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Stalin Lives In Boston


[...] the grunting cesspool of testosterone the Supreme Court is now.

I thought Ginsburg was getting treatment for that.


This is definitly a win for Big Coathanger. Once again Bush is backing his multinational corporation buddies that employ at least 15 people.


Hey! What if he's actually a trangendered, lesbian atheist?!

Menstrual Rainbow

Why oh why did Dumbya act unilaterally and not ask Jacques Chirac to make the decision in line with progressive world opinion. The sad thing is that at first I misread his nomination and though Bu$Hitler had done the right thing by nomination Julia Roberts who as an Actron has considerable expeience in law from films such as Erin Brockovich and the Pelican Brief but instead he nominates some dude who probably hasn't even *watched* those films!!!


I wonder if he's related to the Pirate Roberts from the progressyve documentary, "Princess Bride"? Maybe Michael Moore knows.


Menstrual Rainbow, I've kept this under my tinfoil hat for some time but don't you think Jacques Chiraq would make an excellent centrist judicial nominee that would balance the court just like a George Soros would?

I'm not aware of any specific constitutional restriction against non-resident aliens being on the court and this would certainly satisfy Justice Stephens desire to have a European perspective represented on SCOTUS future decisions.


What is this non-womyn's position on the critical issues? I demand a point-by-point response to the following questions:

  • Penis: Bane of civilization or cruel joke?
  • Marx: Titanic Genius or God's other Son?
  • 2nd Amendment: Filler betweeen 1st and 3rd to get the Constitution's word count right or proof of James Madison's inborn white-male, homicidal tendencies?
  • 1st Amendment: Applicable only in non-election years or applicable only to 'special' people all the time?
  • Torture: For Repugs only or for Repugs and consenting adults who are into it?
  • Leading questions: Only way to reach the truth or only way to reach the truth.

My hunger strike has begun, and it won't end until I and the American People get the answers we deserve.


Moonchile, be careful what you ask for. Getting what you deserve might not be in your best interests.



Just one historical correction which may be an ambiguity on your part. I don't think Karl Marx was the genius behind the Titanic. Was it possible you really meant "Gargantuan Genuis"? But then that might imply he was calorically-challenged like Fat Bastard in the progressyve documentary film "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."

However your point about Karl Marx (and subsequently his cousins Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo who also made progressyve documentary films extolling the virtues of left-wing socialism) being the previously unrevealed Second Son of God is well taken and was recently well-documented in still another progressyve documentary film "The DaVinci Code". There's a lot we need to ask Michael Moore.

Sorry to ask more questions when you asked for answers.


Did you hear?! HIs WIFEY is a CATHOLIC!!! Not a John Kerry I-only-pretend-to-be-Catholic-so-some-Catholics-might-vote-for-me Catholic nor a Ted Kennedy I-haven't-stepped-into-a-church-since-that-last-Good-Friday-that-me-and-my-nephew-picked-up-those-womyn-brought-them-to-the-compound-to-have-our-way-with-them-wait-a-minute-I-didn't-go-then-either Catholic: SHE's A PRACTICING CATHOLIC!!!!! DEAR GOD! Aren't there work camps for those hate-crime violators?!

Friend of USA

" My progressive friends and I were discussing plans to fight Bush's extremist, right-wing, totally unacceptable nominee for the Supreme Court when word coincidentally reached us of his pick. "

Larry at his best.



Those who say Dumbya timed this announcement to take attention off the Narcatect story are wrong--the scoundral announced it during the SUMMER because he fears the awesome backlash of campus protests that would mobilize our kind during the semester. Now by the time we get back to campus and get ourselves organized, he'll have rammed Roberts down our collective cultural throats and all the fun will be over.

Friend of USA

I'm sorry if I offended anyone by using the capitalist expression " priceless "...

RWing Nut

Evaluation of the facist candidate should be approached with dispassion using behavioral techniques as any progryssve would a job interview. A review of the religous zealots work history (cases), thoughtfully provided by People for the American Way, reveals deeply troubling psychological disfunction. On some cases the imperialist stooge voted with the minority, indicating an inability to work with others to form a consensus, on other cases the corporate hand-puppet voted with the majority, indicating a pathological need for conformance. Moreover, the would be assasin-of-our-democracy refuses to recognize the problem, instead attempting to mask it as "judicial philosophy."

In the unlikely event an interview would be needed for such a obviously unbalanced candidate, behavioral questions are an invaluable tool. For example, If you had to cross a stream of waist-high water and a small boat with paddle was available, how would you cross, row versus wade?


One thing I gotta agree with you commie pinkos is, it’s getting harder to tell the girls from the boys every day.

You wouldn’t think it, but I’m actually a city slicker. Drive my truck into the Meat Market in Manhattan every day.

One night, I’m sleeping in the back of the cab, while I’m waiting to drop my load, and somebody knocks on the door.

“What do you want?” I said, as I grabbed my .357 magnum.

“I’m just a girl trying to make a living,” some whore bitch said.

I look out the window and there’s some cute check in a tube top and a miniskirt.

“I don’t want no girl,” I answered.

“That’s OK,” she answered. “I’m really a boy.”

The moral to this story: If you’re gonna hire a hooker in New York City, make sure they drop their panties first before you hand over the money. Elsewhiles, you don’t know what you’re really gonna find inside them drawers.


For Christ's sake, that Stephen mofo takes over my brain some times.

Last post, a genuine Sarge post. Don't let nobody tell you different.

Supernatural Rabbit Scribe

Not only is he a dude, but it gets worse (if such a thing can be imagined): he's a New Federalist. From America's unbiased Newspaper of Record:

"In his first year on the appeals court (Roberts) seemed to throw in his lot in one case with advocates of the new federalism, that is, judges and scholars who believe Congress is limited in the laws it may enact, leaving some issues to states."

I know these whack jobs. They're pushing for a constitutional amendment that reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Freakin' radicals...


Hankmeister, I have no fear of questions leading to questions. For example, this is a transcript from a 'Transnational Coalition for Peace and Truth' rally I attended:

Enlightened Peace Activist: Why did Bush lie and cause people to die, hatemonger?
Hatemonger: Why do you believe he lied?
EPA: Why don't you answer the *#$!%$ question?
HM: Is it necessary to talk like that?
EPA: Why don't you just go sodomize a goat and its sister?
HM: This is a joke right? Hey! What are you doing with that 'Give Peace a Chance' sign?
EPA #2: Did you have to dialogue with him so hard, Moonchild?
EPA: So you support Bu$hitler too then?
EPA #2: Hey! What are you doing with that 'Give Peace a Chance' sign?

See how it works? Questions are all part of our wonderful democracy despite what Bu$hitler believes.

Son of the South (c)

Isn't 'enlightened peace activist' redundant?

Che Guevarito

Dumbya was determined to make sure the SCROTUS position went to a white, penis-wielding Xtian whacko with credentials and an education instead of an enlightened, genitally-ambiguous persyn from the short bus with an opinion and I-just-pulled-it-out-of-my-ass rhetoric to back it up.

I honestly don't think Shrubya even gave Oliver Willis a second glance! He had an opportunity to appoint a self-proclaimed "idiot with cryptonite" to the Supremisist Court, but he chose the status quo instead.


If that John Gulia Roberts fascist wins the audition for the Supremes, you can dern well bet he'll choke the very life out of that (ONCE!!!!) living, breathing Constitution---and the death WON'T be a peaceful, euphoric Terri Schindler [schiavo] kind neither.....Not to mention it will be the end of Motown as we know it....Typical of the Rethug "white is right" MO as they'll be keeping the Barry Gordy man down!!
DAMN those neocon crackers!!!

Menstrual Rainbow,
I heard that Julia Childs, not Julia Roberts was the Shrubs 1st pick, but....well......that plan is obviously toast.

Che Guevarito


Speaking of "choking the life out of" and other forms of barbaric, reactionary punishment, do you suppose Roberts' son might have some difficulty sitting down for a few days after his little dance recital?

Friend of USA

At Arianna Huffington's site, we can read she was on Politically Incorrect ( with Bill Maher, who BEFORE 9/11 was funny ) and ;

"...She has made guest appearances on numerous other shows, including Larry King Live, Oprah, Nightline, Inside Politics, Charlie Rose, Crossfire, Hardball, Good Morning America, the Today Show, The McLaughlin Group, and The O'Reilly Factor."

Why don't they mention she was also a semi-regular on Hollywood squares with Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Bergeron ?


"Isn't 'enlightened peace activist' redundant?"

Like Buddha was enlightened, exploding under the boojum tree, and he finally realized that pain and suffering do not is all Bush's fault, years before any feminist would come to that conclusion.

Now the peace activists go out and say Bush is eating little children, and realize that it is time to bring back Saddam, and the fact that Osama bin Laden was a nation builder, and Bush is a nation destroyer.

Praise gaiabuddha!

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