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...and it's rilly, rilly" not really, really"


URETHRA!!! I have an IDEA!

Instead of stodgy old White or Black hats let's do something truely Progressive and start wearing Argyle Hats.


We are supposed to be the tolerant, good guys who are are willing to accept anyone. The author of that piece is no friend of gays having humiliated and held up to redicule and hatred every gay stereotype. I suggest the author go work for Dr. Dobson, Rev. Sheldon or even find a job writing hate screeds for Dubya. As for the rest of us, let's really, really be the white hats and rise above the evil standards of right.


We are in the middle of searching things for John Roberts for history class in out school computer lab. And, we would just like to comment that this site absolutely rocks. And of course everything is gay, don't you people listen to Andy Milonakis? Regardless, this assignment is gay, therefore so is the government. And why don't we call Roberts' mother gay as well? It is plain to see that, with such a gay family, Roberts' mother must be a lesbian. Not that I have anything against gay people. Closets are for clothes, and everybody believes in RAINBOWS!

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