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RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

Rin RepubliTin Tin foil asshat dog!!

But we have to remember, it was NOT the will of the Shepherd to leave Eutopic Deutschland! I'm sure that was Bushitler's dooing.

This is really a matter for PETA. I'm sure it's already too late for the shepherd though.




She's just upset because she got dumped for someone prettier.

D. Ox

Duh, the simple truth? Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.

Just ask Julian Bund.

When will you people wake up?

Hilarious, Larry.

D. Ox

Fallyc Symbyl

Larry, you are getting lazy. Remember, when you put up 2 pictures, you MUST label them. We need to know which one is the dog and which one is Mother Sheehan.

Fallyc Symbyl

This so discouraging. I thought we had won this battle during Lady Hillary's first 8 years. I thought that with the Travel Office, FBI files, and Elian Gonzalez training episodes, Law Enforcement understood that they were to only enforce laws (and our whims) against workers, children, and Republicans. I thought they understood that laws were only meant for them and not us Democrats. How can we rule if we have to obey the laws?
Bush and Halliburton's destruction of all that we rightfully grabbed for ourselves has gone much further than I had dreamed possible.
Great Gaia's Ghost! Will Lady Hillary have to begin from scratch, again, during her next Presidency?


That dog deserves human rights the same as Cindy!

Fallyc Symbyl

Mother Sheehan again proves that she is our greatest soldier in our war for terror. What non-blind American will not want to immediately surrender to the Taliban and force all women to wear Burkhas after seeing that face?

Fallyc Symbyl

I have seen this set of before and after pictures before. I remember thinking how progresyve were are as a country when we even advertise femynyne itch cream for dogs.


At first Sheehan puzzled me, then angered me, and now I don't much care. She's just a publicity-seeking, pitiful has-been who is spitting on the memory of her son. Apparently even some of the dems are beginning to realize she's a liability for them.


While I applaud Chimp's progressyvism in recognizing the inherent nobility in our animal superiors, bitches across this once great nation pulled their litters a bit closer to them tonight. Those bundles of fur are now just kibble for Chimp's hungry war machine.

Menstrual Rainbow

It looks like Dogya won this one, but we will see if his tail is still wagging when he "has dinner" with that other great progressyve Kim Jong Il. If anyone is going to run around Capitol Hill with their face in people's crotches it should damn well be an intern.


I just came up with this very witty comeback that Peace Mother Sheehan (PMS) can use. I'll put it in the appropriate language so that my Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve Brethryn, Systeryn, and Othyrs can understand it:



Pretty darn clever, huh? TRUTH TO POWER!!!


Yeah, they editted out the part where she was being beaten by nightsticks and tazered. Damn reich-wing media won't report the truth.


Lar, I have to agree with FS. You need to caption these pictures because I don't know which one is the real bitch.




Does anyone know how to contact Cindy? I need to purchase some shanks for my buddies at GITMO.


You contant Cindy by saying a prayer, INFIDEL!!


I know that dog... I know that dog... Oh my Cindy; I KNOW THAT DOG!! That dog molested me as a child!

RWing Nut

Mother Sheehan's imprisionment at the hands of Bu$h thugs is a human rights atrocity. Oh sure, they escorted a RepubliKKan wife off but to a plush waiting room where she could slavishly wait for her orders from the neoKKon master.

Tickets to the SOU speech should be distributed free of charge to the poor and disenfranchised. They could then sell them like coaches do Super Bowl tickets. Advertisers would buy the tickets so their human billboards could sit in the audience. This would not only serve the cause of social justice, it would improve the quality of the program. Whose boobs would you rather look at as the Chimp drones on, the Go-Daddy girl's or Ted Kennedy's?


Which bitch is Cindy again?


I have it on good account ( ted rall told me) that the dog is part of an unit that rips the balls of iraqi kids.

don't you think it was weird that the dog was german? we all know german=nazi+Bu$h=nazi I have seen photos of hitler( the rethugican leader of germany) with a dog that looked a lot like him..

Mother Sheehan was just seconds from being taken to bu$hitlerhaliburton death camp in poland. She is speaking truth to power! and one day the jets of truth and power will hit the twin towers of AmeriKKKa and israel and they will come falling down!

Mother Sheehan

Mother Sheehan was just seconds from being taken to bu$hitlerhaliburton death camp in poland. She is speaking truth to power! and one day the jets of truth and power will hit the twin towers of AmeriKKKa and israel and they will come falling down!

That's right, and don't any of you forget me-- I mean, it. I never asked for any of this, you know. It was never my intention to become the combined Gandhi, Christ, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King of our age. This was thrust upon me when the unelected so-called President personally shot my son whats-his-name in the back for his capitalist Jew warmonger masters. Just think about the burdens I labor under, for all your sakes, trying to redeem your sins and-- HEY! LOOK AT ME! KEEP THOSE CAMERAS ROLLING!

Fist of Etiquette

I just wish I lived in California so that I could vote for Ms. Sheehan to unseat that hawk Dianne Feinstein and her Bush-like warmongeringness. (Although they both would make fein looking legislators.)

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

I see very little compassion and a whole lot of mean spirited poopyheadedness from you guys!! COME ON!!... We're bitter than that!!

Just look at that face of our poor Mother C.!!! [the one in the middle of the 3 pics] Would you not be distraught if you were pressed inbetween BushitleRover on one side, positioned to suck your brains out, and his DELIBERATELY starved & salivating Nazi-dog on the other side of you!

I'm deeply saddened and dismayed that the ASPCA didn't intervene....on her behalf.

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