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Menstrual Rainbow

That's an outrageous breach of our human rights. I'm not surprised though I've already been viciously attacked* whilst at a babykiller glorification event at the local cemetery.

I was peacefully protesting, chanting
"Ha Ha The stormtrooper's Dead-
You should have voted for Kerry instead!"

Then his chromosome donor viciously suppressed by right to speak out, "Excuse me, could you please show a bit of compassion and protest somewhere else." she screamed quietly! As you can imagine I was horrified yet the police did nothing to intervene at this.

Naturally neither I nor my twelve fellow members of Artists Surviving Sexual Harrassment Opposing Likudnik Enterprises had prepared ourselves for such an assault, but I did manage to ask her what sort of 'Mother' would mark her son's death by her conspicious absence from the Shrub's ranch?


I think I'm gonna be sick...but I guess going to Walter Reed will not be an option much longer.


Free speech is not always a pretty thing, and sometimes, one's responsibility as a citizen demands that one grit one's teeth, set one's jaw, and do one's duty.

I don't enjoy calling a triple-amputee a baby-killer. I don't enjoy asking a man with third-degree burns across 85% of his body for a light, and I particularly don't enjoy telling a man who lost both eyes that he now possesses the chimp's vision for the future.

Yet, I do it. I do it because I have to. The country will hear about this war, even the guy who had his hearing destroyed by a roadside bomb and to whom I wrote a note saying he's better off since Limbaugh will never indoctrinate him again. So, criticize if you must, but just like the 5 year-old with a bus pass and a chest strap full of TNT, just like the Islamic assassin with the corporal from Racistville, AL in his sights, and just like the founding person who wrote the right to free medical care into the constitution, I am a patriot, a freedom-fighter, and I shall never quit. Never, never, never...

Che Guevarito

Bush is making a feeble attempt at liberal logic. He figures that if there are no army hospitals, there won't be any wounded inside those hospitals. It's kind of a reverse-"If you build it, they will come" kind of thing aimed at reducing the number of casualties in Iraq. It actually makes perfect sense to me, but it could have frightening consequences. If this works, he'll assume that by slashing social benefits, the people who depend on them to buy necessities (TVs, cell phones, booze, etc.) will become self-reliant.

Mynstrual, It's good to see you've formed a local chapter. I was expelled from mine after we had a little blow-out. I reamed them for being too tight-fisted and told them they need to loosen up a bit and try to enjoy our outtings. In the end, though, it didn't matter how long I had been there or how close I was to accomplishing my goals. I was forced to withdraw from their movement. I was so mad at the chairman (Colon Brown) that I didn't even grab my stuff. I left my raincoat inside the entrance, and I left a nice skidmark on the way out.

Now I've formed my own anti-war group. We're the Democratic Opposition to Unethical Carnage Happening in Bagdad, and Afghanistan by George Shrubya. Like Cindy, we have caterers (They make a mean vinaigrette.)

Bob Jones

A few of us retired military folks will be there on the evening of 9/2 to "interact" with the wymyn of Code Pink. We'll be handing out recipes so they can go home to their man and cook them some good meals. And, since it's Friday night, those wymyn better bring their man a cold beer too. After all, their man worked hard all week long, making money, so the wymyn can buy pretty little dresses to wear around the house, dresses that are pleasing to their man.


The whole problem, and the reason the Kool-Aid drinkers are out there stifling Menstrual Rainbow's dissent, is because people think we're at "war". While I know that 9/11 was a Bush/Cheney/MLB/Halliburton/Illuminati MIHOP attack, I recognize that the vast majority of the AmeriKKKan sheeple aren't ready to accept this truth, so I'm prepared to meet them halfway. What we need to do is get people to follow Rumsfeld's lead and stop calling it a war; I propose we call it the "Worldwide Argument Versus Extremist Reprobates".


That Cindy Sheehan commentary reads suspiciously like parody!

Wilderness Fox

As I sit here in my solar-powered abode, sipping on organically grown carrot juice and munching on prunes picked by well-compensated migrant workers, I am brought to tears by the actions of Der Fuhrer- I mean, President Bush. Though my body and mind are weary from an afternoon yoga and pilates, I still have enough energy within my soul to contemplate the horror of this newly uncovered scam being perpetuated by the Neo Conservatives. When will the madness stop?

Son of the South (c)

I thought he was kinda cute . . .


Hey, big news alert. Judicial nominee John Roberts IS A CONFEDERATE. It seems one time he crossed out "Civil War" in some of his notes and replaced it with "The War Between the States." See. He was a kkkloset confederate all along! Another kkkonservative putting the "thug" into Rethuglikkkan.


Menstrual Rainbow and MoonChild, your compassion and empathy in "supporting our troops" in that way are truly awe inspiring. If American mothers and fathers of sons and daughters who were sent by Bush with suicide belts to kill innocent Iraqi children really cared about their little rug rats in the first place, then I agree, the place for them is in the ditch with brave progressyve Cindy Sheehan.


My partner and I won't let our little monkeyman, Loveblossom Fidel Crouton, play with loaded firearms, but when the military does the exact same thing it's OK! :(

(BTW, before everyone rises up in a paroxysm of feigned outrage, the term "monkeyman" was not meant as a slur against our sibling Persyns of Color.) :)


I can see it now...think how funny franken would/could be in a level 5 burn unit? a hoot!

We could get amy goodman to set down with the bed ridden and give them the truth about the war.....

And we could get ted rall to come in and sneer at them to bring them around.(he would be a hit with the ranger types)

we could get eric alterman to come in and tell them all about how "when he was working on he phd, he never killed any kids"

and so on... once more larry you are dead on......

Menstrual Rainbow

Bubblehead, I think we should call the present circumstances a war, "The War of Western Aggression" would be my choice.

Che- I appreciate you've had your difference with my group, but the only way to clean up ASSHOLE is force your way inside and make your presence felt.

Friend of USA

I've just realized I'm not at the Cindy Sheehan site....

Friend of USA

I read the following at Power line;

"That the folks at BlameBush! were able to create this marvelous parody[...] "

The folk*S* ?

Who are you hiding under your sink Larry?


...'healing power of progressyve loogie.'

I can think that maybe the laying on of hands might help some progressyves.


And they misspelled 'womyn.' They are such Pr-teasers.
They say they mean 'no,' but when they cling to the ancient spelling of 'women,' what they are really is saying 'yes.'

Sluts. I am so ashamed of the Pink Turbaned Ones.



You Progressive womyn actually had something to celibrate today.
Did you not know that today is the anniversary of the 19th Amendment?
I saw you scratch your head, so I`ll explain.
85 years ago today, men, offically allowed you to vote.

Womyn wanted to call it the 19th but we men had to put our size 13 foot down.


...19th COMMANDMENT...

Another important Progressive anniversary is the demonstration at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.


Those Hitleresque KKKonservatives at Power Line are trying marginalize Liberal Larry's message by claiming that this blog is some sort of "parody" site. The only thing they know about parody is if they get a "pair o' de"-structive non-violent progryssyve wedgies administered to them! As if we'd have any time for humor with so much MLB-ordered Bu-shaitan-led oppression going on!
(If this is a double post, it's Bu-shai-hulud's fault.)

Friend of USA

After this;

( ABCnews )CRAWFORD, Texas Aug 28, 2005 — Several thousand people descended on President Bush's adopted hometown Saturday, attending a rally supporting him or arriving for the last leg of an anti-war demonstration near his ranch.

The pro-Bush rally by the school football stadium was the culmination of the "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" tour that started last week in California referring to the protest that peace activist Cindy Sheehan started Aug. 6 near Bush's ranch.

Several times the crowd of about 1,500 chanted, "Cindy, go home!" [...]

And after that;

( Canada free press )
by J.B. Williams
Saturday, August 27, 2005

But the plot is about to thicken even more as White Supremacist from begin to make their way towards Crawford in support of Sheehan’s anti-Semitic statements. members claim to be the original opposition to the war, based solely on their hatred of Jews and their belief that this war is only about defending Israel.

White Supremacists are staging a rally of their own in Crawford this weekend, joining the anti-war media circus[...]


I think Cindy will soon be moving to Canada under a new name...But then again there is always the full-burka-with-fish-net option...

Friend of USA

And what about this remarkable mother who has lost a son too and who - as far as accomplishing anything worthwhile is concerned - could run circles around Cindy Sheehan?


( )

Sally Goodrich lost her son in the Sept. 11 attacks, but she channeled her grief into a positive outlet. [...]

Sally Goodrich, mother of a Sept. 11 victim, helped raise almost $180,000 to build a school in Afghanistan for about 500 girls.[...]



Y'know, I've been thinking about this...and that must be QUITE some rug, if he could sweep a hospital under it.


Friend of USA:

"I think Cindy will soon be moving to Canada under a new name...But then again there is always the full-burka-with-fish-net option..."

Does this qualify as a "burkha"?

We have some old sailcloth laying about, and I reckon we can make a buck in the fashion trade.


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