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Damian G.

"Mom is a product of the 60's anti-war movement, when standing up for world peace was as simple as hocking a wad of loogie on someone in uniform, dropping a couple hits of acid, then having sex with a complete stranger in the back of a VW van. Times are different now, and bringing an end to Bush's Vietnam requires a little more subtlety."

This was an EXCELLENT post, Larry; loved the constant quick lines like:

"Oh, and the legalization of marijuana."

"I have a wart growing on my ass the size of a small child."

"...she hasn't a 14 year-old's chance at the Neverland Ranch of ending the war and getting our troops out of Iraq."

Damn that Bush! Why won't he legalise marihuana so mentally retarded grandmas can eat embryonic stem cells in peace?!


Sen. Durbin

Chimpy is goosestepping on the hearts of ameriKKKan heroes like Cindy Sheehan in his insatiable lust for oil and blood.
El Smirko's hatred for the mothers of those who gave their lives for Halliburton is clearly rooted in his hatred for womyn in general. One can see this hatred in everything he does, particularly in his absolute refusal to rescind his illegal and immoral tax cuts for the rich. Many will point to the abortion issue as the true demonstration of Shrubya's KKKhristian sexism, but, alas, that is only the tip of an iceberg which is melting away thanks to Shrub's global warming.
I fully understand Cindy Sheehan's grief, but hopefully that grief can be abated somewhat by the knowledge that the Iraqi forces helped her exercise her right to a postnatal abortion.


As a progressyve, I find Ms. Sheehan's insane rants an embarassment to our cause. Even her husband is now divorcing her and her family have turned against her! Can't say I blame them one bit.

Gaia, maybe her son joined the military to get away from this crazed bitch. I sure the hell would. It's enough to make me want to support the war and embrace Bush-chimp.

Watching her rambling rants is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard. I guess some hippies never grow up to become sophisticated progressyves like us. Hell, we should have dropped her in the middle of Baghdad at the start of the war. The Iraqis would have surrendered in a matter of days.


Larry, it's wonderful progryssyve womyn like your Mom who make me wish I had three hands. Click here to learn more.

Mumblix Grumph

Damn those pesky Jews! If they would only stop refusing to die, we could have peace in the Middle East!

Why doesn't Rabbi Bushstien see the light? Maybe it's because the Jooz use OIL to run their oppresive temple lamps.

Just remember, TORAH spelled backward is HAllibuRTOn! Well, OK not exactly, but you see the connection.


And just to prove how stupid he is, if he was going to go to war with someone for oil, he should've attacked Saudi Arabia!


A cross? How can your Mom -- or since she's become a symbol of bereaved motherhood, she must be called "Mother Chomstein" just like DailyKos says we should refer to Mother Sheehan -- think she's honoring your memory with the very symbol of Bu$h's illegal war on innocent Wahabbis simply following their culture?

Menstrual Rainbow

Wow! That Kos link! Seriously show your KKKonservative friends that link and they can see how compassionate we progressives really are.

Menstrual Rainbow

Of course I meant to say "KKKonservative oppressors" not "KKKonservative friends".

Friend of USA

Great link Cav.

I especially like #7;

"If there are any persons who are theatre professionals at the Sheenan vigil, they should arrange things much more theatrically."

But isn't that "Kos-ter" aware that Michael Moore is directing the whole thing and already making it as melodramatic as one can without post-production heavy editing?

Joe Byden

Notice how cleverly we have changed 'spinning' to 'framing'?

RWing Nut

Mother Sheehan AKA the anti-War Rosa Parks has already started to unite the country in resistence to Bu$Hitler. Just yesterday her statements about Israel inspired David Duke to give his support to her courageous fight against the Zionist hegemony secretly ruling this country. Can senator Byrd's endorsement be far behind? He and DD share a common background and big byrd is on vacation now. Perhaps he could bring his fiddle down to Texas so he and Duke could entertain the courageous custodian of absolute moral authority with tales of white-sheet hyjinx.


I feel for your mother. Today I cut myself (well, actually I do that anyways on a regular basis,) but I did it in honor of the bereaved Ms. Chomstein. Oh Mother Sheehan, point the way, won't you? Point the way Oh Wise One. My hero Michael Moore would never THINK of exploiting a bereaved mother for his own personal prospects of using her to write another film so you get that thought out of your head right now. That's why he's personally paid for grief counselors and sent them to Crawford to care for this womyn, Mother Sheehan; our Rosa Parks; our Virgin Mary; our Jesus.


I did not go to his funeral, but I wrote a nice letter saying I approved of it. -- Mark Twain


I KNEW it! Liberal Larry isn't so liberal after all, is he? He wants cheap oil just like the rest of us.

Che Guevarito

This is creepy. My mother went to Busch Gardens in Florida. When she found out they didn't grow beer there, she wailed, "My only son died in Bush's Illegal, Immoral, War on Terrorists! Can't I even pick a fresh beer off the vine to drown my sorrows? How many limbs does Max Cleveland have to lose before I get justice? What does Bush grow here that'll help me?"

When she found out that it was just a bunch of animals, and no, she couldn't eat them, she kinda went off the deep-end.

Now she's touring the country selling T-shirts that read, "I lost my only son in Bush's Illegal, Immoral War on Terrorists and all I got was this Lousy T-shirt."

Bush Ate My Soul...

"Larry, a handsome young ensign in the U.S. Army Reserves...

Dude, that was *so* MSM-worthy.

Admit it - you're after Peter Jenkins' job, you ghoul. You dead people are all alike.



What's wrong with the legalization of marijuana? I'll tell you playa haters something. I will willingly trade all of my oil (click here to lear more) for all of your marijuana. (Click here to learn more)


Click Here to Learn More

Come on, click me. You know you want to. I can see you sitting there thinking about it. Come on, wimp! Click now!

Bush Ate My Soul...


Can I come over here and hide?

AOL is after my soul!


I'm a southernbell persyn myself, but yeah, hang out here. Whassamatta, you write something good that struck a note? Wouldn't be the first time and I certainly hope it isn't the last.

Bush Ate My Soul...

Holy Mother of God. I think the Floodgates of Heck have opened up.

Larry had me laughing so hard Coke almost shot out my nostrils...


Toldja this was a monitor cleaning post.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Mother Cyndi Sheehan is a symbol of the Great Mother, GaiaEarthMother, whose children are constantly being slaughtered by the Bu$Hitler-DICK Cheney-HALLIBURTON-KKKarl Rove Hegemonic ameriKKKan empire. Her children are dying as the greedy oil barons plunder her nurturing fields of ANWR, as the bombs fall on the innocent villages of Afghanistan, and as the winds of KKKapitalism blow across the peaceful valley of the Euphrates river. Is their no end to the destruction, to the venom, to the hate? How many Iraqi children have to die before the selected president has enough oil to please his cronies? How many caribou must lose their homes before Chimpy McDubya has satiated his thirst for the black gold of oppression? How many more Cyndi Sheehan's must face the loss of their angels, forced into the servitude of our commander-in-thief's illegal blood war? Our forefathers didn't fight for freedom so that our sons and daughters would be sent off to die in some far away land just to keep the wheels of industry rolling with the precious lifeblood of light sweet crude--and crude it is, such a crude form of energy when renewable clean Gaia-friendly fuels would be commonplace with the stroke of a pen, only, if only, the great envirosage Gore had not been cheated out of his rightful place at the heart, mind, and soul of our government.

Bush Ate My Soul...

How many caribou must lose their homes before Chimpy McDubya has satiated his thirst for the black gold of oppression?


If I were really cruel, I'd link to Larry's post in the comments section, but I wouldn't do that to my worst enema... err.. enemy.

Can you imagine the shreiking?

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