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Boy, did I feel like an utter berk!

Took you long enough.


Here's proof the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/NASA/Cheney regime is trying to mainstream the use of Rovian Mind Control technology among Coalition governments.

A new "crowd control" microwave weapon is being tested in Great Britain! Gaia help us, Shrubya thinks he's the Second Coming of Christ!


Larry, you hit it right out of the park, my comrade. It is all smoke mirrors. We are in a war that we are losing (hell, we have killed about 25,000,000 arab
"terrorists" already)and we've lost about 10,000,000 of our brave (yet hate-filled)troops as it stands. No wonder bombs are popping like firecrakers all over london. keep your eyes on the big picture! I mean look, if some old english woman says "oh dear, I've got me legs blown off" by a bomb planted by by a well-meaning arab guy so be's as good as b$ush and blair planted it....

it's like when I turned on the tv and I saw all those nazis jumping out of the twin towers....I started thinking.....I think I saw penn and teller pull this same shtick years ago...come on down the rabbit hole.....if you dare!!!



I agree with you, to an extent. There is a terrorist threat, but it is not in the Muslim mosques around the world, its on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. you go it, peeResident ChimpBushitler.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

The Brigades are pleased that you infidels recognize where the true terrorists reside, in the White House.

Islam is a Religion of Peace, and if you don't think so, we'll blow up some more buildings and hack off your heads. Alternatively, if you accede to our demands, we'll hack off your heads and blow up some more buildings.

The choice is yours.


And maybe if Shrub would fing out what America did to upste these people, then America can make things right. Then the troops can come home, and the so-called «terrorists» can return to their jobs and families. Give peace a chance. Is'nt it time someone tried it?


I was over at DU and it hit me so hard It almost knocked off my tin-foil hat. Let's give the "terrorist" half of our nuclear weapons. That will make them like us. and while were at it, we'll can get them to sign some deal that they won't do anymore attacks that would harm mother earth....I mean just think how many cubit tons of black smoke the whole 9/11 thing did....and think about all those blown up train cars, hummvees and buildings and stuff... they are in some landfill right now. I'm all for bringing down the u.s.a and all that but we must do it in a eco-friendly way....


Dave, let me suggest that we deliver those nuclear weapons via ballistic missile? They'll get there faster. Trust me.


Hey aelfheld, Thats is a good Idea.. We could give them our ballistic missiles as well.. That way no one would fight...Bill Clinton could sign the treaty on the white house lawn.(is it just me, or did we never had trouble with the arabs when he was pres) He's a man they could get to the bottom of all this trouble with. that chimp that's in there now is screwing up everything now....
I just don't want anymore damage to mother earth if we can help it.

Friend of USA

My dear Liberals, it does not mean terrorists are your friends just because they will kill you last.


I will greet them with open arms after the get rid of all the repukes!


Sing along everybody!
(to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell")

There is no terrorist threat!
There is no terrorist threat!
You need to calm down,
and don't freak out,
There is no terrorist threat!

There is no terrorist threat!
There is no terrorist threat!
listen carefully,
and repeat after me:
There is no terrorist threat!

Wow kids!
You were great!
Now wasn't that fun?

I just love Mike Moore! What a creative GENIOUS


Looks like today is bad link day
(like the other day was un-closed BOLD tag day)

Damn that KKKarl Rove!

Michael Moore: Creative GENIUS!

A Real Boob(s) Beneath Black Headdress

"Boy, did I feel like an utter berk!"

Man, do I feel like an udder Burkah!


At my community college, my history professym was discussing how right-wing fascists got all worked up during the 30's about a progressyve named Hitler and started screaming "He's a threat!" To humor these vile Bush ancestors, the British sent Neville Chamberlain to speak with Hitler, and he returned with a piece of paper and 'peace in our time', proving how valuable negotiation can be.

My professym had to break off there so we could plan the transgender silk stockings fund-raiser, but looking at a map of Europe, I see that Britain, Germany, France, and Poland are still there. So, it looks like everything worked out. Thank Gaia that Michael Moore is here to help us repeat history's successes.


dave, you forgot the part about giving each brave Muslim freedom fighters - devotees to the religion of peace - 72 of our virgin daughters. That's if there are any virgins left in this country after forty years of our progressyve if-it-feels-good-do-it campaign. Giving our daughters would show our own good intentions and certainly placate reasonable people like Arab/Muslim insurgents who only hack off heads and blow up people in the name of peace.

See, I knew this would happen, we go to war in Iraq and nightclubs in Bali and the World Trade Center come tumbling down as a result of Bu$Hitler's and Blair's warmongering terrorism against innocent Muslims.

I wouldn't advise giving working nuclear weapons to Muslim insurgents since they may actually use them on peace loving people like the Chinese and North Koreans.

Che Guevarito

Howie's right on this one. The secret to getting along in the new world is to appease those who would explode you. Agree with the terrorists and give in to their demands. By bowing and bending with the prevailing winds like the noble willow (Salix Invertebratius, or Salix J.F. Kerryus), you're sure to avoid the righteous lumberjack slowly sawing your limbs off.

Everyone knows that these terrorists only slaughter white, American Christians, as they did in London. If you just accept Mohammed as your savior, when you are sent to paradise as a result of following the wrong cleric or for giving legitimacy to the untrue line of Caliphs, you'll be promised 72 hot, naughty virgins ...

Unless you're a womyn. Then the best you can hope for is a dishwashing position at the Denny's just outside paradise's gates.

Son of the South (c)

Hey Liberal Larry:

Did you just blame the terrorist attacks on a couple of queers, er, I mean gays, uh . . . I mean, participants in an alternative lifestyle?

That's not very progressive of you, now is it?


It's the religious right: THEY are the AMERICAN TALIBAN and they have caused these bombings. It's all their fault. They go to church, they pray, they don't support a womyns unfettered right to choose to end her baby's life - at any stage of the game - they voted for $hrubya and their religiousity tempts and baits those true of heart, such as Osama Bin Laden who is just a guy like John Adams or Thomass Jefferson - fighting for the freedom of his people. We need to put rainbows in our hearts and sit down with OBL and listen - I mean REALLY listen - to his list of complaints about us - and then do whatever it is that he wants. IT COULD SAVE LIVES!! REAL living lives - NOT baby-lives that just pollute the world with overpopulation and that no one cares about anyways.

Friend of USA

I'm not the conspiracy-theory type but, what if those millions of female aborted fetuses that are in fact
- virgins -
are sent by leftys to muslim heaven in exchange for free patchouli?
That would certainly explain how muslims have so many available virgins; their heaven is a big ranch where they just raise fetuses like cattle!

It's all about patchouli oil.

The left is all about patchouli oil.

No fetus for patchouli!
No fetus for patchouli!
No fetus for patchouli!


Britain should have learned from history. After all, they were the ones who declared war against a Germany in 1939 who had never attacked them -- Great Britain didn't even have a treaty with Poland that would have obligated them to declare war! If the Brits had not gotten involved in that border dispute, the Luftwaffe wouldn't have been bombing London the next year. They should have listened to John Lennon: "All we are sa-a-ay-ing... Is give me your pants..."


"I'm not the conspiracy-theory type but, what if those millions of female aborted fetuses that are in fact
- virgins -
are sent by leftys to muslim heaven in exchange for free patchouli?" - FOUSA

And in that way progressyves can celebrate how we've extended the hand of fellowship and understanding to brave Muslim freedom fighters. What better sincere sacrifice than to give of ones own flesh in the cause of global harmonic convergence? As we've been saying with respect to embryonic stem cell research (which could have cured Superman™ and got him out of that wheelchair before he died): No unwanted fetus should go to waste.

What better way to placate jihadist freedom fighters than to promise them that progressyve American women will continue supplying their paradise with virgins for all their brave warriors through our sacrament of abortion.

And I bet there are some warmongering Rethuglikkkan kkkonservatives out there (and faux progressyves) who will condemn us for this loving, sacrificial act which will advance the cause of understanding between the religion of peace, Islam, and the evil military industrial complex of the West. Proving once again progressyves are the real peacemakers.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

The Brigades are struggling with a tough one right now. If we send out that intellectually differently gifted Mustafa to blow up himself and a bunch of infidels, but the nitwit only blows himself up, does he get 36 virgins, having accomplished half of his task? Or does he only get to second base with all 72?

We're awaiting a fatwa on this one, but so far no word from Jenny Craig.


If Michael "Truthier Truth" Moore says it---I BELIEVE IT!

The double attacks in London are the Shrubs way of trying to take all the focus of Farenheit 911 in AZ which is his fault cuz of not signing to KYOTO and also it's also the hatemonger Dumbya trying to disprove Mr. Moore... ONLY because he has an out of control, irrational, over the top hatred for the Suckumentar....err.... Palm De Whore winning Documenterrorist!!

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see through the Peeresident's rouge...ruse..?....rubes???...rubiks cube?....Whatevah'!


"...Islamicists are selective in their attacks and hatred. So far global jihad avoids two billion Indians and Chinese, despite the fact that their countries are far tougher on Muslims than is the United States or Europe. In other words, the Islamicists target those whom they think they can intimidate and blackmail."
Victor Davis Hanson

HAH! What a tool! "Global jihad", to the extent it is occuring at all, is only happening where JOOOOOOS and their hand-puppet, rush-limbaugh-jesus-land zombies are running amok.

How many JOOOOOOOS and KKKristians are operating in the open in China or India?

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