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Isn't it a shame how measly gratuities are so easily confused with enormous bribes. I mean, it's just so hard to see the difference.

WASP Guilt

The fact that no one has had to give back George Soros’ money conclusively shows that it is exclusively Republicans that have been bought off by lobbyists.


More and more, evidence supporting my spontaneous assertion that America must be destroyed at all costs, comes to light. Its funny how you can come to strong conclusions entirely at random, disregard all information to contrary and search and under every haystack for the needle to support your claim, and ALWAYS find it. Such is the inner workings of the enlightened mind of a progressive.


In light of this, I think we should just surrender in Iraq.


I call for a special investigation with the clear, precise focus of a laser beam. There is neither time nor energy to be wasted on distractions. With the crucial elections approaching this November, the public deserves to know which Republicans should be censured, which Republicans should be thrown out of office, which Republicans should be jailed, and which Republicans should be executed.

I believe this emphasizes the need for campaign finance reform. Republicans have shown their proclivity to overstep fund-rasing legislation. So, they should be barred from raising money. I support the McCain/Reid 'Defund the Repugs' bill which just cleared committee in the Senate.

I also agree with Dodger. This emphasizes the need for an immediate withdrawl from Iraq, apology, and convening of a war crimes tribunal where anyone who voted for Bush is made answerable for their crimes.

This should also lead to the dismantling of the NSA, CIA, DoD, ATF, and FBI, and FDA.

Finally, I believe this should lead to the closing of all Starbuck's coffee houses. They have installed cameras in all of their locations with the video feeds being piped back to company headquarters where they use profiling and strange, invisible beams on my brain to expand their hegemonic beverage operations.

spd rdr

In light of this, I think we should just surrender in Washington, D.C.


Of course all us should understand that John Kerry, Dick Gephardt, Harry Reid, Patrick Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Carl Levin and many other progressyve Democrats receiving Abramoff money is not influence peddling, but every RethugliKKKan that received money were indeed illegally involved in influence peddling. That's what my father told me.

And Dodger is right, in light of this new information we should surrender in Iraq and impeach Bu$Hitler.


Hey, Lar, "dillute"? Were you thinking of the (dill) pickle the RethugliKKKans find themselves in?


Wussies!!! Buncha punks!!! These girly-men Re-Thug-li-KKKan pansies are scurrying for cover because one of their Bagmen got caught. How about all those brave, Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, Democrats who also got money from Abramoff? You don't see them timidly handing back the bucks. Especially Jean Francois Kerry who is a War Hero. Did you know that Kerry was actually in a war in a country called VietNam for 3 whole months where he got wounded but can wind surf, snowboard and drive the SUVs that his family owns, not him? What a strong man he is to have overcome those three devastating wounds for which he spent absolutely no days in any hospital. Now THAT'S a war hero.


Ward Churchill must be rolling over in his grave at the thought of all his Indian casino contributions going to Das Chimp and his teufel-freunden.

Arcticman Speaks!

Che...You shouldn't make references to Ward which hint at his passing. You almost made me cry. Ward is the greatest educator this wretched nation doesn't deserve. Especially after the way we committed genicide on Ward's people. The War Mongering Monkey isn't fit to lick the warpaint off Wards chizzled features.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

If the dems did take money from this dastardly despot then they should't give the money back because that would make "Jack Abramoff, the powerful Republican lobbyist" an Indian Giver.



Mother of all Blog Pimps

the whole thing is another example of "White on White" crime except of the black people he gave money to then it is a "Setup by the Man". Let's all keep things in perspective shall we?


The hillbilly-trailerpark-dweller types will say that the repnazis have done no wrong. I say that all rethugs must leave the house and the senate asap.This is the only way to make sure we get rid of the evil of money.

Just think in a few years we will hear these heart warming words..." Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Rethuglkkkan party?"

PS. der chimp gave me the flu this week! But I'm better now. I'll be alive to see him led away in chains!

Book Larnin' College Boy

That's a perfectly cromulant word. It refers to the mass-extermination of all vestiges of heteronormative, patriarchal gender stereotypes.

War Bonnet

We ought to surrender to France right now while we can still negotiatie terms.

And we all know that the tribes really hate living in their tribal gulags that they negotiated from Hitler.
They can sell tobacco tax free, fireworks tax free, their gambling revenues are tax free...and they have the right to hunt the wily Hildebeeste...


"Genicide" is the correct spelling for the term used to describe genital mocking at Gitmo.

Senator Durbin told me so.


Let's not forget the real victims: our Native American brothers/sisters/transgenders.

Pale face takes all thier money and what does he give in return?? Nothing, nada, no beads, no whisky, no blankets infested with small pox.

The only proper way to atone for our collective guilt is to ensure our tomahawk-carrying friends have a safe, clean eco-freindly reservation on which they can stay, breed and drink for the rest of their lives. Please send all liquor and hemp donations to me. I will forward them on to my local Bureau of Indian Affairs Office.

On behalf of my biological father, Ward Churchill, I thank you.


From Fox News:

Tainted Money

New York Democrat Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign committee will donate $2,000 it received from Indian tribes connected to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to charity, but don't expect the same from Democratic leader Harry Reid. While the Democratic National Committee is calling on Republicans to return any Abramoff-related donations, Reid has refused to give back some $60,000 he received from donors tied to the lobbyist.

Reid's spokesman says, "Jack Abramoff is a Republican operative and this is a Republican scandal," adding "Senator Reid has done nothing wrong."

I received Hillary's $2,000 check about an hour ago. I am on my way to the liquor store.


"I received Hillary's $2,000 check about an hour ago. I am on my way to the liquor store."

Woo-Hoo!! Shots of Rebel Yell bourbon for everybody!!


I got my rebate in the form of a credit card.

Jan Myers

Here you go...
Looks real natural don't he?


"Genicide" is the correct spelling for the term used to describe genital mocking at Gitmo.

As opposed to "Geniside", which refers the direction in which a male tends to pack. As a lybyryl, I naturally pack to the left (if I pack at all).


Was that too much information?

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