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Sen. Durbin

Captain Swagger's actions on environmental issues are obviously the cause of this himicane, but the reich wing neanderthals will predictably blame the niggers if they can. Anything to get them back on the trees, I guess. Where are civil rights leaders like Robert Byrd when you need them?

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I was concerned about the possibility that GaiaEarthMother may have sent the hyrricaine as vengenece upon Chimpy McDumbya--why would our Benevolent Spirit do this when the victims tend to be poor African-American women and children?

I spent the night communing, meditating upon the Spirit of GaiaEarthMother and focusing, using my crystals to tune in to the harmonic radiance of Truth.

After much contemplation, I feel that this conclusion is false: GaiaEarthMother is not responsible. In fact, She used her energy to push the hyrricane away from New Orleans towards Mississippi, as the wise and all-knowing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has hypothesized.

Bu$Hitler clearly has the blame for this one written all over his face, hidden behind the usual smirk. It is all the more clear to me now that the whole thing: from Cheney, to Floriduh-2000, to Kyoto, to HALLIBURTON, to 9/11, to the illegal war in Iraq, to Global Warming, to the secret space weather control laser (all evidence of which conveniently destroyed by a space shuttle "accident"), to the murder of Casey Sheehan, to his mother's campaign, to the sudden appearance of the hyrricane--it's all one long interconnected web of lies and deceit. Bush lies, New Orleans dies! And now, thanks to this "tragedery," he finally has the chance to look "Presidential" on a purely "domestic" tragedery the same way he usurped public opinion after the 9/11 so-called "attack."

Yep, we may as well just crown him King George W Bush after this... if only GaiaEarthMother could have mustered a freak wind while the toxic-polluting Air Farce One was doing victory laps over the devastation--but then, GaiaEarthMother knows better than to do something that might result in the coronation of President Cheney!!!

Menstrual Rainbow

Moonchild and Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess both raise valid criticisms of my Gaia theory. The fact that it was mainly African-Americans who were hit whilst rich slave owning repugs simply used the opportunity to get their yachts out did disturb me, as Michael Moore said after 9/11 "These people didn't even vote for Bush!".

This is true, however just as the PresiDUNCE forced OBL to harm many innocent prygressyves by stacking them up as human shields in the WTC, he has done the same in New Orleans, because he is determined to keep up Amerikkka's illegal occupation of Louisiana and not return it to France.


Menstrual Raynebow, you are truly a progressyve for our tymes. Even when getting a ryghteous smackdown of your theory, you are magnanimous to a fault. However, it is Gaia that is the common factor. But I know that Pat Buchanan would more than likely look upon Gaia as an ally, since she washed away so many sinners, so we must find another motive and reason for NO to have been purged in this ghastly manner.

It was that or just a weather pattern that has been happening every 30 years or so.


I had one other thought. Bush should have been looking in his New Age crystal ball and he would have seen Gaia and conversed with her and offered her just about anything to stay away from the Big Easy. I mean after all, he takes office in January and in less than nine months the Eichman Towers collapse, killing all the kkkklones therein. A commission was formed, and after much handwringing concluded that it was his fault.

I see this happening now, only this time it will be like baseball. Will the American people allow this player one more strike and vote him out of office or will they give the Rethugs a walk?

Time will tell.

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Toads

Well Cr'Q'T almost had it right. What the ignorant Red Staters who salivate over the transparent adMENistration LIES fed to them by FauxNews would realize if they only had someone with some education like the Proffessym or even that wonderful Professor of Oppression Studies Ward Churchill, is that those little Eichmanns down in N'awlins had it coming to them.

They are just reaping the punishment for 400 years of oppression of the BLACK MAN. The South has had it coming for a long time - you notice that is where the hurricanes always hit, don't you? COINCIDENCE? I don't THINK so.

Just like earthquakes always hit in California. They are paying for their oppression of OUR FINE BROWN-SKINNED AZATLAN BROTHERS. FIGHT THE POWER!

It takes an educated mind to understand these subtleties. That is why The Shrub will never be a great leader. He just doesn't have a clue.

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Toads

And don't be fooled for a SECOND by the fact that it is mostly black people who died down in New Orleans.

That is just Gaia's way of compounding the White Man's race guilt.

The Cosmic Bill is coming due, and Al Sharpton will be charging 21.9% finance charges, plus late charges, I can assure you of that.


300 French Troops on the White House lawn?

How do we feed and house them after they surrender?


I almost got it right? Does this mean that my thinking was successfully deferred? Oh the humanity!


Category 4 Hurricane Determined to Strike U.S. -- Cont.
by Hunter on
Thu Sep 1st, 2005 at 10:28:22 PDT

George W. Bush was once known as the C.E.O. President, a term his handlers eagerly coined in order to convey that the country would from now on be run like a business. That quickly evolved into the less flattering Enron President... then the War President... now it's looking like we can all finally settle on one. George W. Bush: the Disaster President.

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

He honestly said that. If that brings up more than a passing twinge of familiarity, being a more than remarkable restatement of Condi Rice's now-famous assertion to the Senate panel -- then I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

But it does bring up something that we joke about often, but apparently have never taken quite seriously enough: our President is an idiot. I don't mean an average, run-of-the-mill idiot. I mean an idiot who apparently, for the entire duration of his presidency, literally was paying absolutely no attention to even the most life-threateningly critical tasks of government.

The administration specifically cut the funds to fix these specific levees, in order to specifically divert that Corps money to Iraq, despite urgent warnings and predictions of catastrophic disaster if the levees were breeched. The administration specifically cancelled the Clinton-backed flood control program to preserve and restore the wetlands between New Orleans and the gulf, instead specifically opening parts of that buffer zone for development.

Nobody anticipated this disaster? It was identified by FEMA as one of the top three likeliest major disasters to strike America. (That link, one of countless stories, was from 2001, by the way.) It has been a major disaster scenario for years. Everybody anticipated it, which makes this single statement by George W. Bush possibly the most dishonest, lying, craptacularly false thing he has ever said in his presidency -- even surpassing his now-infamous State of the Union Address. Truly, this is President Bush's blue-dress moment.

And yet, funneling the money into Iraq was more important. You better bet your crapulent, lying, one-track, drink-addled ass that's a political issue.

He also said today:

"I hope people don't play politics at this time of a natural disaster the likes of which this country has never seen."

Oh, I'm touched. Utterly touched. After 9/11, the entire Republican Party went en masse to get Twin Towers ass tattoos. The Republican convention was a wholesale tribute to crass exploitation, the sets themselves designed to evoke the aftermath of the attack. Every domestic and international policy this administration -- no, this entire Republican government -- has produced has been heaved up before the public while waving the spectre of 9/11 as the catch-all vindication of every administration whim. Every tax cut, every civil rights issue, every budget cut, every budget expansion, no matter how tortured the logic must be, has some Republican senator standing on the Senate floor and proudly raping the corpses of that day as justification for their particular agenda item.

Oh, we've seen politicization of disaster. Every Republican campaign for the last four years has revolved around the politicization of disaster.

But Lord help us, George W. Bush is going to get the vapors if anyone asks him to explain his administration's active cuts of the very programs designed to keep New Orleans safe.




Daily kos=stupid kryponite. Bush is not the idiot, Volvo Liberal is.

Liberals Choke on Bile

I thought New Orleans and Louisiana were Democrat-dominated places (have been for generations), and flood control is primarily a local/state responsibility, and there have been concerns about those levees going back to the 60's (they were only designed for Cat3 storms).


It really warms my heart to see our fellow NIGGER citizens coming together in a crisis. They sure know how to help out the situation down there in N.O. I am glad to see that they are able put aside their diffrences and work together to help out their communities.


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geoge w is a piece of sh:)t

just like clinton was a piece of sh:)t

just like america is sh:(t

you think you own world you do whatever you want you bomb whoever you want

did you see all those fat 400 pound negroes in nola? you want the rest of the world to sacrifice for them? they can go two months without burgers and soulfood

america is a fat fat country

i think america is being punished for george w and its stupidity

in many ways america is the stupidest nation on earth

the world doesnt want your big macs madonnas michael jacksons

i think you will have many punishments in the future what you see in new orlans is just the start

Georgia Home Boy

I agree, gordo; "Shit" should be spelled with a frowny face.

Red Loser

Some people are funny. Others are just mind-numbingly retarded.



You've done a good job at showing why your part of the world is so much more intelligent. =>

"you think you own world you do whatever you want you bomb whoever you want"

Huh?...English please. Take a deep breath and type slowly as you think.

"i think you will have many punishments in the future what you see in new orlans is just the start"

New errr Orlans (as you so eloquently put it) is a punishment from the great Hurricane god? I guess we can call you Nostradamus now.

The great and wise Fester predicts Hurricane Katrina is just the start and the all wise Fester is correct...Ophelia the great and terrible storm will now disallow "400 pound negros...burgers and soul food" just as the great and wise Fester predicted. All praise to Fester for he is great and wise.

"america is a fat fat country" as in phat...America is PH-phat nargle. All hands in the air...

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