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Norm Genderly-Ambiguous-Dicks, Man of the People


Doesn't he have a twin named Abi?


Disgusting, perverted minds might think there is a double entendre in there. Sick, sophomoric bastards!

After peace erupts in Iraq, will Dicks get behind their new leader as he has the Chimp, or have the last 3 years left a bad taste in his mouth?

I could understand if he just wanted to hang for awhile (It's been a long, exhausting ordeal, and he's not a young man any more.), but now is the time for him to stand tall and spit in the face of anyone who gives him a tongue-lashing.


If Bu$Hitler is really a dumbass, then what does that make all us progressyves who can't even get our own war criminal John Kerry elected with a thirty percent spending advantage in the last election? Thank you George Soros and progressyve 527s for trying!

That's why I prefer to view McChimpy as a cunning viper, a spawn of Satan, and evil genius on the order of Dr. Evil, the anti-Christ himself.

I came to this conclusion only because I faithfully wear my tinfoil hat which protects me from the Rovian Mind Control Rays that have unfortunately afflicted some of my fellow progressyves who still think Shrubya's a dunce.


I understand that his Dick is Normal. This means that he has to think with the thing, doesn't he?


This has got to be one of the best and funniest blogs i've read in a long long long time, keep up the good work.


cashin, if you got this blog the first time you read it, you are smarter than Bush-Shaitan, the Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos. But then again, so are the rest of us progressyves.


Who is Rep Norm Dicks? I've never heard of the man. Where is he from? Is this name a joke you are playing on us Larry to see if we are awake?

Beth morphing into the Grinch

Ha! Great post!

One of my families surname's is Dick. Do you have any idea how hard it is to Google 'Dick Family' when I'm trying to do genealogical research?

Great points you are making. Love your blog!


Whenever there's a tail that's gotta turn and run, I'm glad we'll have Dicks right behind them, prodding them along...


Googling Dick Family sounds pretty progressyve.

Beth morphing into the Grinch

I guess you could say googling the Dick Family is progressyve. Or is it more proper to say, it get's progressyvely hard googling it?


I've just gotten back from my local democrat meeting, and we've all agreed that agressively passive action is imperative, and possibly a good idea. This proposed action has been codenamed, "P.U.S.S.Y." or "Progressive UN Sponsored Sissy Yelling" in response Dick's stand against the war. With Dick and Pussy at the helm of the anti-war movement, nothing can stop us. It's the true progressive way folks. All you gotta do is talk about how isreal should be nuked off the face of the earth for defending itself in barbarically violent ways, or condemn Bush for arrogantly taking away the secular deity given rights of mass murders and genocide from benevolent dictators and terrorists and you're a true progressive. My other pals at "Pussy" and I, along with Dicks, intend to see this progressive dream come true.

Sen. Durbin

Larry, I must say I'm concerned. Did I read you correctly, when you referred to an immediate withdrawal from Iraq as "premature?" Don't you know that Chimpy and the neo-KKKons are $tealing millions of dollars a day worth of Iraqi oil? How much more do you want them to steal before it's enough? Has the lure of BusHitler's huge checkbook finally pulled you over to the darKKK side? Or was the "premature" comment simply a misfire caused by one to many visits to LGF or Bitchelle Malkin?


Norm Dicks...everyone he can.


One of my favorite daily blog reads! Googling Dick sounds like something that shouldn't be discussed in polite company. It's amazing how many Democrats are becoming so "courageous" nowadays.


Will you Evil Re-Thug-li-KKKans stop making fun of The Courageous Norm Dicks?!?! He thought long and hard before coming to his conclusion.


Stand erect and proud with your little Darth Vader helmet cocked a wee-wee bit to the side. We progressyves have nothing to apologize for and should simply gather round and lap up Dick's surging, hard held position. Besides, changing your mind is not a flip-flop, it's a premature redactitation...and that's every woman's prerogative. Right Dick?


It's time for Chimp to grab a towel. Dick just released truth all over his face.


Listen up, PeeResident Boosh...I know Dick. Dick is a good friend of mine. And believe me, you're no Dick. Wait a AREa dick but you're no Dick...and you don't know Dick like I do.


Did you progressyves ever hear of a NASCAR™ driver named "Dick Trickle"? I kid you not. He was popularized in groovy Tom Cruise's movie "Days of Thunder."

And what is the significance of this bit of American trivia? Well, you never see Norm Dicks and Dick Trickle in the same room, now do you? Hmmmmmmmmm. Me thinks there's another Shrubya conspiracy here somewhere.


Thirty-five years ago I went to school with a Lynn Dicks. His mother was hot ... well at least to this sixteen year old she was! So that must have meant she was really hot! It's good to be a progressyve, isn't it? You know, be able to lust after your friend's mother and not feel guilty.

Well anyway, Lynn claimed he had an uncle named "Harry"...I kid you not! Sorry, I can't Google this one for you.


Yo Libmeister - where did you grow up...Fort Dix?

Bush Ate My Soul...

It takes a big, big man to stand up and admit he is a Dick.

Reading this story made me feel emotionally...erect. Thanks, Larry.


The insurgency is growing.

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