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Did that work?



RWing Nut

It has been too long since Larry posted anew.

I gleaned this encoded stock tip from Howie's latest post "It is time to beat the sords into plough shares." After a bit of herbal enlightenment, the plain text translation is clear; the SORDS (Sevants Of Reichwing Dip Sh**s, institutional investors) will soon be buying up Shering Plough shares. Howie's creative spelling is used to mask a call to action by the other members of his stock market manipulation group. Indeed the shares are up .5% today on average volume.


Yeah, yeah, yeah...."New Discoveries In Space"....whadda load of rhubarb!!

The Shrub insisted Discovery launched into outerspace with John G Roberts & KKKarl Roves records so's no on WOULD discover all the dirt on them here on planet earth!!!

You can't make this stuff up....Well, unless ifn's your Hoowie.....[pronounced: "hoo--EEEE!"]


trying to KKKlose those BAM ItaliCommies

Peanut Gallery


Howies Roommates




Didn't John F. Kennedy once say, "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you"?

Similarly, I think JFK also opined, "We will not pay any price nor will we bear any burden for the cause of liberty around the world."

A true progressyve.


Sheesh, just got caught up and read your post CKCat.

Truly a provocative progressyve thought you had there therefore it must be true. The suspicious timing of the Discovery launch with respect to the call by open-minded liberal Democrat Senators for the ten million pages of documents concerning John Roberts public record is indeed another conspiracy of silence by the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/NASA/Cheney/RoveHimmler/Bork junta.


Masked Menace©

I can't take Bush's Weapons of Mass Italics anymore!!!!


We should let Hollyweird know how we feel about Hannoy Jane and the rest of them in general and just boycott the movies for one weekend. Just one weekend: no movies - no dvd rentals - nada. Pick a date and give it a catchy name. That way they couldn't blame their slump on overpriced popcorn. Maybe we should save it for whenever Oliver Stone's 9/11 movie comes out.


I can't take Bush's Weapons of Mass Italics anymore!!!!
Posted by: Masked Menace© | July 26, 2005 12:31 PM

Thanks for closing the italics, MM! Sorry I put your post back in 'em...but that's just my M.O., per S.O.P.

Sen. Durbin

Cr'q't, it disappoints me that you continue to attempt to cast the blame on the left, when this quagmire is the fault of none other than the oil-grabbing Chimp living in Al Gore's house. To attempt to divert the attention to the conflict in Kosovo is yet another reactionary trick of the neoKKKons. Bill Clinton's mission in Kosovo was one of humanitarianism and freedom, before Bu$h and his KKKronies turned it into an illegal and immoral theft of Slobodan Milosevic's oil. Instead of asking how many have died in my name, you should ask how many have died in the name of Halliburton Cheney's stock portfolio.


Or how many have died because of due process in their fascist countries?
Such as being gay is a capital offense under Islamic law? Or hanging a girl because she wanted to kiss her boyfriend...only he got whipped but she was killed.

Yes, I knew you were for Equality for All. I so sit corrected and will meditate upon my sins. Thank you, Senator Durbin for letting the light shine down on nyour warped, twisted sick logic.

Sen. Durbin

Cricket, when you realize that the $hrub has been bad for womyn worldwide? Do you really think that Chimpy and his religious reich KKKronies are going to protect the Right to Choose of women in the countries we've annexed? No way. Instead, the Murder Monkey will stack their courts with little John Roberts wanna-bes, judges dedicated not to making progressive laws, but instead focused only on furthering Bu$h's patriarchal zeitigeist. It is important for us as ameriKKKans to overlook the occasional indiscretions of our enemies and focus instead on the rights our country has stolen from millions, most recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Man, these right-wingnuts are total loons. Look what I found at Dr. Sanity's site:

The website Dr. Sanity writes:

The Left calls international terrorism an "illusion." I call the the views of the Left "delusional". Thier illusion is a concoction of wishful thinking, projection, and outright denial of reality.

What we see in the delusion that "terrorism does not exist", is a desperate attempt by the Left to explain-- in terms they can understand, their own fall from power and influence in the world. They would rather believe this illusional "nightmare enemy gives so many groups new power and influence in a cynical age - and not just politicians"; rather than to deal with the fact that they no longer have the power and influence they once had, prefering to believe that it has been stolen away from them by vague conspiratorial forces.

Additionally, they unknowingly demonstrate the typical cold grandiosity and arrogance of the true paranoid, by asserting that their own superior intellect allows them to see beyond the obvious facts that we mere mortals must deal with.

Further projection and paranoia are fairly common when one attempts to confront delusion. The confronter almost always becomes incorporated into the delusional "plot" in the eyes of the paranoid. That is why so many on the Left accuse Right-leaning bloggers of being "paid off" by the Republicans or that they are merely regurgitating the "talking points" of thw (sic) Administration--as if we don't have independent thinking faculties that have logically brought us to the same conclusions.

Sheesh, does this fascist pig think we're stupid? Everyone knows kkkonservatives get their talking points from Rush Limpbaugh. Obviously this jackbooted thug is a card carrying member of the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/NASA/Cheney/RoveHimmler/Roberts/Trilateral commission conspiracy which stole both the 2000 and 2004 elections. Hell, they stole the 1968, 1972, 1980, 1984, and the 1988 elections, too!


Bush cut my line off, see there is a reich-wing conspiracy.

The one line should read: Bu$Hilter/..../Roberts/Trilateral Commission conspiracy which stole...

Masked Menace©

Oh great, now Bush has hacked in and removed all the offending italics I closed. He must be trying to make me look like I'm insane by making it look like I was trying to close italics that weren't really there. Damn that Bush!

David Vance

As a Brit, I must say how much I agree with Michael Moore. What LOOKED like gallons of blood splattered over the London Underground was really only tomato sauce, planted suffice to say by American agents on Bush's instrictions - trying to drag US into this "war" We won't be fooled though.


Hey, I checked out that David Vance's blog...pretty cool stuff!


I'm just curious, are you people serious, or is this some kind of joke. I mean, perhaps there is some viable evidence against his election, against the war in Iraq, etc. but some of this is obviously ridiculous. Please answer, so I can sleep at night.


I'm just curious, are you people serious, or is this some kind of joke. I mean, perhaps there is some viable evidence against his election, against the war in Iraq, etc. but some of this is obviously ridiculous. Please answer, so I can sleep at night.

Friend of USA

Bobby you are not sure if this is serious...
I suggest you stick around and keep reading, you'll get your answer... or you will loose a lot of sleep !


no seriously, if you are really serious about this, you're going about it the wrong way. Don't make lies and pin them on your enemies, find fallacies in his truth. I know it sounds corny, but it beats accusations of italic-hacking.

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