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Menstrual Rainbow

The Bush Bodycount keeps on rising, I never met your mother, Larry, unless she was in my Womyn Agaiinst Zionist Occupation And Veal Farming chapter, back in 71, but I've felt an empathy for her ever since I read your maudlin tale of how she suffered after Chimpy sabotaged her 95 Jeep Cherokee, so Mother Chomstein's loss is in many ways symbolic of all those who have lost people to Bush's Zionistic Shooting Monkeys.


May Uncle, in peace!


I'm curious: isn't the 'Impeachment Jeep' a '95 Jeep Cherokee?

Talking Toaster

Poor Uncle Harvey. He was causality of a carefully planned rush to war. Chalk up another white cross at Camp Larry as a reminder of the thousands killed by Bush's Brown shirts (and make sure the TV cameras focus on the inscription "Beloved Harvey killed by Bush's Bloody Oil War). Now is the time to haul out the stickers to place "I'm a child" [or other relative] of a dead soldier from Bushes Illegal Iraq war. Get the entire Seattle Hemp Inc staff wearing one of those stickers - particularly when the cameras are rolling.

In fact, Michael Moore just might show up at Camp Larry to document this tragedy. Naturally, this would be a great time for a "die in" and to remind the Nation of the necessity to legalize marijuana. Let the Grief Mojo roll.

Peace be on your Uncle Harvey (and a be on loogie on all those youngsters who dream about becoming a handsome young 'ensign in the U.S. Army' and a tool of Bush's Hellaberton war machine - although young ensigns tend to be in the navy - but, whatever, they will probably get cut down by Bush in Faggubah anyway).

The whole would grieves with you and extents is collective condolences to Uncle Harvey who died with dignity where so many others have not {sniff}. Let his "Concrete Bong" be his head stone and a constant reminder to all those who see war a glorified way to die - which it is not. Who wants to die in grit of battle when they can get their gourd squashed by '95 Jeep Cherokee and die with dignity.


Now we see the complexity of Bu-shai-hulud's evil plans -- plans within plans within plans, as it were. It's clear to me that when Chimpy McSmirk was breaking the fan belt on Mother Chomstein's '95 Jeep Cherokee, he was also installing a remote-control device into it, similar to the ones he used to fly the jets into the WTC on 9/11. His risky scheme to try to besmirch Larry's mom's absolute moral authority by trying to frame her for this tragedy will fail, so help me Maud'Dib!

B'neGesserit Witch (aka Cr'Q't)

Bubblehead, were you watching the eerily prescient movie 'Dune' last night? Substitute spice for oil, and the 'Emperor Shaddamn' for Saddamn and you have
Frank Herbert who laid it all out, if only the CIA had been up to speed.

I ate some chicken paprikash, and saw you in front of your Lidless Eye watching
these events unfold.

I name you, 'Usul.'

Bubblehead who is Usul

My new secret steich name... how cool! I actually didn't watch it last night; I thought of Herbert's progryssyve vision while giving moisture to dead for Uncle Harvey. All good progryssyves should like Dune, since it depicts the ultimate victory of Muslims, although it is a little heteronormative (having a homosexual be the bad guy -- how lame is that?). It's much better than Star Trek, which went out of its way to not have militant Islamic characters, since it was trying to provide a realistic picture of the future.


Hey, I just noticed that Bush came in and changed Talking Toaster's post. I'm sure TT meant that Uncle Harvey was a "casualty" of the illegal genocidal Bushwar, rather than the "causality"; Bush is trying to deflect blame by making Uncle Harvey the scapegoat. Don't believe the lies!

Menstrual Rainbow

I couldn't believe that a beergames nazi tree burning death-to-all blacks bigot wallowing in hatred for everything freak like Dick Cheney thinks he can cover up the fact Smirkelgruber invaded Iraq in order to plagarise Dune. Well some reject phallo centric OIL grabs!

Sen. Durbin

Chimpy is just trying to kill people left and right. Look at Mother Sheehan's mom- hit with a stroke. Look at Harry Reid- hit with a "mini-stroke." Who will be next in line to fall victim to the administration's assassination attempts? George Bush: aren't thousands of deaths enough? What is the cause of your insatiable bloodlust?

Don Keehotey

If you like satire by others please check out: and pass it onto others who enjoy satire, as well.

We have a current piece about Rappers backing Hillary Clinton in the "Run, You Crazy Bitch, Run" campaign.

It's meant to offset the "Stop Hillary Now" effort.


Don Keehotey
"We don't waste time fact-checking."


I'm the biggest liberal I know, which is why I'm a diehard Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter. This means that when Hillary supports (and votes for) war in Iraq, I support war in Iraq! And now you neo-con Repug fascists are blaming my precious Hillary for the spilling the blood of countless innocents!? Go back to Oklahoma, you jingoist twerps! The official liberal position is make war on Iraq, and make war on Iraq we shall.

And you people call yourself liberal...

Menstrual Rainbow

Yes but no doubt like John Kerry Hillary has a *Plan*!!! !! !!!!!! !

Sen. Durbin

James, you're forgetting that Mother Hillary, along with all the other congressional Democrats, including myself, only voted for the war because we were duped by Chimpy McRetard into thinking that Iraq had WMD. And now the Shrub, who has for so long portrayed a courageous "with me or against me" image, is too cowardly to talk to Mother Sheehan. Just like he was too cowardly to fight in Vietnam, too cowardly to raise taxes, and too cowardly to renew the assault weapons ban. Bush lied, mothers cried.


Now Bush has reconfigured this website to leave off the post times...


Aside from its history, culture, government, leaders, military, language, religion, flag, and people, Mother and I love this country

You are wise - the only thing to really love in this country is whatever is left after you do not love the things in your list ... that must mean you love the French!! If only we followed them our main problem would be learning to speak Arabic.


Oh, and legalize marijuana

Hempfest fans rockin' the joint

Was Seattle Hemp at MEP with all the rest? Does that explain what happened to Camp Larry?

Fonda Jane

Tell Uncle Harvey about "Homeland Security." Did the "intelligence" community blow this one too??

Do you honestly think for one second that every agency in the Seattle area, including the Dog-Catcher, didn't have up-to-date information on where every single '95' Jeep Cherokee in the Northwest was intending to do??

P.S. I have concerns about your mother, Larry. Why is she still driving a vehicle that denigrates peace loving native peoples who have suffered so much under every single Republican administration for the past 200 years? If you can't find a decent solar car, please try using a Crisco powered bus.


"Aside from its history, culture, government, leaders, military, language, religion, flag, and people, Mother and I love this country and long for the peace & prosperity it knew during the Clinton years..."

That's right, Larry. And if these Zionist neo-kkkons and "patriotic" KKKhristian kkkonservatives don't like the fact that we hate everything about this country except the standard of living it affords us, they can damn well leave this country. Just because I say Amerikkka is an evil Military Industrial Complex and just because I continue to avail myself of every comfort and opportunity it has to offer me (which is my Gaia-given right to do), doesn't mean I'm some kind of Amerikkka-hating hypocrite.

For example, I support the troops even though I think they are nothing but blind jackbooted stormtrooping pawns carrying out the immoral orders of Bu$Hitler who is under the thumb of a Zionist kkkabal in Washington.

I support the troops and the military even though I think their Commander-in-Chief is always wrong, the Iraq war was the wrong war at the wrong time, and I vote for politicians who cut and slash the military budget every chance they get.

I'm more of a patriot for hating the president, hating the military, and hating Amerikkka. Why can't these evil kkkonservatives understand something so simply as that? Idiots.

Friend of USA

The protesters at the " Bush caused my divorce and my grand mother's heart problems camp " enjoyed a free Joan Baez concert sunday evening.

I can't wait to see how many american and Iraqi lives have been saved by the many
" insurgents " that have been converted into peaceful
troops-hugging " let me cook you a Chawarma, you want falafels with that? " democracy-embracing, friends of america by the mere magic of a free Joan Baez concert in Crawford.

Don't you wish Joan Baez had done that earlier, say on september 10, 2001?...

RWing Nut

Waste time watching Dune and claim to be true progryssves, ha! True progyssves spent last evening watching Tim Robbins tribute to Bush's crusader legions "Embedded" on the Robert Redford channel. If you'd bothered to watch, you'd know how dependent the US military is on targeting Al Jazera reporters. You'd also realize how little time the military spends in thoughtful consideration of the cultural imperatives of the enemy; instead of trying to understand them, they focus on killing them to make more money for Bu$h cronies.

Thank Gaia for Tivo so I can record every golden moment of the Al Franken show.


Larry, If I was you I would be sueing the dog poop out of the company that made that hatefull jeep.

May your uncle sleep in the loving arms of Gaia.

P.S. dont belive the news, it's run by the jews!!!!


I'd have gladly taken your Uncle Harvey's place......a fate that no worse than the grief that's overwhelmed me since learning of Dennis KuuKuucinich's betrothal to a womyn spousal unit and fyllow tin hat wearer *sniff*.......*sob*....
And yes....but of was a marriage arranged by none other than KKKarl Gepetto Rove's own Dumbya dummy: Shrub-occhio....
Are there no limits to Bushitler's diabolical ways?????
I'm sorry everyone, but it may be a good week before the under the sink spot is available....I'll be drowning my sorrows in Drano w/the help o' some of my other lil household frien's under there for a few dark, dreary days....*SOB*..........


Why do these kkkonservative kkkooks always accuse us progressyves of partisan hyperbole? How does referring to the Shrub as Bu$Hitler end up being "hyperbolic hate speech"? I mean, isn't it self evident that Bush is really Hitler sans the stupid mustache? And embedded in the name Bu"shit"ler is a descriptive term of Bushie's warmongering policies. Now that didn't happen by accident!

Until his daughter Jenna and Barbara enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps, no war promoted by Bush is justified, even if Al Qaeda nukes us with Russian WMD. It's the small price we have to pay for being the most powerful nation on the planet built on the backs of third world slaves and banana republics. I mean, how many cheap bananas did it take for America to be able to afford 15,000 Bush nukular weapons? Wake up Amerikkka and listen to us speak truth to power!


Liberal Larry:

" At 8:45, he was struck by a '95 Jeep Cherokee in the hospital parking lot. Less than a minute later, dear Uncle Harvey was granted Death With Dignity when the Jeep mercifully backed up and rolled over him again,"

Hey, Chom-steen...your mother drives a '95 Cherokee, doesn't she?

It was in one of our surveillance memos.


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