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Friend of USA

" Katrina has interrupted oil production, importation, and refining in the Gulf area. A tenth of all the crude oil consumed in America and almost half of the gasoline produced in the country comes from refineries in the states along the gulf's shores. "

Is there something in this world that is not about the oil???


""You go, Ma!!" replied her son, Spc. Casey Sheehan, whose spirit Cindy now channels through a sock puppet on her right hand."

And here I thought all along it was the talking toaster.

I guess she needed something a little bit more portable.


Cindy Sheehan died?


No, her son was brutally murdered, remember:



I fergot. Thanks be to Gaia, I can count on someone here answering the hard questions using Liberal Larry canon.

I am now back to reading Dune, the prophetic allegory of this war and Bush-Shaitan getting ready to duke it out with Sting, the metaphor for Mick Jagger.

Damian G.

"ARMED U.N. regulators"???

Oh, Larry, don't be led astray by the Repuglikkkan propaganda; we all know that guns can easily be traded in for Flower Power.

Peace out, my fellow bong-hitters!!!


Is there some place where you can sign people up for one of Bush's natural disasters? Like, could I get someone that really annoys me blown away by a hurricane or sucked up by a tornado or something?


". . . New Orlean's leaky Superdome, which is quickly becoming a giant bowl of Negro soup."

You're going to hell for that one, Lar.


Aelfheld: "Is there some place where you can sign people up for one of Bush's natural disasters? Like, could I get someone that really annoys me blown away by a hurricane or sucked up by a tornado or something?"

Only if they vote Democratic.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Of course, Bu$Hitler masterfully coordinated the whole thing with brilliant timing, to give him a "tragedy" to which he can respond as his approval ratings hit all time lows.


I'm particularly appalled at the MSM's portrayal of people of color as "looters." I see video of kind people helping their community protect property that would otherwise become waterlogged and useless and they have the nerve to call it looting? Why don't they take their cameras to Haliburton and show how the lily white people there are looting America?

If Jesse and Al weren't so busy saving people from the likes of Pat Robertson or the Klan in Krawford, they could fix this real quick. How ingenious of Bush to plan a division prior to unleashing his hurricane.

P.S. I don't think a Supreme Court nominee should be calling for the assassination of either Hugo Chavez or Cindy's sock puppet.


Cindy Ban-Sheehan.
(Or Bin Sheehan?)

Menstrual Rainbow

Has anyone considered the possibilty that this hurricane is Gaia's way of punishing Jesusland for voting for Bush? Bush violates Gaia with his giant phallic oil drills and Gaia responds, it's called blowback.


How blind are you people?! Bushhitler the first used CIA operatives and a quantum filament to brew up hurricane Andrew in 1992 and steer it into South Florida, a battleground state on the precipice of tipping Democrat. Knowing that his two sons would depend on Florida for their political futures, Bushitler I, with plausible deniability, destroyed Homestead and killed 40 people while driving away exactly 503 more.

And looky what happened in 2000, the chimp wins Florida by 543 votes.

What's past is prologue. The chimp has spawned two offspring, and while they avoid military service and pass through their larval stage in an undiscolosed location, Louisiana had been split open like piece of crusty French bread. How many will die and how many will be driven away? We don't know, but we know that Bush and his coterie are already moving on to the next step of annexing Louisiana because Bush's 'friends' in the national guard are invading its borders as we speak.


You know, I think Moonchild is on to something. Where did he go when he was supposed to be training? Taking aerial recon flights over Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama. He was in Alabama too. It all fits.

Pass the bong.


Menstrual Rainbow

Finally a blogger who puts a voice to my sentiments!

HAARP has been part of the Bushtapo arsenal for quite some time, courtesy of the Russians.

I am not of the 9-11 LIH crowd but of the MIH crowd.
Hence the smirking chimps' media cameo for Hurricane Katrina was a redux of Chimpy's 9-11 reading "My Pet Goat" while the WTC burned.


Moonchild is onto it there but don't forget the ominous insights of RFKJr. In the Hell Bush has made of these United States (not to mention the previously idyllic Iraq... oh, I weep!) it is easy to forget how far back in history the tenacles go. Haley Barbour is, of course, not dead but is preserved in an electrolytic solution in the same facility as the file-cabinet SSA lockbox and is calling all the shots in his home turf, Louisiana. Oh, if only the kindly French monarchs had not been so rudely displaced by the RepubliKKKan machine of 1804, the storm surge would have been converted into vichhysois by now and all the poor would be dining instead of drowning. Curse you Bush!!! Damn you, Barbour!!!

Poxie Grrrl

Has anyone considered the possibilty that this hurricane is Gaia's way of punishing Jesusland for voting for Bush?

I agree with you, Menstrual Rainbow, hurricanes are no mere coincidence, but the righteous wrath of Mother Earth empowering herself against oppression. Why else would Florida, the state over which W's evil brother Jeb rules, gets hit so often with hurricanes?

We are all victims, every day

I'm leaning towards the idea that the hurricane wasn't orchestrated by Shrub -- it has Gaia Mother Earth revenge written all over it.

Consider: Bushitler's Oil Buddies pump the oil out of the ground, causing New Orleans to sink below sea level. Then, a hurricane, originating with African trade winds, comes over and b!tch-slaps the levees, causing damage to oil refineries and tons of precious oil to spill onto the ground, where it can be collected and enjoyed by the oppressed masses. And it's no coincidence that Shrub's brother is governor of Georgia.

Georgia Home Boy

No, Georgia is run by Boss Hog, and Ned Beatty is the State Secretary of Homosexual Rape. But Georgia's capital could serve as an example for New Orleans. "Hotlanta", as it is called by tourists prior to getting shot, was utterly destroyed in 1864 by the global warming brought about by warmongering Republicans. To this day it is not at all rare to see Summer high temperatures exceed 90 degrees! Yet the city quickly rebuilt itself and realized the dream of former Mayor Bill Campbell to provide visitors with the "African experience"(ed-- I swear he said it). We now proudly boast crime rates, infrastructure and corruption comparable to that found in Addis Ababba, Mogadishu, or Harare.


just today, I saw a 400 pound black woman (starving because what bush has done) taking a cart full of dvd players and computers back to her 11 starving kids.. you go girl!!! get back at the man!But only take from repug owned places(if you can) KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKARL ROVE is to blame for this.......


New Orleans is protected by dykes?


Or overrun by them?

Georgia Home Boy

Both, Cr'Q'T.
Too bad Rosie O'Donnell couldn't be found when New Orleans needed a 200'wide dyke (that's about 60 meters, FOUSA). But she does have her fingers in a lot of pies.

Georgia Home Boy

just today, I saw a 400 pound black woman

Yet no one knows why the city has been sinking.

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