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But when will hillary have time to bake cookies?

Fortunately, bill has already volunteered to stay home and make brownies and fill twinkies.


There's nothing quite like leading off the comments with gramatical errors. Doing it twice in a row is really something.

All the Helen Thomas talk made my keyboard sticky.


Larry, Perhaps you can place a manual on this website for postal workers to perform back alley prostate operations like that upstanding and caring womyn did for the constitutional required abortions.


Future President Mrs William Jefferson Clinton will keep the world safe by immediately pulling all of our murdering, raping, torturing moronic redneck soliders (BUT I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!) out of Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Phrance & Bosnia. Then she will send her husband over to Iran to make sure they don't do anything wrong with nuclear stuff. After all, when Impeached President William Jefferson Clinton was in power, nothing bad ever happened anywhere at any time.


You mean when Mrs William Jefferson Clinton is rightfully made president we can finally just surrender in Iraq?
Praise Gaia


Gaia's a homo. I have proof.

Eric in Hollywood


HollywoodNeoCon! I haven't seen you in ages (since ABP). Would you care to have an abortion?

Going once, going twice...


Run, Hillary, Run!


I am a retired postal worker who got her degree in Male Glands and Their Removal. Lorena Bobbitt was my first instructor, and I have had advanced classes from Hannibal Lechter. My coat hangers and sharpened spoons are waiting behind Moe's Tavern. Hope to see you there.


I can't wait for the day that Katie Couric can personnaly stick her arm up my ass and pinch of those pesky polyps! Oh the joy of nationalized healthcare! If you transgendered types are lucky, Katie will train Matt to perform pesky polypekkktomy on YOU!!

Kiki B.

"I was looking forward to having my prostate operated on by a postal worker, but now Bush has taken that dream away from me, along with my dignity and every last ounce of joy in this world"

I am so sorry, Lar. I have the greatest Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve compassion for you, and your lost chance of a Prostatectomy. I do have a question, though. Is this denial of your right to healthcare the reason you went postal Saturday morning/night, and killed all of those innocent teenage children in that house in Seattle, or was it just their obnoxious music and peeing on the front lawn that did it? Gaia bless you for your persecution in the KKKonservative KKKhristian Reich-wing AmeriKKKa.


So you added words to his quote when he said "That will be decided by the future President." and added the government of Iraq. The UN can't even tell the USA what to do and what not to do. Do you think we are going to sit there in Iraq until they say it's okay for us to leave? Get your facts straight people.


Bush4Ever: I think your forgetting a couple things about Clinton's Presidential Legacy of Peace.

The Genocide in the Congo, Rwanda, Somolia, Iraq, North Korea and Bosnia

The Stolen Nuclear and Weapons Systems secrets by Chinese Spies

The Failure to Nab the # 1 wanted international terrorist Bin Laden when he was offered by the Syrian Government

Nuclear/weapon Proliferation from North Korea to Iran

Oil for Food Corruption in the UN

The USS Cole Bombing

2 World Trade Center Bombings

The Oklahoma City Bombing

And Perjury.

Kiki B.

"Genocide in the Congo, Rwanda, Somolia, Iraq, North Korea and Bosnia"

Clinton committed Genitalcide on them? Are you sure? I don't think so. I think he only did that to Monica, Gennifer, Paula, and half the other women of the U.S.


No he didn't do. But that was just an example of what was going on during the peaceful tenure of Mr. Clinton.

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