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How long will Halliburton be allowed to continue spreading the lie that an SUV is a "vehicle of peace"?

Probably as long as the right wing media continues to suppress the story that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

The Fascist Phunts are trying to frame this guy like they did Kerry when he was just BORROWING the SUV they said was his.

Like Cheney-HEIL!-iburtons Car Rental lots didn't have any other vehicles to rent to this poor, oppressed, R.O.Peas freedom fighter.

Did any of the Reich owned Cops bother to look in the backseat to see who was lying back there with a gun in this poor boys back??? HUH?...


This is the last straw. In light of this, we should just surrender in Iraq.

Cheney's daughter is a lesbian? When did this come out?


Yeah, an SUV totalled my previous Harley a couple of Labor Days didn't do my leg much good, either.


This is so typical of Bush's rightwing kill all philosophy. It just goes to show you that his moral compass always points south. Look, for instance, at the way he treats our UNION leadership. Its almost like its a crime now to embezzle money from union funds for personal use. Why must this fascist hurt the ones that love us the most? John Kerry wouldn't have done that. Or, rather he would have but he'd have done it better.

Fist of Etiquette

Unfortunately, there's a dirty little secret that many of us don't like to consider: Sometimes SUVs save lives.

Just last year, an intruder tried to break into my grandmother's house. If it wasn't for the loaded SUV she kept next to her bed, who knows what the dastardly fiend would have done. But luckily she was able to run him down, a scant three blocks from her front door.

Fist of Etiquette

Note: Before you get all up in my grill, "the dastardly fiend" in the post above refers to the intruder and not granny.

Fist of Etiquette

Note: Before you climb all over my case, the "all up in my grill" in the post above refers to you climbing all over my case and is not me threatening to run you down with my Hummer.

Bongo Bill

If SUVs kill people, then my gun is a murderer.

Talking Toaster

We have made a lot judicial progress since Ted Kennedy drove his land yacht into the river killing one of his female companions (an innocent mistake where no punishment was needed and "justice" was served).

In August of 2003 Republikkkan Congressman Bill Janklow ran a stop sign causing a motorcyclist to become a bug on the rear door of his Cadillac. The authorities locked him in the clanger and "justice" was served.

We can only hope that just will be justice served and Mohammed Taheri-azar will be treated like Ted Kennedy.

Hopefully, we will stay on the progressyve legal path and simply drop the charges on Mohammed Taheri-azar and allow him to sue the day lights out of Bush and Big Business for providing him with a fault SUV that failed to kill even one Rightwing Bible Thumper.


"and is not me threatening to run you down with my Hummer."

I've been trying to get a Hummer for quite some time now. Any suggestions?


Check the scrap pile in Iraq.


Police found evidence that Taheri-azar had been planning his action for months, but they found no indication that any other person was involved.

Months of planning and poring over minutae, all down the crapper! I want to know who snitched on him. Did Dumbya's illegal and immoral wiretaps tip off authorities to the intentions of freedom-fighting mastermind Taheri-azar? Seriously, when was the last time you heard of an SUV wreck where at least a dozen people didn't immolate?

I suspect that the Shrub has the NSA tapping into the OnStar network, where he can freely monitor the movements of peace-loving people who just happen to be driving SUVs.

Fist of Etiquette

"I've been trying to get a Hummer for quite some time now. Any suggestions?"

Obviously, you have to wait until your shrewish wife is not around, then call into your office your starstruck and mildly attractive, if somewhat portly, intern, and then charm her with some display of your political power and personal gravitas, and then simply send her down to the dealership to get your name on the waiting list.


Dang those evil SUVs. Here's another example of the evil infernal combustion engined vehicles making Muslim freedom fighters look bad. We must hold Detroit accountable for all those racist vehicles exploding in Muslim lands and running over students here in America.


Someone's been watching I, Robot stoned.


Wasn't the last surviving Kennedy boy (Teddy) driving an SUV when that poor girl Mary Jo fell out? I think it flipped over as those death traps tend to do. And although Teddy did the right thing and didn't call for help, instead he continually dove in after her all night (which he did not have to do, after all she was an adult). There were whispers even then that Diabolical Dick Cheney's new born daughter was born a devout lesbian somewhere in the night...


I've got the scoop on what REALLY happened. ( ted rall filled me in) The guy behind the wheel was a JEW! This was another attempt by the zoinists to get us into a war with Iran. Wherever you find trouble in the world you will find a zoinist...(And before all of the repukes read this and think that I hate jews, let me say for the record, that I'm all for the jews that will give up their land and don't fight back)

I heard that CCN is starting an tv channel on africa! I can't wait to tivo "The Robert Mugabe Hour Of Power"


BU$HITLERHALIBURTION made me forget to say " And jews that don't park bulldozers on peaceful people"


Do you believe me now?! Huh?!! Do you??!!! I've told you about how The Bu$Hitler Crime Family has used SUVs throughout history to cause ice ages, global warming and WARS FOR BLOOD FOR OIL, and soon, SUNSHINE!!! After this next go round, since I have successfully exposed their use of the pyramids to hide these SUVs, I was wondering just where would they hide the SUVs until they need them again. I have found my answer: Where The Bu$Hitler Crime Family will hide their SUVs

The Exorcist

Further proof that whenever an arab-victim comes down from Old York and crosses over the Smith & Wesson Line the Klan forces him into a self-defensive posture. Although the students he retaliated against are clearly and directly responsible for U.S. foreign-policy, he still should've confronted them the peace-loving Muslim way. Using a big-ass knife and a videocamera. His only crime is the poor fuel mileage he got from the rental agency to the pentagon.


your kind of Jew exists in Hollywood. I understand Hollywood has some sort of "preserve" status.



That's always a good fallback position for progressyves and Muslim freedom fighters alike: It's the Jooooooooooooooos!


It won't be long before SUV bombs start killing police cadets all over the US!


How sad that the SUVs are thinking on their own and killing people. Those two auld pharts involved in the crash in MyHammy just reduced the number of elderly on Social Security by one, which means wealth is being redistributed. You would think that progressyves would hail this new type of wealth redistribution as easier than getting taxes out of Donald Trump.

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