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I've spent the last two days trying to write something about the Bush/Condom crisis.

I got really excited at first because I thought latex was made of petroleum distillates. The petroleum gelled in my mind as an opportunity to stick it to Halliburton, and I pursued it from several different angles with great enthusiasm for hours on end. But it was to no avail. There were no fireworks of inspiration, and no climactic explosions of literary genius.

Now my arrousal in this topic has wained. Try as I might, I just cannot feel enough about it to bring myself to a satisfying conclusion.

When I was younger, this wouldn't have been a problem.


I would think with Bushes ownership of a lumber yard (I have it on good rightful President Kerry's authority!), you'd think he'd be more than willing to supply Uganda with at least a Condominimum or two.

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