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Isn't it called Brokeback Mountin'?


And isn't a "movie review" instead of a "move review"?


'In the movie’s heartbreaking climax, Gyllenhall is ruthlessly gunned down by fundamentalist Christian Conservatives as he attempts to scale New York's phallic monument to white male hegemony, the Empire State Building.???

I didn't know there were any fundamentalist Christian conservatives in NYC...

WASP Guilt

I think this Bareback Mountain documentary would be a good candidate to be included in our Berkeley county day care sex education program for toddlers. In addition to “Forest Rump” and “Saving Ryan's Privates” I think it would complement our selection of literature for children like “Daddies Roommate” “Hermaphrodite Granny” and “Uncle Sodomite.” (The pop up book version) I don’t think it will detract from the classics like “Jocelyn Elders teaches Flogging the Dolphin” or Chicken Soup for the Transgender Mom/Dads soul.
My youngest made a lovely rendition of a jailhouse circle jerk made out of dry macaroni pasted on to paper plates and decorated with crayon. Even though it may give the other little ragamuffins in our human rainbow of daycare self esteem issues, I couldn’t hide my pride the way s/he depicted the tossing salads part with glitter and pieces of crape paper. It was very artistic.

Menstrual Rainbow

I was dragged to the cinema this week to see the KKKroniKKKles of Narnia, in which theocon fascists try and stifle the lifestyle choices of a white witch. I haven't seen that many talking beavers since I had my Kindergarten class perform the Vagina Monologues for their Winterval break.

Bush Ate My Soul

In the movie’s heartbreaking climax, Gyllenhall is ruthlessly gunned down by fundamentalist Christian Conservatives as he attempts to scale New York's phallic monument to white male hegemony, the Empire State Building.

And rightly so. Isn't it amazing how art mimics life?

Bush Ate My Soul

I didn't know there were any fundamentalist Christian conservatives in NYC...

They live in the sewers with the giant alligators.

Don't you read the National Enquirer? Sheesh.


I haven't seen the film yet, but I sent my sons so they can learn about manlove and buttsex from the right source: Hollywood progryssyves. They liked it OK, but complained because "the Jedi starfighters looked like biplanes", and "Chewbacca isn't supposed to be that much biggger than Queen Amidala".


"every seat in the theater was filled"??

With what?


It's The Chronic(WHAT?!)cles of narnia


If the link for Chronic(WHAT?!)cles of Narnia doesn't link you directly to the video, then just type Narnia in the Search window. Them sucka MCs at can be some kinda wack muthafukkahz, yo.

spd rdr

Hey, look! It's Pee Wee Herman!


Dem wuz hook up noam seyn?


I think this type of art should be required for all Americans. It has really opened my eye to the fact that all "machismo" men and other would be toughs are nothing more than Gay men. This should be a must watch at all public schools.


Can't wait for the sequel, "Swayback Mountain". It's about two cowboys dressed in pink and his horse - a real menàge a trois.

Progressyves are sure to have orgasms over this film, too. Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin have starring roles with an actual descendant of Trigger playing opposite them. I hear it will be a real tear jerker ... or some kind of progressyve jerker.


Now see, I took something totally different away from the movie. I agree that their wardrobes were fabulous, but they went too far with the macho thing. Real gay men don't like all the facial hair worn by the headmaster. I was also disappointed by all the teases the screenplay introduced. I was certain that the command to "mount your broomsticks" was going to take a totally different direction.

The symbolic triumph of the star snatching the fire-breathing neocon's unhatched fetus was only tempered by Cedric's death at the hands of Ronald Reagan's AIDS virus.

Nonetheless, Bareback Mountain was pretty good as far as soft-core gay porn goes. I heard a rumor that Kid Bastard made several brief appearances (Or as he called them, "face shots") throughout the film, but I sure didn't see him.

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see a theater full of children who also enjoyed the enlightening film. Their reactions, hell their very presence contributed greatly to the warm afterglow I felt when leaving the theater.

Ponytailed Guy

This movie sound like a rip-off of Sweet Bareback's Badass Song.


Outstanding Review!

I can't wait to see your review on the Cruelty-to-Animal's documentary: King Kong.


The moive is candle in the dark night of bush's fascism. I've watched a lot a gay themed cowboy flicks in the past but never on the big sceen. Often I've had to order these films from south american countrys. And then I live in fear that I will be turned in by one of the brownshirts that work for the post office.

Tonight Me and the boys will put on own own production of brokeback MOUNTian in the reststop bathroom tonight at 3.10 am. Stop on by lar, I'll work you in......


Larry, the Happy Hookah.


The sequel will actually be called Colon Cowboy. A loving tale about two rump rangers as they travel in and out of town on that dirt road.


And I love the reference to a 'secret love nest in the jungle.' It is so richly symbolic and shows the intensity of Larry's ability to write and extrapolate
parallelist paradigms with such nuaced references to body parts and acts. It is enough to make me swoon...I affirm myself as a transgendered gay man trapped in a womyn's body.


Bush is watching you!!!


What's the big deal about this movie? Didn't anyone see Pork Chop Hill? Men (who love each other) pushing, straining and sweating up a bush-covered hill (pardon the 'bush' reference: I know that will attract the NSA computers--as will the reference to NSA; and that one; what about pronouns?).

When they reach the top, together, they thrust their large, greasy guns outward, spraying bullets. The subtle references of a homoerotic tale cannot be missed.

Unless your some sort of fascist, gay bashing, self hating, closeted queer.


They stole that scene from 'Hair.'

People running through a long tube throwing balloons...
a must hurl.

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