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This is one of the bests posts in a long time. It was greeeeaat!

...he was assailed by GOP attack dogs like the Hateboat Haters of Hate...

If I had a nickle for everytime I've heard the term "swiftboating" used negatively... I wouldn't be a socialist.


We should leave now so the Iraqis can take Kerry's advice and start terrorizing 'kids and children' themselves.


A pox on you, Dork. The first post should have been mine! Had I not previewed (to avoid the "nickel/nickle"-type problems) I surely would have won.

Fist of Etiquette

Yeah, I don't trust those photographs any further than I can throw them. They were obviously staged shots taken in one of the back lots at Halliburton Studios, where I happen to know that Gary Sinese is a contract player.

You will notice Sinese clearly visible in one of the pics. My guess is they were shy on extras to play the Iraqi school children, and figured the veteran character actor could pull it off.

And he almost did, if not for my trusty magnifying glass.


"A pox on you, Dork. The first post should have been mine!"
-Bubbles the Gay Clown

This same thing happened on AIDS day.


I have set myself on fire in honor of that wonderful and delightfully long post.

ALSO, for those still interested in aiding me in making a fun, witty satirical tune, please send mail to and we'll go from there.


BTW, thx for making me aware of that site Lar, those are some powerfully positive (and real) images.


Pres. Kerry's comment about the Iraqi's needing to be the one's who kicked down Iraqi doors is correct. When Iraqis kick down an Iraqi door at 2am, rape the women, raid the refrigerator, consume that leftover falafel, and make long distance phone calls, it's done out of love.

Ra'ed Serling



"Anal cysts" is a vision that will stay with me all day.
Thanks, Lar, for speaking truth to...uh...what?


Wonderful. So many choice bits that I won't even try to pick a favorite, although "half the population of Massachusetts" has got to be near the top.


I thought Senator "I know Junjis Khan Kerry" volunteered for four months of duty on the mouth of the Cambodia River. It is because of this site that I know the truth
about his record and I am so ashamed.

Brilliant satire.


You claim to "support the troops" because you call for their retreat and then you link an organization that does TONS for the troops and send all your trolls over to say horrible things at their site...? What was the last thing any of you did besides bitch and moan? What does the Blame-America-First crowd have to offer? I'm waiting to see. If you claim to care about our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen you should not be degraded an organization that is helping them in such a significant way.
The hypocrisy is tangible…



Y'know, I hear that there's a Juvenile Abu-Ghraib set up in an unspecified Eastern European country where the most patriotic and religious of Iraqi tykes are forced to watch "Barney" and "Teletubbies" all day and all night.

Their See-Eye-Yay captors know that they've been broken when they start wearing FUBU and whining for an X-Box.

Children, Larry. These are children!


Lewis Faerychaun

Al-A (an obvious Al-Queda name), you need to shut your gender specific, wal-mart shopping, anti-gift giving tree, New Orleans corpse eating mouth. How dare you suggest that we don't support the troops of the fascist theocratic regime of HolyBushmerica?!?! Our support is obvious when we expose the TRUTH about the terroristic actions of the soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen. The troops aren't eating Iraqi babies and teabagging Iraqi women under cover of darkness because they want to... BuSHITler ordered it!!! Do you think some organization sending SHOES to an Iraqi child who was anally raped in Abu Ghraib by KKKarl Rove is going to make it all better?

It is your hypocrisy that is tangible my friend.

Howard Dean's Barber

Absolutely right on, Lar! There is no possible way to bring democracy and freedom to this new "IraKKK" until Jimmy Carter goes over there to supervise these "elections" the right-wing controlled media keeps force feeding us news of each day.

Only when every IraKKKi is as ashamed of their democracy as we are can Bu$Hitler's war finally end.


hateboaters of hate......Lar, I have to change my pants now. Keep speaking truth to power!

My headline: Hatefilled Hillbilly US troops give Iraqi kids candy leading to dental problems!!!!


If Iraqi tots are being "hastily ground up and fed to blacks in New Orleans", who are the blacks in New Orleans being ground up and fed to?


I see those kids are being forced to give the "Heil Hitler" salute...

It's so sad to see Iraq being transformed into a fascist dictatorship.

Kiki B.

"unbridled hatred that most Iraqis and half the population of Massachusetts have for our military"

Don't forget 68% of Californians, 76% of Oregonians and 87% of Washingtonians.

"who are the blacks in New Orleans being ground up and fed to?"

Aelfeld, you just thought that was Tofurkey you had for Thanksgiving.


Liberals! Can't live with them... can't live with them!

Liberalism Exposed:



We support our troops! By calling them out on their baby-killing facist torture methods, by stopping their freedom of speech on college campuses - it's all for their own good. Why doesn't the Reich wing realize this? We only call them out as terrorists because we support them. We only want to curb their free speech because they disagree with us and if you disagree with us it's a "hate crime". It's for the good of everyone. It takes a village to support a military.


Damn, guess the "Bush Gave Bon Jovi AIDS" ribbon should have tipped me off... ;) Sorry for the scolding!

Talking Toaster

"As helpless parents look on, crayons and construction paper are shoved into the tiny hands of their crying sons and daughters, who are forced to produce variety of arts and crafts with virtually no pay or health benefits." --Liberal Larry

This is very troubling. No compensation nor health benefits is very un-scoialistic and against OSHA and ACLU regulations.

It also brings back memories as a young toaster in the factory. I would be driven to a re-education center know as "Kindergarten" where I was given crayons and paper and forced to draw pictures while the guards called "teachers" mocked my work. I too did not receive compensation nor free dental benefits.

That was the year that Jesse Jackson made his famous "I have a vagina" speech. Next, busing of children for the suburbs to the inner city ghettos began. This was of some use.

Because of the lack of dental benefits in the prior re-education center I soon developed a bad case of glaucoma in the 1st grade. Luckily, because of my new inner-city classmates I had access to 1 kilogram bags of glaucoma medication. Between each class we would go to the rest room to have a quick toke on the communal joint to re-medicate ourselves for the next session of re-education.

But, we were never compensated or given free medication in that circumstance. A gross miscarriage of justice which has never been righted.

I hope that the Iraqi children will learn from our mistakes. In fact, I would suggest the ACLU institute a class action lawsuit on behalf of the under paid and under medicated Iraqi children for 1.6 trillion dollars and a life time supply of glaucoma medication.

Further, the troops should be busing Sunni kids into Kurdish schools and providing condoms and a one ounce bag of glaucoma medication to each and every child.

It may be too late for my generation but if the ACLU, Ramsey Clark and al Qaeda work together they can turn this Vietnam Quagmire into another Cambodia.


Even our brilliant progressyve, John Kerry, believes American soldiers are nothing more than friggin' terrorists terrorizing children and raping Iraqi women just like Genghis Khan. What more evidence do we need that this has been an illegal and immoral war against a wrongly deposed Saddam Hussein?

Saddam's right, he's being unjustly judged by a court imposed upon him by American hegemonists. Along with Howie Dean we must admit our defeat, re-install Hussein as supreme dictator of Iraq, repair all his woodchippers that we've damaged, and immediately withdraw our warmongering American stormtroopers before they impregnant every virgin and grandmother in Iraq.

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