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Friend of USA

Bilgeman, Bush made the address invalid... :-(

John Roberts Oppresses Cross-Dressing Toads

You Progressive womyn actually had something to celibrate today.

Umm.... Well. Actually we do.





Thanks to BushSatans unprogressive education system no one knows how to make Links to photos
Fortunatley I get all my HTML coding options HERE
Together we stand. Divided we fall to Bush's lies.


Thanks! I dominated my better half into spending quality time at a bookstore, then in a frenzy of want dragged him over to Home Depot where I selfishly demanded a lighted
vent for the home spa. With hunger pains raging, I forced him to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I indulged in a plate of chilaquiles, chips and the best salsa I have ever eaten, while imbibing Sprite.

Then we took the Child Labor Units swimming. After that, they cleaned the kitchen while I napped and read bits of 'Eldest,' and organized my sewing room.



Oh, I almost forgot. I am going to oppress him sexually by making him install the vent in our bathroom either shirtless or in very brief shorts.

Kool-Aid Drinker

Larry, where are you? We need to know what you think about how Bushitler has thrown New Orleans to the wolves by deploying every last able-bodied man, womyn, boi and grrrl to Iraq when they're needed to help defend the Big Easy from the wrath of Gaia!

Why isn't Chimpy McSmirk down in New Orleans himself, where he might be able to sacrifice himself and placate the goddess into sparing the lives of all those good and decent people who share Gaia's seething hatred of the Bush Crime Family?


I don't know if he has send Condi to deal with the Wrath of Katrina, Gaia's Emissary to the US.

Friend of USA

Dances With Bullets,

For a computer semi-illitirate like me, that HTML coding info will be precious ( I hope I can figure out how to use any of it without begging for someone's help... )

I tip my
beaver-skin ear-flap hat to you.


Is there some kind of logical connection between Code Pink and Princess Leia's book, Surrender The Pink?

Is Code Pink some kind of secret decoder ring organization which enlists the services of gay, lesbian and transgendered people to bravely spit on American soldiers? The only pink I like is Ben$Jerry's strawberry ice cream.

Since B&J are also anti-war progressyves I wonder if they're passing out free samples of their yummy fat-free frogert at Camp Casey-in-the-ditch or are they going the way of Halliburton and raping the American people over a profit?


Kool-Aid Drinker,

The larger question is why doesn't BushChimpy force his daughters to go down to New Orleans and go mano a mano with Hymicane Katrina?

No fight is worth it unless every Congresspyrson and Administration official forces their children to volunteer to fight.

Menstrual Rainbow

With BushChimpler's ongoing war against the enviroment, ie his attack on the Caribou of the ANWR, it is hardly surprising that Gaia is angry at America. Yet despite this, the DINO tendancy within congress seldom criticises DummyYa on this, not now nor even after the Tsunami, I can't wait until Kos reveals his secret plan to destroy them.


According to scientists at political blogs, this is the worst hurricane since bacteria ruled the world. These scientist also prove that this is the first time the Earth has warmed since male protein strains got female protein strains drunk which led to intertwining and DNA which led to the white human male, aka 'The Destructor'.

When asked how this any of this is true when as of 7:55am on 8/29/2005, the hurricane was making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane when 3 Category 5 hurricanes have struck the U.S. in the 20th century alone, the scientists asked how I could be so heartless with my questioning when I should be thinking of the children in this hour of dire need.

Be safe, you racist cajuns. We're all pulling for you.


Dances With Bullets:

Oh great! Thanks a heap you Undercover Rove Operative!

I mucked about with your code, and now all I see on my screen are those two Halliburton Executives with an applet that shouts KKKonservative Abuse at me.

I can't even play my Enya CD's now!


Menstrual Rainbow

Breaking News-

Comrade Chavez has told his followers that if he is added to the Bush Body Count then we should use this website to find out what's going on.

"Chavez: If anything happens to me, Blame Bush"

Its a big responsibility knowing that Larry will be the progressive beacon of hope and love should Chavez be killed by a Robertson inspired jihadi.


Perhaps we should show Comrade Robertson the HTML link. After corrupting his computer systems he will be unable to purchase plane tickets to Venezuala and will most likely lose the ability to cash in his sky miles on an appropriate weapon of mass dictator distruction


Also Larry, Congrats on the mention of your site on .Reuters.
Finally the Right wing press recognises your talent.


Chavez has paranoia. Wonder what caused that?

I think Larry is under the sink at Camp Chomstein, engaged in fork therapy with Cindy Sheehan and the RevRUND Al SHARPtun.

Friend of USA

Well if you can sell it, donate it to the Cindy Sheehan happy campers ;

LONDON, Aug. 26 (UPI) --

The wife of one of Britain's most prominent chefs has come up with her own food line, vegetable ice cream.

Tana Ramsay's "Ice Greens" aim to get children to eat what's good for them and come in broccoli, carrot, lettuce, pea, tomato and yellow pepper flavors, the Daily Mail reports.

But the newspaper said that tastings of "Ice Greens" suggest they are even less appealing than ordinary vegetables.

"The broccoli ice cream is the color of bin (trash) bags and smells a bit like them too," was one verdict. "In fact, given the choice, we would rather eat out of bin bags."



I wonder if she will feature them on "Fear Factor?"

That is just oogie. Of course, in Bubblehead's Part of the USA, the cult he is affiliated with loves green jello and a nasty little potato casserole featuring cream of something soup, sour cream, cheese and topped with cornflakes. They also serve red Kool-Aid and chocolate chip cookies at every function involving teens under the age of 18.


Sen. Durbin

This so-called "hurricane" is just another plot by KKKarl Rove and Der Chimpenfuhrer to divert our attention from the DSM, Gannongate, and Plamegate. An illegitimate hurricane from an illegitimate pResident.


When even the BlameBush! wannabes over at DU can figure out that the popularity of progryssyves in popular culture will inevitably result in the downfall of the Bu-shaitan/Cheney/MLB/Halliburton hegemony, you know that it's true. This wise poster noted that Green Day's triumph at the MTV video awards is proof that mainstream AmeriKKKs is waking up to the evils of Republicanism. I mean, what an upset! I myself find it hard to believe that an anti-war band could win the award against the large number of pro-Bu-shai-hulud bands that are popular on MTV... of course, I'm not sure when any voters could actually see the videos they were voting on, since I'm pretty sure that MTV doesn't play videos any more.

Sen. Durbin

I'm surprised that Green Day's singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, has not been assassinated by the Reichpublicans yet. I mean, this modern-day Dylan is the only one who had the cojones to point out that the U.S. would be "safer under Saddam," as he said during a performance last year. We can only dream, dream that Hussein will break out of Chimpy's gulag and lead our once great nation back to democracy and freedom!


All this talk about hyrricanes reminds me...that's not a very egalytarian, progressyve thing to do.

Try this instead!


George Bush created the global warming that created this big goddamn hurricane. He killed my mommy


Once again, I need to warn all the denizens of this great primorial ooze of progryssyve thought that the Bushbots are watching us. For example, a known Kool-Aid vending site revealed to the world at large that Cr'Q't recently celebrated a birthday, and attempted to bribe her with various items to join their cause... Fight the Power!

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