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IS THERE NO JUSTICE! Bu$Hitler hates tribbles? How despicable can a Rethuglikkkan get?


RWing Nut,

You make an excellent point about using the Carnival Cruise Line ships. It cheapens the whole New Orleans debacle by suggesting it was only a carnival. And we also know the infamous "carnie" was nothing more than a bigotted, white trash red-neck with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth...and he probably had a shotgun under the counter, too. Just like the Shrub to suggest using Carnival ships which were probably paid for by all the oil we stole from Iraq. Someone ought to check out Shrub's and Cheney's stock portfolios and see if they have any stock in that cruise line. Stinking warmongrel capitalists.


And Kathy Lee Gifford is the spokesmodel for Carnival.
She trolls her third world manufactured merchandise at Wal-Mart.

Yep. It is a conspiracy.


Talk about your bias. The refugees are refusing to go to Utah because of what they have heard about the Mormon Tabernacle choir. They think Salt Lake City is dangerous and that Provo is waiting to swallow them alive.

NO is awash in rape gangs and gang fights, with the National Guard restoring order bit by bit and they are more afraid of Mormons than they are of their own city.

I wonder if Brigham Young has been told.


No response to my earlier rebuke for slandering the High Priestess of Peace, Mother ban Sheehan?? Chicken!!!

If "they" were to re-locate NO to Utah, would Bourbon Street be renamed Postum Street? It was several years ago I saw the debauchery of NO already infiltrating Utah when I came across a Starbucks at the Salt Lake airport!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH????

kajun news

This Just In

NOLA Pfrench 1/4 to move to Provo Utah.

Bourbon Street to be re-named: "Scenic Southern Cider Saloon Boulevard.


Yo, yo, yo, click on the Audio Icon, phresh!!!


" eye wuz ate befor i wuz sevn. "

Tell me more Flowergirl.


Bush4ever you forgot canadians... like Colin Powell did after 9/11

Where IS Colin Powell ? Did he drown in New Orleans ?


Cindy Sheehan ?



Bush4ever, that FEMA rap is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire adult life.... next to Al Sharpton smearing feces on his belly of course.


Coo coo kachoo (Gesundheit!) Mr. Robinson...



I do the plumbing 'round here, and lemme tell YOU...ain't NOBODY gonna eat NOBODY else.

And that's FINAL!

Do you know what human-poo does to the pipes? Gads!

Any more of that kooky-talk, and I'm goin' to the Yoo-nyun.



Once again, seemingly logical BlameBushers like libmeister have shown that they've fallen for the meme being spread by Bush-apologist at DU that everything the administration does is to aid Halliburton. Clearly, the corporation controlling this mal-administration is Bush's old employer, Major League Baseball. Isn't it a little surprising that the hurricane hit a city which has both professional football and basketball teams, but not a professional baseball team? Maybe someone was trying to send the city leaders a message? Hmmm?


Isn't it nice how FEMA spent tax $$$ on a Rap? Gosh darn, it must be swell to have that Magic Money Pit that you can just reach into and spend on frivolous things.


I see now where a fire and stampede at an Egyptian theater killed 29 innocent Muslims. That damn Bu$Hitler is at it again, murdering Muslims. RACIST!


Your right about the MLB angle, Bubblehead! How could I have been so blind? I better get my tinfoil hat checked out.

Menstrual Rainbow

Now that I've given it some though, the MLB angle is obvious. They've invented a sport that reqiers a very particular type of stadium to be built, now I'm betting that when we look at the dimensions of their stadiums we will see that they in fact have a dual purpose as satanic temples which will become abundantly clear over time-

One can quite easily imagine BushHitler carrying out a bloody progressive sacrifice on third base as 50000 souless repugs cackle manicly.


There is a Starbucks at SLC airport? The depravity.
They might try to 'connect' with the NO people by renaming Bourbon Street 'Dixie Wine Way,' but that would be the extent of it.

Willie Nelson

Let's re-name Bourbon Street to Whiskey River.

RWing Nut

Yesterday, during the holiday provided by unionized labor, I took a short break from listening to Air America continuing the important work of blaming Bu$h (thank Gaia for the generous contribution from the Boys and Girls Club treasury that keeps them on the air) to surf around the radio dial searching for the comical Katrina excuses of the reich-wingers. The neocon hate mongers were all a flutter with calls for donations to help the victims of Bu$h's storm.

Notice how most of these relief centers are in churches! It's just Bu$h's subsidy of faith-based charity redux. Everyone with half a brain knows that once those poor refugees are forced into the churches they'll be exposed to Christian brain washing techniques like prayer. But, requiring half a brain excludes the neocons on hate monger radio. Rush even admits that half of his brain is tied behind his back.

Fortunately I escaped back to Airhead America before I did something silly like donate to charity and feel good about myself. Instead I renewed my feelings of white guilt and Bu$h loathing.


Now I'm TOTALLY P. O'd at Bush. If you thought he was CoMussolini in ChiefCeausescu Bushitler before........wait'll you hear THIS???

I mentioned to you Sunday how---outside of his obvious immoral and illegal hurricane--that he went and killed William Rehnquist and put Jacques ChIraq in the hospital [all in the same weekend!!!].....well is unthinkable).... The Shrub has gone and killed GILLIGAN! I s'pose that was delayed payback for him always bungling up the rescue of Thurston and Mrs. Howell (some of Bushes richest 1% Hallibuddies!!)

Boy, send George Walker Stalin on vacation to where the Mother Cindy/Priestess of Peace & her Doves serenade him day in and day out and THIS is the outcome?????....

Where is Poppa Saddam when you need a reassuring hug?


Little buddy... rest in peace. We will avenge you!

USS Jimmy Carter

I hope the skipper doesn't suck the brains out of Gilligan's head. Now, Ginger Yes, Mary Ann Yes, Lovey, no way.

USS Jimmy Carter

Uhh, Larry,

I got more bad news, worse news than the 2.5% votes you got in the last web log vote for best satire site.

I checked out Robinson's post you linked and he retracted the whole canibal thing. Seems like someone made up the whole story.

I'll be under the sink with draino if you need me.

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