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Wilderness Fox

In honor of Dick Cheney's daughter, I am, from this point on, a lesbian.

RoCkY mTn. Lioness

"In honor of Dick Cheney's daughter, I am, from this point on, a lesbian."

Well, Wilderness-- I'm feeling kinda forced into the same declaration, after it dawned me how much I liked the color purple (I'm ref'n to'the crayon, not the movie)

Why not form an alliance and call ourselves "The Daughters of Di.err.. of Cheney"....??

I so want to embrace this progressyvysm full on, that I feel I have no choice in the matter--since hating men is truly a progressyve thing. You, Wilderness Fox, must really be in a conundrum...hating yourself whilst being a Daugther Of Cheney (aka: lesbian).


If DicKKK Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, trips and falls while walking through the woods and there is nobody else around, is Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer to blame?

RoCkY mTn. Lioness

"If DicKKK Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, trips and falls while walking through the woods and there is nobody else around, is Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer to blame?"

Darn straight he is, Bush4Ever! Had he not STOLEN the frickin' election Al "Hugs 4 Trees" Gore would be rightful President and he wouldn't have let Mary Cheney (who's a lesbian) fall in the woods, cuz there WOULD have been someone around. And the Shrub's not signing KYOTO would also be to blame!!!


I'm kinda of tired of hearing about Mary Cheney's lesbian lyfestyle. After all she may be one of those log cabin RethugliKKKans and there is nothing to celebrate about that.

Isn't there a transgendered person of some fame whose sexuality we could all worship? Even gladhanding homosexual Barney Frank and his former house of ill-repute is starting to fray around the edges.


BTW, Mariah Carey recently rolled out of the closet and is now flaunting her homosexual inner child. Hmmmmmmm, call me cynical but maybe she's simply trying to enlarge her fan base. She reminds me of those "gay 'til graduation" high school students who thought it was cool to experiment with counter-sexuality but were really heterosexual to the core.


I thought GtG was a degree requirement. Geez, I really busted my ass to get all my degrees, too.


Nothing wrong with a little rug muching!!!!Damn that Bush!!!!

Fist of Etiquette

"Geez, I really busted my ass to get all my degrees, too."

I certainly hope no one lowers themselves to take the bait on that one.

Personally, I am also sick and tired of Mary Cheney recent flaunting her lifestyle not-a-choice in order to deflect how her father was trying to kill that poor, poor, evil, rich, Republican lawyer.


The best way to stop the reich wing agenda is to keep it off the ballot. This is the only reliable way of preventing the publikkk from making the wrong decisions.

We have all this money to spend on a war so helliburtion can burn this planet to a crisp, but nobody notices that even on Martin Luther King day, there are no blacks at Stevens Pass. So its ok to send our minorites to die so the richest 1% can enjoy thier tax kkkut, as long as they stay away from the ski resorts.

Social Justice doesnt need racist ski resorts or ballots. We know whats fair and we dont need to vote on it.



I certainly hope no one lowers themselves to take the bait on that one.

Well I wouldn't have left it dangling there if I didn't want someone to jump on it.

Fist of Etiquette

"Well I wouldn't have left it dangling there if I didn't want someone to jump on it."


Blast! You really have mastered baiting commenters, haven't you?



American Alpine skier Bode Miller sounds just like the perfect progressyve. Though slated to win a possible three or four medals this Olympics, he is down to his last of five races, the Slolam, without a medal.

Undaunted by this mystifying lack of success, Bode Miller made this observation, "I could have easily have four medals, possibly all of them gold, but events conspired against me and so I really have nothing to show for my effort at the moment."

After retiring to his RV instead of cramped and uncomfortable dorm living with his Alpine teammates, Bode Miller is left with his own thoughts about what could have been. "Now I know what AlGore felt when he had the election stolen from him in the 2000 elections," he lamented as he trudged toward his $200,000 RV.

So the bad boy of the Alpine Olympic team will in all liklihood go out this evening to the bars of Turin, slam a few brews and get ready for the Slolam competition which is coming up in the next few days. By his own admission Bode has found wine, women and song to be just what the doctor ordered when fate conspires against a person. Ahhhhh, the consummate American who prefers to have simply "done their best given the circumstances" than to make personal sacrifices or go the extra mile for gold medal glory.

Che Granola

I hope none of the ultra-rightist fascists who I know read this blog make any frivolous and time-wasting denunciations to the Northwest Progressive Institute. Gaia speed to them in their important work in rooting out and hounding Bushies as they abuse the democratic process.

Wilderness Fox

Rocky Mountain Lioness:

I guess I should point out that I've known I was a lesbyan from the time of my first memories of eating hemp brownies at a Grateful Dead concert with my parents back in the '70s. I would sit in the grass, watching my mom and dad dance to such whimsical tunes as "China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider" or "Sugar Magnolia," as, unbeknownst to them, I was busy admiring gyrls and wymyn. The shame I felt at not liking those of my own sex made me almost hollow inside.
I knew I was different from other Lyberal, er, Progrssyve boys because I did not desire what Gaia intended me to desire- other boys. I felt a strong attraction to gyrls and wymyn, and it's only through this website that I am able to come out my proverbial closet and admit to the world:

I am Lesbyian. Here me roar.


I just read this politically-correct entry by sportswriter Tom Weir who wrote in his column "Opposite Numbers": "(Shani) Davis' place in the history books already is secured as the first African-American athlete from any nation to win an individual gold medal in the Winter Games."

I hadn't realized there were African-American Brits or African American Frenchmen or African-American Germans or even African-America Bulgarians. I guess I should be happy just so long there aren't any AfriKKKan-AmeriKKKan rednecKKKs.

BTW, I wrote USA TODAY to congratulate them on their progressyve thinking! Buwahahahahahahahaha!


Yes, we all agreed to use "African-American" or "person of color" in all instances. Didn't you get the memo? It was embossed on pink stationary with a rainbow in the corner.

I hear the African-American Kenyan is competing in the summer games.


Careful there, libmeister. Without knowing more about Tom Weir's background/race/sexual orientation/religious preference, it's not right that you should criticize his nuanced language. You could be engaging in hate speech not seen since Goebbels and not know it.

I hadn't heard this news, of course, since I'm standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Bryant Gumbel in our outrage at the paucity of people of color in Torino. I find it troubling that a sporting event would be held in lands habitated by 'ice people' as The Honorable Minister Farrakkan had identified them. There's nothing to prevent those people's 'Olympics' to be held in nations populated by 'sun people', such as the tropical forests of Brazil, except the Olympic comittee's genocidial plans for extermination of the black race.


Well, I am a gay man inside a woman's body. Outing meself only means that I never have to say I am sorry to Al and Tipper Gore.


You know, I wonder if there is a gay/lesbian version of either 'Desparate Housewyves' or 'The Stepford Wyves.'

RoCkY mTn. Lioness

Wildneress Fox,

I heard your ROAR, m-n!
*sniff* Your mini-bio is so touching. Thanks for sharing it. You and PTPFP have helped me in finding myself. And what I discovered is:
Good Gaia!!..I'm a gay guy, in a fashion reminiscent of PTPFP!

Oh has anyone else here heard this...?:

Mary Cheney is a Vietnam Veteran and John Kerry is a decorated lesbian. But out of respect for it being a family matter, Mary never told anyone about Mr. Kerry.

Hold the bus! I thought Roberts and Alito were supposed to take this country back 100 years to the reconstruction area so they could opress people of color easier than they can now. So what does this mean??

Court Allows Church's Hallucinogenic Tea

I wonder what Rove is up to now!


While I'm typing on my solar laptop sipping chai tea at my local not-for-profit coffee shop, I ponder each day while I receive my government assistance (I'm almost totally tone deaf) of why we let the neo-cons destroy our way of life. When it's cold, I would have no problem wearing a burka, even though the Gaia gave me male sex organs...

RoCkY mTn. Lioness

"....even though the Gaia gave me male sex organs..."==Arbiter

Well, Arbiter honey--should you ever decide Gaia messed up and you'd like to be reassigned, it only takes a trip to Trinidad, CO However, it's only fair to tell you that Dr. Biber has...uhm... "left the building", and has gone to his eternal reward of 72 Viagrans.

Evidently--in some respect--the EXTREME Mrs. Doubtfire baton has been passed from Biber to Bowers

Based on a conversation of months ago, Che will likely appreciate this updated info, too.

So if like Gaia..ahem... *visited* Trinidad, would s/he then become Guya?


AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I do have to say I am sorry. I apologize all to helk for saying 'woman's body' instead of 'womyn's body.' It was that puerile Shrub that made me make that mystake! Da*n those Oppressyves!

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