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I just want to know one thing: white wine or red?


Red meat = red wine.
Chicken, fish = white wine.

I'm thinking red, but I defer to anyone who may be an oenophile!


WHAT THE HELK kind of scheming & planning was Bushitler (& KKKarl Roving Fasicisterrorist) doing on his "vacation"?????. He carried out his illegal and immoral Hurricane against the Gulf Coast (not enough "red" there???), then he puts Jacque ChIraq in the hospital and now he's gone and killed Chief Justice Rehnquist!?!?!?!?!?!? Has the Shrub gone abso-freakin;-lutely MAD??? (madder, anyway!)

Mother Cindy banShee-Hen campin' out in Crawford musta REALLY "peaced" him off!!!!


Oh, ho, ho!! Wait until Bu$Hitler Chimpy McSmurkFace gets a load of the Progressive Protesters who will gather outside of The Off-White House during the week because they have no jobs and it's all his fault!! They'll make him rue the day he was born as they shout out such creative chants as:
What do we want? JUSTICE!!!
When do we want it? NOW!!


Hey Hey Ho Ho
Bush has got to go
Ho Ho Hey Hey
Impeach The Chimp today

Man, I wish we could all see his smirking, arrogant, chimp face when these chants make him realize that his days in office are numbered.


Wasn't it Bu$Hitler who said: “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti”?

I'm sure it was, and if not, he should have.

Bu$h lied - people died - and Bu$h ate their corpses.


Well they wanted Bush to take care of the poverty problem?
Now there are less poor people in New Orleans!

Sen. Durbin

Well, it now appears that Resident Shrubya has killed off William Rehnquist. This most likely was done for two reasons. One, to take media coverage off of Hurricane Bush, and second, to give him to opportunity to nominate an even more aggressively Nazi KKKourt KKKhief Justice. Rehnquist is just another addition to the almost infinite Bush Body Count.

Shabazz K Morton

It's a well known fack that oppression and anger drive up yo metabolism, and who more angry and oppress than a brotha in nawlins right now? A viral black man already got a motor like a 200 lb humminbird, he see flood water up over his new 22's he can't eat enough. That why we all so po', all that oppression drive yo metabolism up in there like a mu'fucka.



Randall Robinson must be high-fivin' bruvvas right now. After all, that musical genius Kanye West, you know, the paducah and guy with one CD who is obviously on the same par as Lennon & McCartney, Richards & Jagger, has pronounced that Bu$Hitler hates Black people. Who else does Bu$Hitler hate? Glad you asked:

Ay-Rabs, especially Ay-rabs
Vietnamese, except those that shot at John Fairy Kerry
Koreans, mostly North Koreans
The French, but who doesn't hate The French?
Swedes, except for the young, tall, blonde females
The Dutch
The Greeks
The Turks
The Portugese
Residents of The Galapagos and Canary Islands
Sri Lankans
Everyone from South & Central America
New Zealanders

He doesn't hate The Aussies but that's Elle McPherson's fault


I used to think that DUers were almost progressive, but now I see one demanding B*shitler reign over us: "I DEMAND George Bush's reignation. I DEMAND IT!!! GODDAMNIT!!" I thought he was already reigning as Emperor Chimpy McSmirkypants. Why does this DU fascist want to make his reignation official? After all, the voice of one person demanding something on a message board filled with progryssyves has been proven to be the most effective means of political change throughout history.
I also have some demands. I demand a peanut butter sandwich! And sex! Lots of it! With someone other than myself!

Menstrual Rainbow

Don't forget the Grecians.


I see, regarding my comment above, that Bu-shaitan, posting on DU as texpatriot2004, told his co-conspirator to change their header from "reignation" to "resignation" so as to cover up the DU-Bush-MLB fascist alliance. They can't fool me!

Menstrual Rainbow

Hurricane Katrina Update-

Just when the big guns move in to save the day Bush has to sabotage them:

"EFFORTS by Hollywood actor Sean Penn to aid New Orleans victims stranded by Hurricane Katrina foundered badly overnight, when the boat he was piloting to launch a rescue attempt sprang a leak.

"Penn had planned to rescue children waylaid by Katrina's flood waters, but apparently forgot to plug a hole in the bottom of the vessel, which began taking water within seconds of its launch.",5744,16494464%5E1702,00.html



"from "reignation" to "resignation"

Yeah, it's a cover-up Hubblebead!
"Reignation" certainly fits with KKKarl Roves Claymation "Davey"(aka: Shrub).

Menstrual Rainbow:
Betcha one of those warmongering Navy Seals Bush has hidden under New Orleans waters pulled the plug on Penn For President 08's aquatic ambulance!

I s'pose that evil genius Dumbya didn't want to be too obvious and pay off the snipers he's got roaming around there to off Ambassador-Diplomat Penn.

I can't begin to express my deep gratitude for Dem Underground. Where else can I gather solid facts, and be apprenticed in tactful reasoning, debate, and level headed diplomacy. And boy do they know how to deal with people who abuse their right to free speech. They don't leave any of that disagreeing...err...disagreeable crap up there for more than a few seconds. I betcha FAUX news hijacked their Fair & Balanced LIE from DU, or anywhere True Blue Amerikans Michael Moore & George Soreass have been.

Not to mention, there's something almost....oh.....
addictive about DU's
♪♪Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid
Taste GREAT!♪♪
♪♪Wish I had some
Can't WAIT!!♪♪

E. Genious

Prof. Chomstein,

Are Pygmies technically midgets? I need to settle an argument that's caused quite a bit of confusion in our bowling league. Of course the "Pygmies are not midgets" crowd has been properly accused of rasicm. I'm sure our league rules date from the "Jim Crow" era, but we do need a professional opinion.

E. Genious, Proprietor
Ed's Midget Bowl


Damn Larry, lay off the colored/Afro/black/African-Americans while they are still on the progressyve plantation. Just because the confused man made a stupid reference to cannibalism which evoked images of African pygmies stewing reich-wing kkkonservative KKKhristians in huge black pots is not reason to go off on the man.

More importantly, as the brave Democratic mayor of New Orleans and the brave Democratic Governor of Louisiana (and let's not forget the brave Democratic Louisiana Senator who promised to "literally punch" Shrubya in the face) continue pointing their fingers of blame at Bu$Hitler, isn't it becoming increasingly clear there was the stench of a Rethuglikkkan neo-kkkon conspiracy in the Katrina disaster?

I have it on good authority that the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler kkkabal spawned Katrina in the Atlantic using secret SDI technology and the CIA altered her course at the last minute to strike New Orleans dead center. However Gaia, in her infinite goodness and kindness, was able to deflect the category 4 hurricane by about fifty miles, thus sparing New Orleans even greater destruction. And we intuitively know that this was all done to take the attention off the increasingly insane Cindy Sheehan as well as to give Halliburton another rebuilding project to enrichen itself and everyone in the Rethuglikkkan Party.

And I'm so thankful I kept my tin-foil hat on this last week or the Rovian Mind Control Rays would have erased all memories of what I've just told you.

Oh, and wasn't it grand how those progressyves in Texas spent a good part of their "Help Katrina Victims" donations on renting an airplane to fly a banner which read: "Shame On You Bush" around the Astrodome where Louisiana refugees are presently starving to death? How enlightened.


Randall refused to publish my progressyve comments on his article. A few get in there for balance, but if you analyze his article or point out some errors in logic, you won't get your comment posted.

He really is a lyberal and not a progressyve.


How DARE you disparage Mother Cindy banSheehan like that, Libmeister! I'll have you know that there are those of us who've apparitions of our Progressyve Patron Saintess of Peace having an apparitionistic premonition of Katrina!! [aka: Bushitlers illegal and immoral hurricane!!!!]

And as for those Warmongering Fascists who call our beloved Peace Mother Cindy "The Anti-War Media Whore"...they should be SHOT!!

Talking Toaster

" now appears that Resident Shrubya has killed off William Rehnquist..." - Sen. Durbin

I am not in favor of conspiracies but, if you carefully read the entire constitution including the byzantine layers of Amendments and associated court decisions, you will find that "In the event of the death of the Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, the Vice President will fill his role, or if the President so decides, an advisors to the President will take the position of the deceased Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court." That would either be Rich Cheney or KKKral Rove. The implication are clear. Bush is Hitler and Hitler has taken over the US Supreme Court.


eye wuz ate befor i wuz sevn.


Talking Toaster,

Was that a faux pas re: "KKKral Rove" or are you implying he is actually an illegal space alien from the Krall race (click my name)? Well, it would certainly explain why he is such a warmonger.

Maybe we can get him deported but I'm still wondering who does his make-up.

tin-foil hat mode/on


People who I forgot to include in the list of who Bu$Hitler hates:

Trills, because he found a loose page of Bill Clinton's diary that had BJ wondering how far down them dots on female Trill's bodies went
Them Predator fellas unless they're goin' after Liberals, I mean, Progressives

Bu$Hitler really likes them little Ferengi fellas because they laugh just like him


Your forgot Tribbles.

RWing Nut

Walmart, the community destroyer, has leveraged the Katrina tragedy into the sweat shop exploitation of third-world peoples by donating $23 million in cash and mechandise. So how will WalMart recoup this act of so-called charity? They will prey on the less fortunate by selling they goods cheap, goods manufactured in third world sweat shops.

I too am appalled by the evident racism in the response to Katrina. Carnival cruise ships are being used as temporary shelters for refugees. As an enlightened progryssve, you know that if the refugees had been white, the cruise ships would have been from an upscale line. Rethuglicans just assume black people can get along without first class service, the racists!


I just found out that Hurricane Bush-Hitler-Nazi was the culmination of 30 years of top secret Soviet research in the area of weather control.

Bushauschwitzkilla' used KKKarl Rovian mind powers to take control of Vladimir Pootin's military and create a massive hurricane in the Atlantic aimed directly at the black man.

Once the black man has been elimanated Bushauschwitzkilla' will reveal that he is really a Sith Lord and will take control of the country as the final pieces of his sinister plan fall into place...

Then, Sith Lord Bushauschwitzkilla' will use his most powerful agent of the Dark Side, Darth KKKarl Rovader, to systematically cleanse the country of the Light Side warriors: members of the ACLU.

Once the Knights have been eliminated Sith Lord Bushauschwitzkilla' will begin his long and bloody campaign against the Rebel Alliance (France, Germany, and the Neo-Hollywood-Wookie-Streisand-Baldwin-Progressive-ArabDictator Confederation).

Time is running out....

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