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USS Jimmy Carter,
You fascist!....Are you hinting at the Proffesym owing an "apology"??

Michael Moore made up Fahrenheit 911, but do you think he owes ANYONE an apology for his "Truthier Truth" sucumenta..err...
documentary? Heil NO!!

Of course Gaia Bless Him Please, Mr. Robinson retracted it....KKKarl Roving hitman Bushitler gave him an the tip of a silencer!

kajun news

Michael Jackson has filled his bedroom to capacity with young (male) refugees, that were recovered by Sean Penn over the weekend.


CK Cat,

And if the truth be told, Bu$Hitler also killed the Skipper some years ago. IS THERE NO JUSTICE?

As every progressyve should know by now, "Gilligan's Island" was a metaphor condemning the evil of the coming Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler kkkabal as well as the attendant evil military industrial complex. Clearly Gilligan was trying to channel to us the need to "get back to nature" and the simple things of life like coconut-powered radios and solar clothes drier (clothes-pins not included).

But my question to every drumbeating, testosterone-driven warmonger is this: Mary Ann or Ginger?


I'm still upset at how the BFEE, in control of Hollywood since the 1930s, forced Bob Denver to play such a pitiful example of a "Sailor". As everyone knows, a real Sailor would have forgotten about getting rescued, and would have been working at getting Mary Anne and Ginger out behind the huts for a ménage-à-trois (which is French for "nuturing and cuddling", I'm pretty sure).


Mary Ann



Do you think any self-respecting progressyve could ever elect a man whose name rhymes with "Pootin'" - even if he were a liberal socialist?

Gaia, I think I've just lost my appetite.


Thanks for providing this hilarious blog site! It's more fun than The Onion!

Good thing you're not serious! If you were, I'd think you were nuts (or a faculty member at Evergreen State College)


Gavin Newsome

".....Mary Ann or Ginger?"

Oh no way on either of those, sister-bitch- girlfriend-libmeister sister-mister....Gimme the HOT professor....

Barbara BoxEater

Labiameister. You asshole. You are a tansgaylesbi-aphobe.

Did it ever occur to you that Ginger and Mary Ann were committed life partners and were not meant to be ceremoniously raped by the male phallic.

I would think that it would be enough to watch these two hot, committed lovers, embrace in a way that only someone with the same sex organs can understand.

And since you asked I would have kinky Headhunter sex with Ginger while Mary Ann works the coconut-powered camera.

Hillary picks Mary Ann. She says she
likes the deep, dark Bush.


The Onion? Are we being compared to the Onion? Makes me want to cry in frustration. The Onion is clearly a neo-kkkon attempt to discredit the notion there are rational minds on the side of progressyve thought.

BTW, just heard a very nasty joke from a KKKhristian kkkonservative: "If all those who were Republican-in-name only were to become Democrats, it would improve the IQs of both political parties." Wasn't that simply mean-spirited, even for a Rethuglikkkan?


libmesiter, you are a Holy Terror. I am going to issue a fatchick against you. I laughed until I nearly had asthma. I don't have an inhaler, thanks be to Bush.


Rofl, these alway's predictable race warelords & publicity whores are always the same. Their sheep ( followers ) are the fun part.
When I was young, I watched cartoons for fun & laughter. Nowadays, people who feel victimized ( actually they are victims of their own INSANITY )
From as Libertarian here, you " sheep " live in the BEST country you will EVER live in. So, get over your poor poor is me attitude & grow up. Then maybe white Liberals will stop treating you like special ed. students, or better yet, like the last kid picked on the team.( he doesent count, he isnt good enough )

Study Frederick Douglas in contrast with William Dubois, then get back with me. I doubt very much so that you will. You'd rather watch TV or go hang out.

charles austin

And here's to you, Mr. Robinson,
Bush has forgotten more than you will know (woe, woe, woe)
God bless you please, Mr. Robinson,
Heaven holds a place for those that hate.
Hey hey hate.
Hey hey hate.

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