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The devil-whites of the Donner Party took weeks before they resorted to cannibalism, but they had the genetic engineering of Yakub and the power of whitey hate to fill their bellies. The inner-city victims of Bush's hurricane have none of those things, and they've done only what Mr. Robinson or any other non-racist could've expected.

Fight the power!

Damian G.

Barney shares his thoughts on how the various races taste:

Talking Toaster

Why blacks, Mr. Robinson? Why not whites? Why not the Hispanics? Or the Koreans?
-Lawrence Z. Chomstein

Why not the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? They are constantly targeting Muslims and other minorities for extinction and probably eating the remains (although there is there is little proof - but that's beside the point). Don't be such a Racist Mr. Robinson. Blame it all on White Males - especially Bush!


I read his book "what am amerikkka owes blacks....." "so, pay up now mother-fucker"

and he was dead on about race in this hate- filled,evil nation....It's so bad that he lives on a island! (not cuba)

I just wished he could find more time to blame all of the problems on the jews. The white man is bad enough, but we all know that they are behind all the bad things in the world.(before some hate-filled repug says I'm evil, I'd like to go on record that I love the jews that live in new york city and vote dem.I just dislike the ones that say it's god's will all the time)


Randall Robinson's article in Essence magazine, "Why Black Cuba is Suffering," serves to introduce TransAfrica's Cuba Report and is a part of TransAfrica's media campaign on Cuba. This Cuba Report is having its impact on the Cuba debate in the US. It can be used by community groups, churches, and activists to raise consciousness around the issue.

"Tragically, the impact of the US embargo has affected most acutely Afro-Cubans, women, children, and the poor." - Cuba Report

"African Americans have a promise of home in Cuba that they never dreamed of a country that recognizes the blood and sweat of the black folks that built it. Cuba at least accepts that there is history beyond Europe; that Africa has also been a partner in raising the new world." - Walter Mosley, Cuba Report

As someone who travels all over the United States talking to young people about their future, it was moving to visit the high school in Havana . . . to see all those young, bright, eager faces and to hear them say confidently what they want to become . . . The black girl wanted to become a doctor, the other a nuclear physicist, the third also a doctor... I compare those responses, their visions of themselves to what I hear in inner city schools . . . - Danny Glover, Cuba Report


I wish there were a word stronger than "brilliant."



I remember all those folks on tv telling us about it was a nice, blissfull way to die from hunger and thirst (ie,schivo) so the people that are on the rooftops should be filled with bliss in the next few days as death creeps up on them. And bu$h-hitler is going to rob them of this great feeling? DAMM HIM!!!!


Moonchild, Your Yakub link got me thinking ; today's American pop music that we listen to on CDs came from blues music that was on vinyl records.

CDs dominate the market, and vinyls are strugling to survive.

CDs are pale and vinyl albums are black...COINCIDENCE?

Stop the impression!

Stop the oppression!


Stop picking on Bush!!!! Stop blaming him for everything!!!


It's been reported that I had wild steamy monkey sex with Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova last night... since it's been reported, it must be true!

Ragin' Cajun

If the alternative is MREs, eating a brother is OK - after all they'll just go to waste.

Ragin' Cajun

If the alternative is MREs, eating a brother is OK - after all they'll just go to waste. Plus, there is just not enough to eat in a MRE, and they serve 'em cold!!


"But my eyebrows quivered with anger....."

YEA!!!...Lar's sexy eyebrows finally grew back after more than a few under the sink firey explosions!!

Oh & on the previous thread you who were pitching for Mardi Gras in Colorado....NOOOOO!!!
I friggin' live in C. Springs and I don't want Bush sending us a friggin' illegal, immoral hurricane like he did New Orleans/Gulf Coast! What about like Nebraska or Siberia? Both could use some excitement.

Barbara BoxEater

You Stupid Assholes.

Did you see Jew W Bush hugging Cunnilingus Rice's nieces on TV?
That was more staged than Sanford and Son.

You shit head republicans will pay dearly. I just have to find some AmeriKKKan hating terrorist group to back me. I think the ACLU is on it.

Barbara BoxEater

Bush4ever....You are nothing more than a homo-phobe.

I clicked "Hillary is a Lesbian" and I got nothing.

You at least owe me a reach around.

Dr. E. Scientist, phD.

I must confess that I was in a survival situation in which I was forced to eat human flesh to survive. Or at least I thought I was; colour me embarassed when I found out that the only reason that the elevator was stuck between floors was that I had acidentally pressed the stop button. My bad.

The investment banker whose leg I cut off was a really poor sport, especially when I "fixed" the elevator ten minutes later.

He was an absolute pissy bitch when I took a doggie bag.

Anyhoo, whitey tastes like chicken,


Homophobe? I ain't 'fraid of no queers. Hell, I even keep work gloves handy so, if they get touchy-feely with me, I can knock 'em out without getting their disease-ridden blood on my hands. Scroll down that page, BoxEater, and you find the Hildebeast Is A CarpetMuncher section. As for that reacharound thing? The only things I reacharound for are a cold beer when it's behind something else and to put my hands on ladies' big boobs.

Son of the South ©

Thanks Larry:

The post by Robinson was the most degenerate post I've ever seen on a blog. Beyond the pale doesn't begin to explain the vileness and sickness this supreme race-baiting episode delivers.

Enough is enough. Thanks for taking this punk to task.

Son of the South ©


I saw it on the internet, too. Congratulations!!!!



Hasn't anyone seen this connection? It's obvious that Bush hates blacks (he's a republican), and he's taking so much heat from the nobile messiah Cindy Sheehan, what better way to kill two birds with one stone? By invoking the powers of archdemon KKKarl Rove to stir up the ungodly storms of wrath, Bush was able to kill blacks *and* get people to stop noticing poor Cindy.

I can't believe none of these repug KKKfascists are picking up this, it's so obvious.

Simone Garfarkle

Gaia bless you please, Mr. Robinson.
Houston holds a place for those Bush hates. Hey-Hey-HATES!

And here's to you, Mr. Robinson: Jesse loves you more than Sharpton knows..Ho' Ho' Ho'
Ho' Ho' Ho'....


"AS a naval officer I abhor the implication that the Royal Navy is a haven for cannibalism. It is well known that we now have the problem relatively under control, and that it is the RAF who now suffer the largest casualties in this area. And what do you think the Argylls ate in Aden? Arabs?

Yours, etc., Captain B.J. Smethwick in a white wine sauce with shallots, mushrooms and garlic."

"I wish you'd all stop bickering and eat me."

- - Monty Python


This calamity illustrates even more apartheid hatred directed toward our oppressed brothers and sisters in NO.

Are USDA inspectors inspecting and grading these corpses before they are being eaten? I don't think SO!

And once the apartheid beauracracy moves in, they'll establish some sort of production council and we'll have to endure more annoying commercials during Oprah, like the ones about California cheese or beef or pork:

"Raw sewage-oil slick-flood water-marinated corpses, it's whats for dinner!"

I believe "the other white meat" is already spoken for.

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Black Men On the LowDown..

"I WAS BORN in 1941, but my black soul is much older than that..."

Yeah. Must be at least 45 or 46. Positively ancient.

What a lunatic.

Cozzzmic Baby Groovy Earth Goddess

The REAL reason Chimpy McHitlerburton sent armed troops in is, of course, to shoot those remaining black folk who survived his illegal, immoral (whatever that means ... I copied it from DU) ill-considered hurricane. Look out, fascist warmonger mercenaries, a few are getting away!!!

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