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I love your site. You have a great sense of humor, and the comments are funny too. Thank you for entertaining me!


Isn't September 1 the opening of bird hunting season in Louisiana? Those ignorant red-necked Bu$h backing southerners have probabaly never heard of a helicopter, little on seen one before. No wonder they are shooting at them! If they bag one, how do they expect to cook it anyway with no electricity or gas? Barbecued helicopter is tough, with an avaiation fuel after taste. It has to be baked slowly in a temperature controlled oven. You haven't lived until you have tasted slow roasted helicopter with rotor gravey.

Notice how they are evacuating Democrat party base voters. Soon all that will be left in New Orleans is looters and thugs, IOW RepubliKKKans. Bush isn't going there to tour the disaster, he is checking up on the cleansing. Today it's New Orleans, tomorrow it's the rest of the country.

I've never laughed out loud like this on a political site. This is too f'n funny.


Talking Toaster, I love about 99% of the comments here unless they out themselves as Rethugs who are humor impaired.

Yours are great.


Nick wrote - "He doesn't drink blood! He trades it for oil!!!"

God, I wish that was effing true, I'd drain a quart of my mothers blood to pay $2 bucks a gallon again. Actually, do think we could actually start doing it............. really.

Gold Fever

"...I'd drain a quart of my mothers blood to pay $2 bucks a gallon again..."
That's terrible, do you think Bush can do something to stop this mess?

William Elliott

We have always trashed presidents. For over 100 years America has been pro-peace. Woodrow Wilson, a democrat vowed to keep the US out of WWI. That only worked for his election. FDR, using a similar isolationist policy, won re-election the '40's. In 1941 we were attacked by the Japanese. Isolationism went away and FDR was elected to anpresedented 3rd term in office. Truman and Eisenhower were the achitects of the cold war with the USSR. We had nukes and so did they, but they thought it was better to have more powerful and more plentiful nukes than the soviets. Kennedy faced off with Kruschchov. I must admit, there is not much I didn't like about his presidency. Johnson micro managed VietNam to the point of diabling the men on the field, but his policy on civil right was awesome. Nixon was a liar and a cheat. Ford was incompetant. Carter, Carter, Carter, was he really president? I thought he was more of a UN type of guy with the Israel/Egypt thing. Reagan spent too much money, but in doing so he broke the fiancial back of the USSR, and thus ended the cold war. Clinton was a very diplomatic and charmimg president. At least his interns thought so. Bush was faced with WW3 when the towers were hit. How long had he been in office at the time? Could you step in and do a better job? He was re-elected. How many 2 term presidents have there been? Another reminder.... Initially when this country began, the continental congress wanted to make George Washington the King of the US. Get OVER IT. The next president will be just as unsavoury as the last 5. VOTE and quite bitching.


I am so ashamed that I wasted my vote on a piece of crap like george warmonger bush. It is clear that the last three presidents produced by the republican party were nothing more then corrupt people who were only the rich man's rich man. There is a very special dark place in hell for these people who have manipulated the stupidity and one dimensional voting habits of the religeous right wing of this nation to sieze political power. I never thought I'd see the day when it was actually embarrasing to be counted as a Christian in this country but Bush and his cult of blood known as the religious right wing have given all real true Christians a bad name. To those of you who are stupid enough to support bush and his daddy cheney...enjoy the blood of innocent people that you have on your hands. Its going to be there for a very very long time. I'll never make the mistake of voting republican again. Thanks for all the corrupt memories GOP...I'm now a Democrat.


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