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"Leave your car idling in the driveway for hours on end"

Or even better advice for angry libs, leave your car idling in the garage and have a niiiice nap.


The self-immolation bit is out - there's a burn ban in the county.

And what the Hell's 'grandiose' about a bunch of German clown-cars going in circles?

spd rdr

I've got 6 kids and 42 cylinders to pledge to the cause.
Please immediately send me 15 $2,000 FEMA emergency credit cards so's I can gas up for the protest. And some Handi-wipes, too.


I think the Bu$Hitler Conspiracy can be found in something akin to The DaVinci Code. Allow me to explain:

C = Cheney, BuShaitan's sidekick
H = Halliburton, an evil empire
E = Enron, hidden funds
V = Vault, where they keep their PetroDollars
Y = You, who are being taken for a ride.

Get it?

RWing Nut

This kind of protest is pointless. Drive the price of gas up and Bush will just give more tax cuts to people who pay taxes. If you make enough money to pay taxes, you are rich.

Sen. Durbin

I just received word from John Edwards, and he has told me that he channeled Mother Earth herself, and that she strongly approves of Larry's plan to deplete her oil and drive up gas prices. Only then will Bu$h's regime of overconsumption and price gouging be eradicated.


I'm driving my full-sized van to Maine this weekend; anybody wanna join me?


"I'm driving my full-sized van to Maine this weekend; anybody wanna join me?"

Sure thing. Let me load up the guns. We have to make sure that this:

is clearly displayed during the trip.


I'm going to attempt to comply with Lar's recommendations. First, I'll pawn my Shinto shrine and donate the proceeds to Bush/Cheney/Haliburton. Then, I'll smoke a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Then, I'll fire up my '72 Olds, fill it up, drive it down to the monster truck rally, guzzle domestic, pony-necked beers, fill it up twice, return home, and fill it up again. Then, I'll go enlist in the army, fly to Iraq, ride around in a CB2000 and kill me some babies. Yee-haw! I gots me one helluva weekend comin' up! Thanks Lar. When I heard Chomstein, I was a plum scared, but you jew-boy college types sure knows how to show a fella a good time!


Spread your commie chung where the sun don't shine you miserable liberal dope smokers!

Don't you know George Bush is the greatest President this country has ever seen?

His intellect is way higher than yours and besides
he cares about the american people. You hate everything America stands for;

Even apple pie!

You scumsuckers. It would serve you right if he outlawed every political party except the righteous republican party. The party of true family, american values is the party of Bush.

I hope he stops the 2008 election due to national security reasons (the democrats have no chance of winning anything except the order of Lenin)
and declares himself permanent President.

That way all the people will know that he values the american ideal. He stands for something!!!!


Self-immolation? As a progressive, and supporter of Michael Moore's Revolutionaries and Minutemen®, the only bodies I care to see burned are those of American contractors in Iraq. However, I'll gladly immolate a pile of American flags in my driveway.

Don't question my patriotism, either. Dissent is the strongest show of support for democracy.


I'd like to help waste gas, Larry, but my pickup is a diesel. Diesel is already more expensive than premium unleaded, so I guess I'm way ahead of the activism curve.


Oh my god!

Now you are talking Michael Moore?

Who says the 1st amendment was intended for people who hate america. The constitution is for americans who want to help this country, not people who just want to criticise the commander-in-chief! We are at war. That means you support the president without asking him questions or other such socialist stuff like that


Spread your commie chung where the sun don't shine you miserable liberal dope smokers!

I'm sure Pol Pothead will agree with me when I say that smoking dope liberaly is every patriotic americans duty. Its Fascist, Jingoist, mentally challenged and peniacly horizontaly stunted people such as yourself that must resort to name calling to get a point across. While it may be a fact that George Bushitler is the worst president we've had in the last 6 years it is equally a proven fact that 90% of Americans disaprove of his administration. 10,000 dead black people in new orleans can't be wrong and in 2008 they'll make there displeasure known.


Syccophantico: The constitution is for americans who want to help this country, not people who just want to criticise the commander-in-chief!

The Constitution is not some unchangable, written-in-parchment-with-the-blood-of-slaves, set of firm rules. It is a living, breathing, wine-me-dine-me, good-time-Sally guideline that sways with the winds of pop culture like the mighty wicker. If the current political culture is ripe for it, the Constitution guarantees our right to criticize anyone who disagrees with us, without the fear or humilitation of intelligent, fact-based rebuttal.

The founding mothers and fathers wrote it in such a way that it would unwaveringly guarantee rights for things they forgot to mention, (Like abortion, death with dignity, gay marriage, and medicinal marijuana.), while allowing room to obliterate the things they specifically put in it as a footnote (Like the right to bear bazookas and nucyular-tipped shotguns for hunting, the right to acknowlege an oppressive diety, and property rights.).


Che and southpaw;

I'm sorry. I thought ironic humor was the point here. You mean these people are actually criticizing Bush?





For Gaia's sake, if we're going to drive the Shrub out of office, let's not use an SUV. Our progressyve friends at the Sierra Club are getting enough grief showing up at news conferences in their shiny new SUVs.

Doesn't Tom DeLay look like that creepy "uncle" you used to have that gave you Xmas presents every year? And then you find out that's the guy she's been sleeping with when daddy was away at the union meeting. But I guess I couldn't be too judgmental when I found out my progressyve daddy was cavorting with his progressyve secretary at those "union meetings".

Georgia Home Boy


Your revolutionary action is quite commendable. However, I would definitely recommend Triptone or Dramamine for your circuitous jont--and definitely lay off the shrooms and tequilia temporarily. Also, you might want to get some duct tape to hold the wheel at starboard. Do you have a an all-organic, post-industrial hardware co-op near you?

David Brock's Cabana Boy

I would like to submit an entry for your Blog of The Week contest. While it's not technically a blog, Mr. Jackson's tireless work for the Kucinich campaign, and in exposing the Bush junta's use of such mind control techniques as suggestive coughing deserves recognition. How many times have you walked out of your farm collective after several bowls of indica and noticed something like a dead bird or fallen branch that seemed strangely out of place outdoors? Don't shrug it off--it's a Rove mind trick!


I am working on creating a gasoline powered bicycle so that I can drive Bu$Hitler out of office while maintaining my Gaia-friendly mode of travel. Plus, I think chicks will dig it.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

After an hour of meditation upon the vibrations of the energy crystals I used to commune with GaiaEarthMother, I have learned that She is willing to undergo some personal harm now, for the benefit of being Chimpy McDumbya free in the long run. That's right. We're talking oil spills. I just got off the phone with my friends in the Mayhem community, and they have agreed to seize control of a few oil takers and run them aground, in order to drive up the price of OIL. We'll try to avoid contaminating any areas of pristine wildlife. I think our best plan is to beach them on the shores of red states, where all the aquatic birds are already living in the toxic sludge of the HALLIBURTON hegemony. The Army of the Twelve Monkeys Did This!


Look, the Constitution is a living document that means whatever a majority of nine people in black robes says it means ... well only if they are a progressyve majority otherwise we get to bitch as much as we want.

Like Che said, the Constitution protects such rights like abortion, communist sympathizers who want to undermine America, atheists who hate Christians and anything that smacks of religion, gay-bi/sexual marriage, religious use of psychotropic mushrooms, euthanasia, and the right to drive as fast as we want, so its merely left to SC judges to discover and enshrine those rights even though our Neanderthal founders would have tarred and feathered those who suggested such things. So we may as well enjoy them now.

And despite the fact the Constitution and the Bill of Rights speaks of freedom of religion we now understand that to mean freedom from religion (particularly since progressyve atheists claim their irreligious faith is not a religion). And thought the Constitution may explicitly mention the death penalty, property rights, and stuff about keeping and bearing firearms, progressyve judges can appeal to the great oracle of global opinion and discover a principle of harmonic convergence which trumps the so-called individual right to a firearm, for example. Forget founding opinion, what did they know of the modern world?

Just remember this axiom: Don't think too hard about it or else it will stop making sense. It works for me every time.


Vishnu, Please run a tanker aground on one of the pristine beaches of Idaho. It's a red state, and I need to fill up for the weekend. And have the crew wash my windshield and check my tires.

Libmeister, I couldn't have said it better without a couple bong hits myself. If only people paid more attention to the undeniable truths of Hystory class, they'd know:

Lewiss and KKKlarKKK were sent west to spread smallpox to the indigin, endigenis, native people of N. America, and to steal that land from Mexico, which was a bad thing; The Spanish influence on the New World was one of tolerance, civility, and sunshine beaming from all orifices of the body.

The "Iron Curtain" was actually a white picket fence put up to keep people out. For years AmeriKKKans had drunkenly trampled onto the Soviets' pristine lawn, urinated in the bushes, arranged the garden gnomes in obscene positions, and stolen the morning edition of Pravda off the doorstep. When Reagan bulldozed the fence, thousands of Pravda reporters found themselves unemployed, and would have starved to death had the N.Y. Times not hired them.

Abu Fousa

About joining the drive,

Today a liter of gas here in quebec is 1.24$ CAN

And a liter is equal to .2199692 gallons...
but wait, Canadian gallons are in fact UK gallons and are different than US gallons:

One UK gallon is equal to 1.2009499 US gallon.

And the curency exchange rate today is
1 $ US = 1.17132 $ Can

So .2199692 x 1.2009499
divided by 1.24... no multiplied by 1.17132... no...div...multip...

Ah never mind!

I'll just stay home and drink a liter of beer while breathing gas fumes...

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