ years. Happy! Happy! Happy!!



Ruh-Ro Raggie

"No, no, Mr. Shapiro, what those polls show is that republicans are trained to pretend they are happy (most especially, in public); to stay in their marriage regardless of the misery and lack of sex and honesty"

Impeached President & Mrs William Jefferson Clinton.


I'm so tired of the right wing being so whiny! I'm tired of George Bush. Did you see his press conference in West Virginia? It was a set up of just his fans - plants. George Bush caused 9/11 - right after he stole the election. Why wasn't Bush bailing out Katrina water in New Orleans - like Sean Penn - immediately after the levee broke? Bush stole the '04 election, too. We need to impeach George Bush. He's a dictator who is turning America into a theocracy. Oh dear. What will we do? 52% of America is stupid. Why can't they be smart like us progressyves? Wal Mart shouldn't exist. Why can't Wal Mart go away?

I am so incredibly sick of those whiny right wingers that I'm going to go call a friend and complain about it. Then we might organize a protest where we'll write down all of our gripes and include how whiny the conservatives are. BTW: our soldiers in Iraq are mostly conservative and look at how whiny they are. Ever been to Walter Reed? All those people do is whine - "I lost a leg!" whaaa whaaa "I have shrapnel in my face.." whaaa whaaa "Some demented person made a card saying 'I hope you die in Iraq'" whaaa whaaa.

Pol Pothead

Bummer, man! It'd be nice to see a little less attitude and a little more gratitude from the rugmonkey population. We progressyves, like, graciously decline to practice our rights of reproductive freedom on them and actually suffer the little bastards to be, ugh, born, and they pay us back by growing up to be, like, whiny neokkkonservafascists and sh*t! Well dudes, I say no more mercy to the traitorous fetal community! From now on, let NO FETUS ESCAPE THE WRATH of CHOICE! To the uterine barricades, comrades!


It's completely horrible how the current KKKulture of KKKorruption Regime has targeted a womyn's healthcare choice. And you know what I'm talkin' about!! Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer has seeded his Presidential Selection Committee, otherwise known as The SCOTUS, with white KKKonservative KKKhristian males who intend on disallowing a womyn her Constitutional Right to have the brains of a lump of flesh sucked out and then to have the remainder of the lump used for embryonic stem cell research WHICH WOULD HAVE ALLOWED SUPERMAN TO WALK AND KEPT HIS WIFE ALIVE!!!!!!

Zap Brannigan

"The only thing that stands between our love is your constant hatred of me"


Yes, the blackhole of Iraq has taught us progressyves at least several TRUTHS! Bush is Hitler, Iraqis and Arabs in general are incompatible with western values and liberty, the Arabs are a bunch of violent murderers because that's what the fair and balanced media tells us every day, and the real enemies of our liberal way of life are KKKonservatives and the United Arab Emirates.


BTW, does whining about whiny kkkonservatives make me whiny, too?

And don't you tolerant progressyves simply hate KKKhristian kkkonservatives who intolerantly hate those who don't think like them?

Samuel Goldwyn

Let's have some new cliches.

Talking Toaster

Yes, and what's worse Bush burned the Pop Tart in my left heating slot yesterday :(


"Let's have some new cliches."

You mean you want us to think outside the box? Great! I live and breathe that stuff!!


Damn that Bu$Hitler. Now he's gone and killed that redneck singing cowboy, Buck Owens. If this keeps up Shubya won't have a friend left in the world. Maybe that's a good thing.

Steve O

You just wait now for the Bush-leaning mainstream media to attack this study on the basis of its supposed statistical errors, flawed methods, faulty conclusions, and incorrect starting assumptions.

People forget that it's not disputed in the media that 52% of the population is made of the extreme right wing. Conservatives, like Senator Bob Kerrey make up another 1%. Centrists make up 50% of the population, and mainstream Democrats like Cindy Shehan make up the majority. Ultra extremists -- like spawn of Satan
Chimpbushitler (who wouldn't even go see a critically acclaimed mainstream gay porn movie) make up the 5%.


The Whine Rack

Does anyone know where you can find a site like this for the Hateful Evil Re-Thug-li-KKKan Whiners?


Does anyone know where you can find a site like this for the Hateful Evil Re-Thug-li-KKKan Whiners?

Bu$h4Ever----I'm not surprised Mr. Carlos Santana has voiced his opinion!!!! Carlos Rocks!!! I'm sure he wasn't one of the people on the smoking dock.

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