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Despite your animus toward us we love you Dr. DissCharge. Please come sing Kumbaya with us as we seek harmonic convergence under Larry's sink. Clearly the Rovian Mind Control Rays are adversely affecting your brain or you would see things our way. Diversity of thought just so long you agree with the progressyve way!

I have an extra tinfoil hat that I normally put over my gerbil's cage and I would be more than happy to UPS it to you completely free of charge...there's only a handling fee of $35,375.

As a rich Rethuglikkkan who has probably accumulated his wealth at the expense of the poor and downtrodden, surely you can afford such a small fee for the sake of becoming truly open-minded and at peace with Gaia.

Dr. Dyscharge

libmeister...Your foil head cover is more than likely contaminated with the AIDS virus and other horrible maladies.

Keep your liberal, jew-hating paraphenelia to yourself.


Hmmm. You guys have been quite busy in my absence, haven't you? I've been lounging away for 12 days on a cruise, leaving out of Vancouver and sailing away to Hawaii! Celebrating twenty five years of marriage to the same man. Alas, the vacation, along with all those days and nights of unbridled passion, had to come to an end :(

I've read some, not all of Semanticleo's posts. I'm afraid I, too, found them unfunny. I believe part of the problem lies in true humor and satire requiring roots in truth. There is also a rather NASTY tone to them, which reminds me of another poster we used to have here frequently, who called himself, "Stoorat." Too angry to be funny....


AbuFousa, I don't know where CKCat is, but she sent me several funny emails while I was gone, so I'm sure she's okay!


Seems like Dr. Dissfunction likes to project. Libmeister, your tone was totally compassionate
and your attitude was completely accepting and tolerant of his dyfferences. You are a true son of Gaia.

I am humbled.

Janny Mae, welcome back! YOU WERE MISSED!!!!


O'Reilly is talking about this story right now. As usual, not one thing about the Bu$Hitler connection.


Well, I will tell you about the BusHitler connection: Chimpy McSchrub engineered the mudslides in Pakistan to rid himself of Osama. He can then tell people that he and Gaia are "like that" and that Mother Gaia Sheehan jumps when he snaps his prehensile digits.

That she is obsessed with him, and will do anything, even wait outside a porta potty for him.


Cricket, if you see this, shoot me an email, please....

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