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RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

Are you you sporting your Grandmas lingerie underheath those hemp threads? If I didn't know better, I'd say your RethugliKKKan slip is showing??....Calling Bu$hie "Pro-Life"!! He's clearly ANTI-CHOICE!!

And given the mean spirited poopyheadedness of the Bu$hReich, they'll probably use Heather McCartneys prosthetic leg as a club of off Paul!!

Menstrual Rainbow

Why are these brave Caribou clubbing seals, you thought they would respect all life eeing as Bush is trying to kill them in ANWR. Has the Shrub forced them to do this?

Menstrual Rainbow

Heather Mills McCartney ought to watch out, the Jesuslanders will insist he missing leg has a 'right to life' and make her carry it around on her stomach.


Hey, I'm just sitting on a corn flake, waiting for the van to come...

Fist of Etiquette

They've already hunted the crofts into extinction, and now this? I can't even wrap the jasmine in my mind around the reasoning!

As me ol man used to say, erin go bragh, ya dodgy gobshites!


It was bad enough when he went after the Enlyghtened Hollywood Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, back in the early 50s. Now he has to try and deny Natyve Amerycans theyr ryght to eat natyve foods? When will this horror end?


Like I said yesterday, CLUB SANDWICHES-NOT SEALS. Run for the hills when you see that jack-booted hunting ship heading for your ice-flow. It's Bu$hHitler swinging his big BOHICA (Bend over, here it comes again) STICK!!!!!!


He's going to freeze his blaas off on that ice floe. They probably won't save a single seal, and he may well get assaulted by hunters. He may also become very familliar with Peachblossom.

Still, at least he won't have to listen to Yoko.


In light of this, I think we should surrender in Iraq.


By the way, "blaas" is not a mis-spelling, as I originally thought. It's the region on a man that is commonly called a "taint" on a womyn.

Mr. Baldo

Announcing ‼ONCE AGAIN‼
Baldo’s Easter Packet™‼
Now, color your Bald like a giant Easter egg as you shine it up‼ Have the kids help‼ Or, they can have all their friends over for a Baldo’s Easter party. Imagine the ooh’s and aah’s from their teachers and classmates when your kids walk into school with their little Bald’s done up like Easter eggs‼ Imagine the looks of envy‼

On sale through Easter Sunday April 16, 2006.

Now with Phlogiston®‼

Baldo’s Shiny Wax™ for Balds. Available at your friendly neighborhood drugstore.


Today, instead of working for the man, I plan to set back, relax and float down stream. ( it is not is not dying....)

sometimes I thing they shot the wrong beatle.


Are other pop stars going to be available for clubbing? It'd soothe my soul to get in a short, sharp smack on Michael Bolton, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, or (reaching for the heights) Bob Geldof.


I'm ready to go!

I got my spiked Louisville Slugger™, my 18" Bowie knife and just in case they try to retaliate I have my handy-dandy Model 500.

I even packed a lunch of Manatee burgers and Bald Eagle Hot Wings.

Let me at them baby seals!


Lock & Load!!! We're going to Canada. After we kill every harp seal,,,I mean pop star FREE HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE!!!! Can I get my wings x-tra hot?


"Are other pop stars going to be available for clubbing?"

Oooo, I like clubbing with pop stars. How 'bout them Ditsy Chix? All you have to do is throw out a couple "Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer"s or "Bu$Hitler"s and they start performing on the mike...AND YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!!!


Here come old harp seal.
He come groovin' up slowly.
He got big brown eyeball.
He one fuzzy roller.

He got hair down to the sea.
Got to be a cute one he just do what he please.

He wear no dead fur.
He got claw-jam football.
He got club seal finger.
He shoot no one ever.
He say: I love you, please love me.
One thing I tell you is this fur ain't free.
Come together.
Right Now.
Over me.


As all of you know, I'm a vegan, devoted to peace, love (man/boy) and non-violence. However, I could club Ringo in a heartbeat, then run over his head with a tank. Then throw the remains in a wood chipper, mix in some potash and fertilizer, plant some gardinias in him and smoke a fattie with the harp seals and watch the garden grow. But other than that, I'd never harm so much as a bacterium. Certainly never harm a human being in any way, unless he or she were a ReTHUGliKKKan.

Or Michael Bolton ...


I've yet to hear a good excuse from these reich-wing KKKhristian KKKonservatives how they can possibly justify the execution of admittedly reprehensible rapist-murderers and cold-blooded killers who slaughter innocent Americans and yet condemn the dismemberment of the unborn baby in the womb that we all know is nothing more than a cancerous growth with a head.

Just because American women now abort 1.3 million unborn Americans a year is no excuse to murder 250,000 innocent baby seals. But given that KKKonservatives are a bunch of neanderthals, and neanderthal cave men were probably wearing fur clothing, then it stands to reason those recessive gotta-wear-fur genes are still floating around in the KKKonservative gene pool.


You drive a Chevy Vega?


In the midst of all our Bu$Hitler-Generated misery, there IS a ray of hope and happiness:

Gay Pol to Skip St. Patrick's Day Parade

I think that this is SO fabulous!! An Enlyghtened One will be merrily skipping the entire route of the parade showing the s/he is hir own persyn!!! Take that you KKKonservative KKKhristian Haters!!


Why won't they be allowed to a Death With Dignity?


Me and my band "Jump, Little Eichmanns, Jump" will be covering a lot of beatles tunes on our " Books not bombs" tour of high schools. We seem to be the favorite band of a lot of teachers these days...

some songs we'll be doing:

hey joooooooos ( hey jude )
Baby you can drive my car ( as long it's not an gaia raping suv)
baby your a rich man ( you capitalist thug)
Ticket to ride ( public transportation)
Fool on the hill ( song about the rethuiKKKan congress)
here comes the sun ( a song about global warming)

and many more.......


"Baby you can drive my car ( as long it's not an gaia raping suv)" ...that my family owns...not me...I just ride in it...I don't actually own it

"baby your a rich man ( you capitalist thug)" long as you're an Evil Reich-Wing KKKonservative KKKhristian Re-Thug-li-KKKan thug...The Monarch of Massachusetts, Edward Kopechne-Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein are exempt, despite their being millionaires because they are Enlyghtened.


I've already started refering to the fetus that womyn excercise their Constitutional Right to Choose to chuck as "tiny Eichmans." They're so gross and depressive looking! They would just grow up to be Neo-Cons anyway, so we're actually doing them a favor!

I mean really, only decent folks like Mellissa Ethridge should be allowed to even think about getting a clump of spermy egg cells fertilized. We need to force all of the Nazi Neo Cons Bible Thumpers to abort those "tiny Eichmans" or else they'll make us live in an oppressive regime!!! Do we really want to live in a Nation of Dick Cheney's!? (Whose daughter Mary is a devout Lesbian!?)

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