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Damian G.

Goddess be with you, Larry.


All progressyves have absolute moral authority because...well, because we're progressyves!

I won't suffer any fascist KKKhristian kkkonservative telling me that Jesus KKKhrist is the only person who had absolute moral authority. I'm tired of such anachronistic fairy tales.

BTW, Larry, does this mean we have to worship Cindy Sheehan? I'm not too excited about that prospect since it would cut into the time I have to worship myself while contemplating my navel.

Friend of USA

Cindy Sheehan said the US was in a nuclear war with Iraq.

If anyone saw the light in the horizon, let me know.


FOUSA -- How dare you challenge the omnipotence of Mother Sheehan! She's talking about the horrible radiation from depleted uranium, a radioisotope so scary that it has a half life of 4.5 billion years! Half of all depleted uranium that was here when the world began has already undergone radioactive decay!That means it'll be still poisoning the womyn and chyldryn of Iraq long after our Sun has become red giant and burned Earth to a cinder! It's radioactive! Its powerful alpha particles are able to travel millions of angstroms through the air! We know that "alpha particles" are bad because they sound scientific! Atomic bombs are made out of uranium! When uranium decays, it sends out a particle that is a major product of nuclear fusion, the same process that's used to make hydrogen bombs! It's radioactive!

Friend of USA

But Bubble, we won't be around in 4.5 billion years...

Friend of USA

Can you imagine 4.5 billion years from now the only thing
" fossilized " from our era is Larry's hard disk for this site,
and some humans or aliens find it and manage to read it's content and then try to understand our culture based on what they read on Blame Bush?

Red Loser

Yeah, and then their tortured souls will be hoping some of that deadly uranium were still around...

Red Loser

Maybe these aliens will be able to figure out how Dumbya sabotaged the formatting on all BlameBush! articles written on or before June 20.

Red Loser

Actually, some older ones work, too. But suffice it to say, Bush screwed up all our fun again.

Friend of USA

And why the " Bush hates grieving mothers " post title was replaced by " Would you hit a grieving mother with glases?"

Friend of USA

Sorry, "grieving war mom"...


I`m sorry to hear about your smelly hippy uncles plight, but I think we can somehow manage to salvage this in such a way as to put the blame at Bush's feet!

You see, when I took my tin-foil hat off to scratch my head, I picked up radio transmissions from the Top Secret VRWC satellite that proves definitively that George Bush, under the direction of Karl Rove, had the Jewish Cabal use "Jew Science" to change the molecular structure of your smelly hippy uncles bong.

Knowing that he had the strength to lift a concrete bong on occasion, they used "Jew Science" to change it to lead. When he tried to pick up his bong in the normal manner, the additional weight caused him to have a hernia.

That "Jew Science" is evil I tell ya.
Even the honorable Hitler didn`t want anything to do with it.
Atomic Bombs??? Jew science.
Better V-2 Rockets??? Jew science.
Better, faster, louder jets (of which I love the noise of)??? Jew science.

It seems a good progressive just can't get a break nowadays.


Shouldn't that be "George is Dick';s Lambchop"?

Talking Toaster


May the Grief Mojo be with you. But, it will not if Uncle Harvey pulls through. Might I suggest a dose of "Death with Dignity" for Uncle Harvey. Let him go with dignity. Peace be on him (along with his concrete bong).


Larry, as a progressyve the most loving thing you can do know is starve/dehydrate your Uncle to death. Only then can he enjoy the great bong in the sky after dying in such an euphoric manner.

I mean, have we learned nothing from Michael Schiavo? What greater love can a man show his first wife when she is severely brain-damaged to then and go out and get another honey, f#&k like minks, start a new family and then lovingly starve/dehydrate your first wife to death after recovering your memory that was how she wanted to go! What a progressyve hero!

Don't you want to be a hero, too, Larry? Admittedly it would be more difficult for you to go out and get another uncle like you can another wife ... unless you clone him first.


There goes Bu$Hitler, adding words to my post. Please strike the letter "k" in the word "know" on the second line. It should read "now". Damn Chimpy...another chimp going crazy with a keyboard.

Son of the South (c)

I'm getting a hernia just from laughing so hard!!!!!

Concrete bong? Meditational yurt?

You're killin' me Lar . . .



I see the dark hand of jewery behind this. but then again I see the dark hand of jewery behind everything.

RWing Nut

As Cindy's new best friend, David Duke, points out the problem is not the Joos, it is the Juice, OJ Simpson and his kind. The state controlled facist media has cleverly distorted this message to justify the repression of the progryessive message of world piece (make love, not war)emanating from camp kooky.

I shudder to think what would have happened to the courageous participants in the candle light vigil last week if it hadn't been scheduled on Jesusland's bowling night. Thousands of progryssive might have been exposed to counter-revolutionary thought which the facist media characterizes as "disagreement." As any good progryssve will regurgitate from their programming, all points of view are welcome as long as they agree with ours.

I am the pony-tailed guy

In addition to the fact that were attacking the innocent terrorists with nuclear weapons. I've heard that our blood thirsty troops (Oh, and I support them BTW so don't even try it) have been exposing the Islamic freedom fighters to lead (Pb). That stuff is poisonous... What are we doing to our children!

Son of the South (c)


Your other problem with arguing about the nukes is that Mz. Dowd has bestowed upon Mz. Sheehan 'absolute moral authority', i.e., you simply can't argue with her or claim she might be fizzle-headed. If she says we're nukin' 'em, we're nukin' 'em . . .

Glory to Mother Sheehan

I live near a city of 300,000 with another 100,000 in the surrounding counties.
We turned out a magnificent crowd of 28 for Mother,s vigil.

Supernatural Rabbit Scribe

"...Uncle Harvey suffered a severe hernia..."

I do hope it wasn't in the lower intestine; that could severely hinder his cognitive abilities.


Uncle Harvey has cognitive abilities?


I have a real problem with dowdy Maureen claiming Ms. Sheehan has "absolute moral authority" simply because she is a mother of a fallen jackbooted, American soldier.

What of the other 1,800 mothers who lost their jackbooted, sons and daughters in Operation Iraqi WMD. I wouldn't be surprised to find that for every mother Sheehan righteously ranting against the war for Iraqi freedom there are fifty other moms who believe their adult child died with honor in a just war. That would mean the warmongers would have fifty times the absolute moral authority of brave anti-war progressyves.

Gaia forbid if Americans would unite under the banner of "win with honor" and America actually won this war on terrorism. How would that look on our resume having opposed Bu$Hitler/Haliburton/Cheney's prescription for Iraqi civil rights? I think I'm going to be sick...where's my tinfoil hat? I'm starting to think too much like KKKarl Rove.

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