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One of the evil neocons House Speaker Dennis Hastert, has suggested that New Orleans should be rebuilt elsewhere. It all makes sense now. This is a plot to do away with Mardi gras.

planned obselence

Cr'q't, maybe they told her use aspirin for birth control.It works if you take one and hold it between your knees.

Evil Sith Lord Darth Melvin

My band was on stage a cuople of weeks ago, when our lead guitarist's amp just fizzled. We are close enough to Washington DC that it could have only been caused by Sith Lord Darth Rove. I guess we were playing a song he didn;t like and he heard about it while accessing mind control of some of the club's patrons.

Liberal Larry

I can't say I disagree with Hastert. Why not rebuild New Orleans on higher ground, like somewhere in Colorado, perhaps? There's nothing like the Rockies in the middle of February. With a slightly revamped Mardi Gras, the city of Even-Newer Orleans could compete with Aspen for tourist dollars.


I love this site. Please post daily.

Damian G.

Bush was raised Episcopalian, but then he became a Methodist.


Actually, I could go for some meth about now...


Why would the Sith Lord Rove have it in for the Evil Sith Lord? Aren't y'all on the same sheet of music?
Or are you more Evil than Rove?

Inquiring minds...


I saw on huffington post that Randell Robinson tell us that black folks are eating the dead just to survive!! This is an outrage! let's think about it. Most of the dead are black....That means they are eating black people!! I demand that white dead people be flown in to be eaten by these noble, proud's only fair. we could start with the bush twins. why are we not asking why none of the bush kids did not die in this hurricane? so much for the "lib" press!

Now they want to send in our troops to shoot those poor kids that are only trying to feed their kids. I only hope they let them finish raping someone before they murder them in cold blood..(They should be handing out condoms to them) Notice that they are used to killing iraqi kids so they won't have a problem killing kids here..

You guys are so far off on who's behind this...put two and two together... we asked Israel to get out of gaza...they do..A week later this happens...if you can't get it let me spell it out for you.. T-H-E J-E-W-S D-I-D T-H-I-S!!!!!!


Blessed Be. Gaia is on the move across the face of the Dark Nation. During meditation this morn She spoke to me. Her Fury is unabated, her Vengeance is full. You cannot flee the wrath of Gaia! Katrina was a foretaste of the final Battle for the soul of the Planet!
Have fear, you dirty little humans. Your pathetic, blind allegiance to the evil bush will be your End! Gaia sees all, knows all. You cannot escape Her or Her righteous anger! Peace.


Mardi Gras + Colorado + Febuary = RT

I like this idea Larry.


Aspirin, huh? I'd try that, but I am past the Age of Childbearing.

Sen. Durbin

The Commander in Chimp cannot escape what he has done. He cannot escape the human toll we pay so that he can enrich his oil cronies. He cannot escape the chaos of his hurricane, which was sent by him to New Orleans just in time to wipe America's Mom Cindy Sheehan off the front pages. But we will not forget. We will not forget the Downing Street Memo, Plamegate, Iraqgate, 9/11gate, Halliburtongate, Enrongate, Swiftboatgate, Floridagate, Debategate (that box on his back), or his coke and bourbon-fueled sexcapades with Jeff Gannon. This is just one more scandal, costing thousands of progressive lives. But killing people will not work to cover up the corruption of this administration. If we forget the other scandals, then Chimpy has won.

CK Ditzy ChiCat

What I wanna know is why the HELK did the Imperialistic Shrubdanista Admenstruation NOT call on France for counsel on how to deal with this whole mess, Especially THE FRENCH QUARTERS...HELLOOOOO....
Is it not a part of FRANCE???

And now the warmongrels say "The Cavalry Is Here"....Always warmongrelling....Where'sOprah? And where are the counselors with the white flags to find out why the snipers and looters are doing what they're doing?

With all the soldiers dying in the so-called War On Terror, and the Evil Genius Dumbya refusing to meet with Mother Sheehan only galvanizing our solidarity in saying Bush is Bad...The worse things (hopefully--- [Oops, did I say that?]) get in the Gulf Coast as a result of Katrina, the more it steels our argument that Bush is the #1 terrorist!

Is this not one of the best things, since dead soldiers, to happen to the liberal...err...progressyve cause??...[oops, did I say that, too?]


Oooo...Professym-Pastor Larry has this prescient vibe thing going on. I just saw one of those "Faux-to Ops" of Bushitlers where he certainly wasn't gonna waste it on whitey, so he's like double hugging a woman of color and her crying daughter. Well no wonder the daughter's crying, it looks like the blood sucking VamPireesident just bit her momma on the neck!!

The Righties have revealed their true NO COMPASSION colors with this hurricane, too!

Mother Sidney Bansheehen



Bush was raised Episcopalian, but then he became a Methodist.


It's all becoming clear now. After spending the 70's dodging the draft and snorting shrooms, Chimpy checked himself into a methodone clinic and came out a Methodist.

So if I were to go to the free clinic and get something cleared up (hypothetically speaking, of course), would I come out a Freemason?



If you went into a Free clinic (hypothetically speaking) to get an STD cleared up, you'd come out an FTD and smelling like a rose.
You're welcome.....

Talking Toaster

Why not rebuild New Orleans on higher ground, like somewhere in Colorado, perhaps? With a slightly revamped Mardi Gras, the city of Even-Newer Orleans could compete with Aspen for tourist dollars. -Larry


Your on to something. But, is not that Indian country? Ward Churchill's rocky mountain high and art emporium.

With Ward "1/16th Indian" Churchill puffing on the "peace pipe," speaking truth to power while leading his own Mardi Gras parade - it just might beat out Aspen for tourist dollars.

At this very moment Ward is probably working on scholarly paper about "little Eichmanns" a roosting chickens blowing around in the wind (This must have something to do with 'Bush's Bloody Black Gold Democrat Killing Hurricane').

btw Cr'Q'T some of your post are really good.

Ragin' Cajun

I cannot believe what the government is doing to my people - feeding us MREs when we are used to classic Cajun food. These MRe's are not even warm - and the sizes are so small - my aunt needs at least twice the amount for her midmorning snack. The help is too late and WAY too little - Chef Paul should be doing the cookin' at the least. We're owed that much!!! And this was Bu$h's chance to buy our votes and he's blown it forever.

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Episcopalians..

Well, he should go back to Episcopalia then...

I heard that.

Robert O.

Thank you for telling the truth about the so called "liberal" media. The media is run by corporations that love Republicans and make jet engines for planes which bomb the innocent and oppressed.

Had Bill Clinton still been President, I believe his depth of caring for oppressed black folks would have traveled the astral planes and caused the storm to turn around, or at least to miss N.O. and smash into Tom Delay's congressional district instead.

Static Brain

Nick posted "'why he wipped out new orleans and killed so many black people' ... ok even if this was remotely true ... the fact that someone can control hurricanes ... wow ... that's some great power you're attributing to bush ... you really think he's THAT godlike??..."

Gee Nick do you realize that Bush does have the power to control the weather? Would you like more information on that? How about this then:

I am leaning on the fence here wondering if our government caused the hurricane and killed all those people. See an earlier article I wrote on the issue of weather modification for warfare.

An excerpt of that article follows:
The Department of Defence (DoD) has figured out how to modify the weather. They say they plan to use this in warfare, " to enhance friendly force capabilities and degrade those of the adversary." I can see with every thing else they are up to how it could be used in much more sinister ways. I heard the military had the capability to do this, and was experimenting here in the U.S.A. I was told they were causing hurricanes, drought, earthquakes, floods, and forest fires, among other things. I refused to believe it, until I found the information on an Air Force site.


Oh my! If you plan on visiting the static brain blog...DON'T DRINK THE BROWN KOOL-AID!!!
The kool-aid induced paranoia WILL destroy ya!

Talking Toaster

It's official. Bush's hurricane has killed "Thousands" of democratic voters.

Worse, Bush's has begun his sinister covert operation to kill the remaining democratic voters under the guise of providing "security" via Bush's Brown Shirts at the National Guard and Army Reserve. Although 8,000 democrats have gunned by Bush's Brown Shirts the number will surely climb (or is it eight - whatever). It will be impossible to assess how many democrat voters will be gunned down because as Liberal Larry has noted the bodies will be concealed in sand bags.

For the love of Gaia, when will Michael Moore escape for the Fascist Fat Camp and report this democratic Holocaust that is now taking place. Come on Michael! Surely, you can break free of the Prinkkkin Prison!


Now it's pretty clear where Bush was during that time when he was AWOL from the National Guard. He was learning how to MAKE hurricanes. And when he was presumably on "vacation" in Crawford, he was actually flying his Jet Plane out over the Atlantic, seeding the baby hurricane with Special Stuff to turn it into a Blue State Killer. But because he's such a Imbecile (IQ 40-59)instead of a Moron (IQ 60-79)like me, it all Backfired, and he Misprogrammed it to smash into a Red State instead. Ha ha ha. Plus, drinking blood out of a Skull is Really Dumb, on account of the leaky eyeholes.

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