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RoCkY mTn.  Lioness, Spelling Nazi

"Weaving a constant web of deceipt..."

So Lar, is that like a sniglet (hybrid) describing a deceitful receipt?

Oooo...Go ahead....I love it when you call me fascist!

Well, I think this progresive watchdog group SHOULD expose the Rethugs while continuing the fight for the rights of so called pedophiles, & so called "sex offenders" to NOT have their pictures and names and addresses made public by oligarchy fascist nazi Neo Convict Repukes!! After all if NAMBLA is good enough for the UN, they're good enough for me.


Larry, it's not the signatures we have to worry about - it's the KKKonservative Vote Gathering activities. Can you say Diebold??

Remember, fellow Progressyves, vote early, and vote often!

Menstrual Rainbow

Their enlightened attitude to reich wing McCarthyite dissent crushers is further illustrated in the comment box-

- What gives with the censoring of comments that don't agree with the NPI party line? Even a flaming liberal blogger like Goldy allows dissent to be posted. Are you afraid your ideas are too weak to stand up to competing coversation?
Rick | 02.16.06 - 5:09 pm

-We do not have comment threads on this blog so that Republican hacks and members of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists can drop by and leave RNC talking points, or deliberately trash this organization and the progressive movement.....
Jonathan | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 6:35 pm

Yeah Jonathan, Speak truth to power sister!

Fallyc Symbyl

You see, the American people are basically children – naive, impressionable children.

Frankly, I am losing hope that we will ever win this battle.

I began to lose hope when Joclyn Elders was booted out of teaching parents how to raise their children just because her only son was a drug addict in jail. Such nitpicking!

Just think. If she had remained in power and succeeded in her desire to teach our elementary kids to obtain sexual gratification via masturbation, would Dick Cheney's daughter have had to become gay to be fulfilled?

Fallyc Symbyl

Oh, my Gaia! Larry has been confronted!

Wrote one furious blogger: "I'm angry about this … How dare these snot-nose, hemp-wearing, pot-smoking, drum-beating, 'gee when is the financial aid check going to arrive' brat kids diss Pappy Boyington?"

It is inspiring how Larry works silently steamrolling the conservvatives.

Owen Crosby

I dont have a strong enough staple gun...does anyone
have the 250 PSI model I can use...or would a nailgun
work ?

Owen Crosby

OH Falyc Symbyl....Dick Cheney's daughter was a lesbian
BEFORE she knew what one was...she didn't 'become' one.

that only happens to backwoods folks like Ter-a-zah.

African Moonbat


Are you sure the folk at NPI are true progressyves? I noticed that they have not linked you which makes me doubt their credentials. Beware - they may be neo cons in disguise.


Is it true Vice President Cheney's daughter is a lesbian?


I get the feeling Ann Coulter is behind this group. Isn't she the Bu$hHitler director for re-education. I don't know who to trust anymore. I have a feeling my kids are going to turn me in and I'll wind up in a camp somewhere in Wy-home-ing.


Larry, I wouldn't stab you in the liver for a cheap tank of gas.

Not unless I had to pick up some fava beans and a nice Chianti.


Larry, I wouldn't stab you in the liver for a cheap tank of gas.
Not unless I had to pick up some fava beans and a nice Chianti.
Posted by: aelfheld | February 18, 2006 at 09:39 AM that you?!

You elusive devil...


Did you progressyves know John Kerry was a Vietnam veteran who had a love child with Mother Sheehan who now goes by the name of Mary Cheney?

I believe we should look to Vietnam to see how real democratic socialism works. Ever since it defeated evil AmeriKKKan stormtroopers and DicKKK Nixon, Vietnam as well as Cuba have been a real bright spot in the pantheon of progressyve states.


I was going to check this Oasis for Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, earlier today but I hadn't received my government check, government cheese, government gas coupons or government Internet sign-on directions yet. I can hardly wait until the Hateful Re-Thug-li-KKKans are out of office so I can be free and independent again.


We have a similar organization in Boise. We call it the "Little Red Book Brigade," and our charter is to promote free speech by crushing dissent. Our founder, Comrade David Felcher, called me to action a couple days ago. Here's a transcript of his call*.

(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)(Phone ringing)

Che G: Yeah man?
Comrade Felcher: Che, it's Dave. Listen, we have a report of...
CG: Dave ain't here, man.
CF: Listen Che. I'm Dave. There's some Anti-Amerikkkan, oppressyve hate-mongering goi...
CG: Sorry, man. Dave ain't here.
CF: Dude, listen to me! I need you to come down to Wal-Mart. There's a right-wing extremist getting people to sign a petition so an initiative can be placed on the ballot to curb Idaho's out-of-control property taxes.
CG: No way, man! I don't shop at Wal-Mart. They're like, bad and shit. Besides, "The Matrix" is on, and I'm waiting for a call from Dave, man.
CF: *%($)(* #&^$ *&^% ##(* )*(*&
CG: Whoa, man. Is this one of those dial-a-babe lines? All right! What are you wearing, man?
CG: Wait a minute, man. Since when do phone sex joints call you?
CF: This isn't one of those joints. This is Dave.
CG: No way man. I had a joint from Dave's stash, man. He'll find out if I take more. Dude totally bogarts his shit, man.
CF: Go get the bio-fuel molotov cocktails out of my car and follow this petition lackey. Find out where he lives. I want people to see what happens to these minimum wage sellouts who don't even know what they're petitioning for. You understand what I want you to do? I need YOU AND OUR FRIENDS to do what I taught you, OK?

I finally understood what Dave wanted from me. I went to Wal-Mart (Gaia help me) and did what had to be done. I'm proud to say that between me and my various registered-to-vote personas ("personae" to mellow-harshers and Eurotrash), that young lackey's initiative will be on the November ballot.

*Comrade Felcher does monitor telephone calls. But unlike the NSA, which indiscriminately profiles innocent people based on unjustified suspicion. Dave just monitors people he doesn't trust.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

When you talked about a train to nowhere I thought you must have been talking about that Magic Monorail to nowhere that is downtown but you must be talking about this instead.

Talking Toaster

The true progressve who merely want belly up to the feed trough in return of a honest days work of spending tax payer's money on magic choo-choo trains to nowhere and designing innovative new ways to get more tax money are in danger of becoming Cirrhotic Basket Cases.

In fact, these so called "initiatives" are just clever belt tightening tricks designed to strangulate ever expanding belly's of true progressyv legislators and their staff - causing Liver Stones.

Further, we must protect Michael Moore and other True Progressives from being Stabbed in Liver by Right-Wing Children with empty piggy banks.

Gaia knows Ted Kennedy's Liver doesn't need any more abuse!

Lastly, any True Blue Progressyv site with a Squeal Button that refuses to link to Larry's Progressyv site is probably just a clever front operation for Rovian Right-Wing Digital Brownshirts.

Wear you head gear take what they say with a grain of THC.

Kiki B.

Ka-chunk! Ow! Ka-chunk! Ow! Ka-chunk! OWWW! Ka-chunk! OWWWWWW!

Isn't there an easier way of getting the NPI Squeal Button noticed by the public. Man! I'm bleeding everywhere.

RoCkY mTn. Lioness

Props are in order for our own Father of Perpetual Progressyvysm, Prof. Chomstein!!

Way to go, Lar!...scaling the fence at the Repunk dominated Whitehouse! Well, it sure looked like you!

Like the news was totally like saying: "they don't know wny he did it...". Like you have to have a reason? I s'pose a P.E.S.T. induced lengthy stay under the sink isn't sufficient enough cause for "them". "Them" being Shrub-Shotgun Dick-Rove-Rums-Roberts-Rice-Reich OWNED media.

Heck, I was hoping to find the story online to link here, but NoOoOoOooo....Dan Rathers impeachable sources from Kinkos were squelched by The Reich.

Good on ya, anyway Lar! If you'd have been in Torino, you'd have a gold CD hanging around your neck, contrasting nicely with your hemp fence climbing shirt.

I hope the jackbooted & badged fascist pigs didn't do too much of a Rodney King on ya!

Menstrual Rainbow

{I'm proud to say that between me and my various registered-to-vote personas ("personae" to mellow-harshers and Eurotrash), that young lackey's initiative will be on the November ballot.}

Che, I'm afraid that you appear to be one of the many progressyves disenfranchised by Rovian plots to make ballots and petitions too confusing to use. Think of all the millions of Floridians whose votes for Al Gore weren't counted just because they had inadvertantly cast`their votes for Chimpy and Pat Buchanen.

RWing Nut

We are so fortunate to have people like NPI, unafraid to emulate the tactics of our Muslim brothers. Why collect the names of facist petition foot-soldiers? You can't burn the infidels if you don't know who they are. Perhaps there is a Danish consulate or failing that a bakery that sells the evil pastry that can be destroyed as an act of solidarity.


You know what they say. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be that Dick Cheney has a daughter who is a lesbian.


Eyman employs slick marketing campaigns and bright, sparkly objects to hypnotize innocent Washingtonians into believing they’d be happier if they were allowed to keep more of their income...

Any progressyve worth his/her/its salt knows how wrong this kind of thinking is. A really liberated socialist can only be happier if they were allowed to keep more of someone else's income vis a vis an income redistribution system!

Trump that you Rethuglikkkan reich-wingnuts!


This story gives me hope. With the mass brain drain of progressyve intellectuals to Canada after Chimp's re-selection, I was worried that we'd have to start forming an underground railroad for our elite guerilla activist as they infiltrate past the gestapo border patrols in the hope of reclaiming our once great nation from shotgun-wielding Vice Presidents, but since the NPI is still persyning the bulwarks, I'm going to take a couple days off and try to figure out how those Canadian losers who've been crashing on my couch managed to steal my one-hit bong without me noticing.


Finally! We have a way to fight back at the Chimpenfuhrer's Riche-wingnuts! All these years they've been beating us over the head with their "majority," but now we can optimize our numbers and interfere with their grassroots fascism!

Washington for Progressyves!

*excitedly peeing myself just a little bit*

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