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Just to keep our records straight, since Rehnquist was killed by Bu$hilter surrogates, is he included in the Bush body count? This is important to those of us in who are in the keepers of odd knowledge society - Herr Bu$h is closing in on William Clinton's record so we need an offical ruling. Thanks you.

Montecore's Revenge

While you certainly make valid points about the plausibility of Shrubya's hit on the erstwhile Chief Justice, never underestimate the evil vision of the "president." After using diabolical puppetmaster Karl Rove's "Weather Dominator" to send a brutal hurricane to target poor blacks in New Orleans, Bush knew he would need an after-the-fact cover. Showing a complete and utter lack of loyalty to one of the men who voted to make Bush president in the first place following the fraudulent "Election" of 2000, Rhenquist was murdered at the behest of GWB.

Now, as the dust settles in the aftermath of Katrina, and the Bush Administration continues its smear campaign against the amazing leadership of Governor Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin, Bush's plan will move to "Phase Two." Namely, the refugees from New Orleans, carrying as-yet undiscovered fatal diseases created by Republican scientists, will move to other cities full of "undesirables," infect them, and, in turn, they will die as well. As this scourge moves across the country, only the wealthiest and/or whitest among us will be able to escape it due to ever-increasing gas prices that benefit Dumbya's friends---both domestic (oil companies) and abroad (Saudi royal family).


The Dread Pirate Roberts leaves no survivors!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

but... but... but... Robert's children are GAY LATINOS! By Gaia, they COULDN'T have... unless, that is, their strings are being pulled by KKKarl Rove...


I wonder how Mary Ann is holding up...she was always my pick over Ginger.

kajun news

Karl Rove sent 100 buses to NOLA to evacuate the poor, black democrats and when all the buses were loaded, they were parked in neat rows, where they would be flooded.

Luckily Sean Penn discovered this devious plan and rescued some of these poor, black, democrats and transported them to Naginians Island, where he left them to sweat and die of starvation while looting Wal-Mart.

They were all arrested and sentenced to the Astrodome by Judge Roberts. Then Bu$hitler sent in a Division of all white troops to guard the rubble.


The subtle style typified by Rehnquist Reichsmarshals has lost its fight with the aggressive 'Faith-based' Inquisitors of the Roberts ilk, and we must prepare for the implications of the change. Gone are the days of CIA-created AIDS viruses which give plausible deniability. The days ahead will see Scarlet-clad inquisitors roaming the streets, coercing 'confessions' and burning witches while Roberts wears the Scarlet Robes of High Inquisitor upon the bench of the Supreme Court. Don't think Abu Gharib and Guantonomo were the military running wild; they were testing grounds for the Roberts vision of justice and the law.


The 'raw schiavos?' Totally brilliant. Don't you see a resemblance to the Addams Family here? We have little Wednesday and Pugsly dancing with glee while Rehnquist
gives up the ghost, and Papa John smiling and telling his wife it will be just a matter of time before she gets to be on the bench as well. All helk will break loose.

And Mary Ann was Rosie's pick as well.

I had a thing for the Professor. But I knew if anyone could seduce him from his beakers and retorts, it would be Lovey Howell, prancing around in her designer pants sets, gloves and jewelry.

She had eyes only for Thurston Magoo.


Its only a matter of time before the The dread Pirate Roberts initiates a complete takeover of the government under the cover of rescuing us from a "quagmire". Perhaps it has been him pulling the strings all along. Once He's positioned in a lifetime appointment as a law maker he won't need to fuss with "elections" and can finally put KKKarl Rove where he belongs;in a mental institution. HaliBURTon...RoBURTs? Coincidence? Not if you have a keen eye like myself it isn't.


Celine Dion should be extradited,expelled, coughed out, tared and feathered for using the word Kayak on Larry King live!

Is she totally unaware of the suffering of the eskim...err...raw fish eaters of the north?

which remind of a song in the movie "Full metal jacket"

I don´t know but I´ve been told,

eskimo pussy is mighty cold!


What do they do with bong water in the greath north?
They use it to make popsicles!

Wilderness Fox

It's all becoming a bit too clear... first Bu$h creates a war to appease the legions of his followers in Helliburton and others throughout the oil industry, then he conjures up a hurricane to eradicate all the law-abiding porn peddlars and the oppressed bruthas and sistas, and NOW he has the Chief Justice killed so he can insert his own minion in his stead. I predict that Bu$h will reanimate Hitler (who, as we all know, is Bu$h's REAL father), appoint him to the Chief Justice position.

It's The Final Final Solution...

Dr. E. Scientist, phD

Read the "Protocols of the Elders of Exxon", people. It's all in there!

Don't stack the court with Johns!

The Democrats in Congress need to stand athwart this brazen power grab, and demand answers to these questions:

1) Shouldn’t one or more of these two vacancies go to womyn (to better balance the court with a proper feminist perspective), rather than to two identically white KKKristian male hegemonists?

2) Are these two Roberts men related to each other (brothers, perhaps?), and if so, does this create the appearance of nepotism on the Court?

3) Should the Supreme Court become a Roberts family-owned enterprise, or should it be more representative of the KKKountry as a whole?


Based on the pictures, I think they're identical twins; I think we need to investigate the strong likelihood that "Mrs." Roberts is a bigamist, since she seems to be married to both of the twin Roberts brothers!


Roberts took a pillow and made the CJ take the big sleep.....Bush had zionist jets drop bombs on the dikes to kill da black folks.....They are "hiding" thousands of bodies in the big easy.....the army is shooting and raping in NO...the rich don't want the poor back in NO...

Thats why I love DU!!!!!!


Roberts snoberts. He's a Rethuglikkkan kkklone. What else do we need to know, Larry?

I wouldn't be surprised if the Pirate Roberts already has thrown in with the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney regime that has so impoverished black progressyves in New Orleans the last 100 years that it has forced them to shoot at emergency personnel and repair crews. Clearly their inner child is crying out for much deserved federal entitlements.

I can see the headlines know at reich-wing FOXNews, "New Orleans Still Harbors Sunni Democrats". How could this happen in Louisiana which has been under uninterrupted Democratic control all these years? Shows you how insidiously evil and powerful Repug neo-kkkons really are, to force their way into a Democratic strongehold and to totally f#%& it up in a matter of days. Damn the Repugs for sending secret SEAL teams to blow up the levees in order to embarass the progressyvly Democratic Governor Blanco and Democratic Mayor Nagin (he needs to be hit on his noggin to get him to shut his piehole because he's digging himself a deeper hole with the kkkonservatively-kkkontrolled media).

We must begin speaking truth to power! Now let's go get some marching orders from


Oh, and isn't it disgusting how hard-hearted and mean-spirited that racist Bu$Hitler is? I mean, here's this compassionate progressyve Democrat Governor Blanco crying, literally crying, before the television cameras pleading with Bush to send in his stormtroopers and save her state.

I'm sure that was a very difficult and emotional thing to do...which might explain why she didn't declare martial law and officially declare the need for federal intervention until five days after Shrubya spawned and the CIA directed hurricane Katrina to directly hit Louisiana.

I agree, it's really shameful that people will besmirch the heroic effort of Mayor Nagin who didn't want to further pollute the environment by using 2000, yes 2000! diesel-belching school and municipal buses to forcibly evacuate poor black Democratic voters. Even Oprah thinks he's a hero! That settles it for me.

Berkeley Bob

And some Rethuglicans say Brother Nagin didn't do his job by evacuating New Orleans before Katrina hit.

Hah! I distinctly heard him say, "Feets, do yore stuff!"

Can't get much plainer than that. Teach on, brother!


libmeister -- Did you know there are various kool-aid drinking blogs that claim that martial law hasn't really been declared? That's why, like 13% of all AmeriKKKans, I come to BlameBush! for all my hard news.


Here's a good talking-point generator:

Wilderness Fox

Brother Nagin, once again, gets the short end of Whitey's stick. All his heroic efforts, and not even a mention as a candidate for the Papacy.

The way I see it, Brother Nagin was whispered in some circles as a possible successor for Pope John Paul II, given that he devoted so much of his life to ending police corruption in New Orleans and strengthening the levee system, only to be thwarted at every turn by the White Slave Mongers in the media and the government, who spread lies that he "wasted the money for strengthening" the levee system on pork projects, and that he "looked the other way" at police corruption.

And Bush, being the Racist White Slave Master he is, got wind of this and had the Pope killed long before this disaster (it was still in the planning stages at this point) could occur, as Bush, having future prediction abilities, foresaw that this Strong Black Man threatened to destroy the stereotypes that AmeriKKKa perpetuates against the Brother Man by calling him (Bush) on his slowness to respond to the plight of the Brothas and Sistas and unite us all in the fight against racism.

So, Bush kills the Pope with plenty of time to spare so that a New White Hater could most assuredly be appointed and thus keep the status quo.

But Bush will pay for his sins, for we the people, united, will bring Brother Nagin to the forefront of The Struggle where he so deservedly belongs.


Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water.

Jill came down with half a crown,
It wasn't for carrying water.


Helloooooo....!?!?!?!?!?!....WAKE UP!!!!!



He's not even frickin' HUMAN!! He's supernachoroll!!...and Gilligan & Wm. Rehnquist knew it!!...hence they went the way of Vince Foster (who was offed by a rethug who tried to frame Queen Hill ya know)


Hmmm, Hurricane hits New Orleans, and floods out thousands of black progressyves.

And the actor who starred in a sitcom about white conservatives on an island paradise without any black people on it dies...

It's all coming together now, ain't it?

Gilligan knew too much to be allowed to live.



CK Kat,

I bet if you convert all of John Roberts name to equivalent Greek letters they would add up to 666! SEE, JOHN ROBERTS IS THE BEAST, BUSH IS THE ANTI-CHRIST AND THE FALSE PROPHET IS KKKARL ROVE.

Now normally I would never make reference to that extremely violent and anachronistic work of fiction called the Bible, but since it advances my conspiracy theory I'll make an exception in this case.

BTW, how's the tinfoil supply up your way? I have a funny feeling the warmongering Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler kkkabal will use the aftermath of hyrrycane Katryna as an excuse to drive up the cost of tinfoil. Better buy now.

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