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Alan K. Henderson

Whatever happened to "love thy neighbor"?

"Love thy neighbor" doesn't preclude "punish thy neighbor" if the neighbor is a despot who needs punishing, and if the would-be punisher has the legal authority to do so. Congress hasn't declared war on Venezuela, or vice versa, so for now it's a mot point.


YooHoo!! Liberal Larry's on Powerlink. Way to go!!




Walter, thanks for the head's up on that Powerline post! It is indeed difficult to tell the difference between the two articles, isn't it?

Congratulations, Larry!!!

Red Loser

Why read the Bible when I can read the Star Tribune? Jesus as "the pacifist from Nazareth." No doubt Jesus would plop down next to Mother Sheehan and sip some ice-cold lemonade while yelling through a bullhorn for Shrubya to come out of his lair.


You are the finest satirist known to me.


So Pat Robertson wanted to have the progressyve President Chavez of Venezuela assassinated, uhn? What a warmongering KKKhristian jerk.

Now if he had advocated assassinating Bu$Hitler then that's a horse of a different color...progressyvely speaking that is.

Hey, Alan KKK. Henderson, what's with all the legalistic mumbo-jumbo? The United Nations and Congress are nothing more than Bu$haitan's handpuppets. What's "legal" about that?

Enlightened people know it was all about oil and getting Halliburton juicy rebuilding contracts. And though I can't prove it even in a kangaroo court, the Shrub, Cheney and Rumsfled were probably getting billion dollar kickbakcs. Now there's evidence you can't refute! At least mother Sheehan knows the truth. What's your excuse?


...and you kkkonservative kkkooks better not make fun of my dyslexia either!


Down with Bush, since Saddam got 99.99999% of the vote of his countrymen, don't you think that makes him more of a democratically elected President than Bu$Hitler?

See, the Shrub did steal the last two elections and his daddy, Big Bush, stole the one in 1988. Dang Rethuglikkkan thieves!


Question: Why do you hate America so much? You are correct in placing responsibility on Christianity for suffering, but keep in mind that it was men, not the religion, that carried the sword. The Bible does not sanction killing. Men twist its tenets to their favor. Wilson did it, Reagan did it, Bush is still doing it. Islam is no different. How do you think the Ottoman Empire expanded? By asking politely? Are jihadists who die in the name of Allah exonerated from your intepretative lens? Get real. Don't blame religion, blame men.

Second, what the fuck is with the comparison of Hugo Chavez to Bush. Yes, the CIA is horrible, yes Bush is like Woodrow Wilson reborn, but seriously? The CIA is a fifth column whose job is to do the dirty work that comfortable suburbanites don't like to hear about. Its still ugly, its not moral, but while you sit on your ass, someone else is working overtime to make sure that the fucked up policies of the administration get carried out. CIA agents are humans too, to an equal or lesser degree, but they still want luxuries like a 401(K) that any tree hugging bitch can obtain in the States. Do you enjoy your freedom? Then thank a serviceman. It's they that are responsible for seeing the policies of an administration that has an amazingly ignorant understanding of US foreign policy or history carried out. But has the Left not provided relief. Instead you rant and rave about Bush and his policies, but you don't create a solution. You don't contribute to the discussion. You are just as ignorant as W and his cronies. We serviceman try to get shit done for the American people. That includes our families and even you nitwits. Yet this disucssion indicates nothing more than the failure of dumbasses like you to provide a viable alternative to the GOP political machine. Use your fucking head and grab a history book. I voted Kerry, I believe in a United States that puts its people, and the people of the world, before personal gain. Widespread economic and social reforms, huh? Check his personal account. He's got change to spare to the people. Put some logic behind your argument. You make the rest of us intelligent folk look like fools.

By the way, the historical times had not yet enabled women to acede to the socially esteemed intellectual positions during the creation of the US government. It was in fact men who created a system that has allowed for the pluralism that most certainly exists today. Amazing forsight, eh? Quit whining and deal with it. Man, what's the deal?

Hey Libmeister, Saddam's election was fixed. Like your math though. Mental masturbation is fun, isn't it?

US Navy

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