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I used to drive a Chevrette. It's a week joke, but it's the first one.

Fist of Larry

I used to drive a Chevrette. It's a week (sic) joke, but it's the first one.

Uhh, don't you mean a "weak" joke?

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

"Uhh, don't you mean a "weak" joke?"===Fist of Larry


Now that you's oughted yourself FASCIST dictator, maybee you outta change you're naime to Fist of Fascism!

Bongo Bill

Soon after Hillary is sworn in as President, I promise to pay more taxes.

Talking Toaster

Well, all is not lost yet.

But it will be - the day they take away Ted Kennedy's drivers license!


"It was a time when a young man with dark skin and crazy dreams of 78 virgins could come to this Great Melting Pot of ours without fear of being eavesdropped on by the government or racially profiled by bigoted Arizona flight instructors."

Now it's 78 virgins?! And what fun are virgins, anyway???


I too pray for the day when the jackboot of fascism made from the skins of baby seals by child slave labor in Haliburton's sweat shops will be lifted from our necks and placed on the necks of the three percent who think they are better than us just because they work and pay taxes.


Let me tell you about another man with crazy dreams. He imagined that there was no heaven, no hell below us, nothing to kill or die for, no religion too, and no need for greed or hunger. He imagined a brotherhood of man. I thought he was a dreamer, and I wasn't the only one.

Then Merck came out with a new narcolepsy drug and stole his dreams from him. Ever since he quit taking mescaline, I've kind of lost track of him. Great guy. I miss him sometimes.


(My turn) In light of all this we need to immediately surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Syria. We need to beg Phrance to forgive us for being the USA and we should impeach the entire Bu$Hitler Criminal Regime and put co-Presidents Al Gore and Jean Francois Kerry in office with Mr & Mrs William Jefferson Clinton as co-Vice-Presidents.. If we do that, global warming will go away, oil will once again flow freely & cheaply & we'll all get jobs at DotCom companies with great salaries and healthcare for everybody!!!!!


Bu$h4Ever-VERY MOVING SERMON!!! It will be nice to see the Junta move on...then what happen's to all of us on this site?


Now watch the republikkkan propaganda machine smear Zacarias Moussaoui. They'll say that he's unpatriotic or anti-American just because he dares to disagree with this administration.

Fist of Etiquette

Speaking of the "war" on "terror", I see on Drudge there is some news out of New Bushland (AKA Iraq):

Three Christian Activists Rescued in Iraq

Now, another story reports that the peace activists' location was gotten from "a man captured Wednesday night". I can only hope and pray that the man was not tortured by Coalition Forces for that information.


You forgot something: Chistopher Reeve will walk again.


You forgot something: Chistopher Reeve will walk again."

I waiting for my first double-decaf mocha latte cappuccino with soy milk of the day when I wrote my earlier missive. You are correct. However, I also forgot to mention that the Gore-Kerry-Clinton-Clinton Governance will not only MAKE BU$HITLER PAY FOR THE DOWNING STREET MEMO!!!!!! But they will also make sure that the redneck, slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging mouthbreathers who murder and rape in Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran and Bosnia and everywhere they are sent under Evil Hateful Re-Thug-li-KKKan Regimes will be brought home to America which is currently AmeriKKKa. BUT I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!


Dear Lar,
I was moved to tears by this post. I'm glad that someone like you has shown the brave/noble heart to speak truth to power.

One day, when the last repuke is finished dancing on the end of a rope from the last tree of peace and tolerance, we shall all join in an interpitive dance to show our love for you.

My band "JUMP, LITTLE EICHMANNS, JUMP" will be playing a show to help pay for this innocent man's defence. It will be called "Free to fly to your 72 virgins" show.... come won't you.....


Please contact me if you need a vest to claim your virgins!!!! All sales are FINAL.


If your band, Jump, Little Eichmanns, Jump, gets invited to the inevitable FREE ZACK MOOSE-OWIE CONCERT, please pass this URL along to the organizers to see if my band can also SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER for this poor martyr: Shatner Youth


Fist of Larry

This is addressed to the progressyve named "Bu$hCausedMyGout". Just a few days ago, you sashayed onto this blog out of nowhere. None of us had ever heard of you before. And then this "Johnny come Lately" starts asking US to come over to his little blog called Well, as good progressyves, we heeded the call. And posted many a comment. And suddenly, Mr. Bu$hCausedMyGout stops posting. I'm telling you, it's killing me.

So now, I am calling you out. THAT'S RIGHT, I'M CALLING YOU OUT!!! Who do you think you are, getting me hooked on all that delicious information you provide, and then deciding of your own free will just to stop posting? Don't you know that people out there are counting on your blog? Who are you to with-hold your humor from the masses? You who have so much, seem to be so greedy and selfish when it comes to shareing your bounty with those who are less fortunate.

You gotta learn how to be more progressive, and stop being so selfish! I need my celebrity heros Dang It!

; )


I see your 72 virgins, and I raise you NAMBLA's 72 young boys... Let's hear it for competing religions!

ponytailed guy

Terrorism is just another form of speaking truth to power, and you know what I'm talkin' bout.


Competing religions?


I just want to return to the way we were under the Clinton (God) administration (bliss), when a persyn could order all the ammonium nitrate fertilizer he wanted at any time for any reason. You didn't even have to prove you had a "farm" you just got a forklift and picked it up.

Just because somebody lives in an apartment downtown doesn't mean they can't purchase 260 tons of ammonium nitrate. They may be keen on windowbox gardening or other peaceful pursuits such as hydroponic marijuana production. They don't need der Chimpenfuhrer's Brown Shirts breaking their door down.

Wilderness Fox

Free Moose! Free Moose!

The "Free da Moose" Concert has been organized and will take place in Berkley, California, on April 8.

Confirmed acts are:

The Beastie Boys
Barbara Streisand
The Dixie Chicks
Harry Belafonte
Kanye West
and a special performance by...
The Grateful Dead WITH Jerry Garcia!

Bring your bongs and babies as we demand Bu$hitler to "Free da Moose!"

And "Free Mumia," too.


"Truth to power" and "jump little ecihmanns, jump" will be on the b-stage as well as the interptive dance group called
"marxist truth". Kids will get to meet " Howard the clown" and will get to enter the writing contest called " Things I hate about ameriKKKa" more details to follow.


"The "Free da Moose" Concert"

Please, oh please tell me that there will some Spoken Word Artysts doing Slam Poetry!! There's nothing I like better than listening to profanity-laced, unrhyming poetry about how Evil & Hateful Whyte (are there really any other kind?) Reich-Wing KKKonservative KKKhristina Re-Thug-li-KKKans are.

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