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And what else starts with "H"? Himmler! And that leads us straight back to KKKarl RoveHimmler. The circle is complete. See how easy it is to nail these neo-kkkon Nazis?

Also, the frequency at which the SDI satellites operate to ignite the C-4 in the backpockets of the brave Muslim/Mormon/Moonie martyrs must be extremely low frequency stuff to penetrate to the depth at which subways typically operate. Something on the order of what is being used to communicate with the American chickenhawks' warmongering submarine fleet.

But here again is the Bu$Hitler regime raping the mother Earth with its C-4 spontaneous combustion rays to get at innocent Muslim freedom fighters.

adam & Steve

This is just the chickens from Jim Crow - back of the bus coming back to roost.

Anyway there's a bus involved.

Lur, Ruler of Omicron Persei 8

I am the one who is targeting muslim men.

It is unfortunate that there is collateral damage but all muslim men look just like the smelly hippy I once ate who gave me heartburn and a mind altering experience.

Since that time I have vowed never to eat a smelly hippy again, I`ll simply blow them up from space.

Is it my fault that muslim men never shave, comb their hair or take a bath?

Is is my fault that smelly hippies and muslim men all look the same to me?

When I invade and conquor Earth I want to be sure there are no more smelly hippies to give me heartburn.

Red Loser


I just found a smashing good "Screw Abstinence" party hosted by NARAL in Seattle! It's a bit far away for me to make it, which is unfortunate, since I am indeed over 21 and can thus attend this delightful pro-choice orgy--I mean, party. I hear they're offering RU486 as door prizes.


Good thing progressyves didn't have RU486 around during the free love days of our youth. Otherwise the Democratic Party would be down another twenty million voters.

I thought the French was thinking of RU486 as a designer drug for Rethuglikkkans.


More of Gaia's creatures to add to the Bush Body Count: "Shrub poisoned zoo monkeys"

The Powers That Be

Thank you Professym Chompstein for being an articulate spokesperson for progressive causes. We could never expect to read such astute analysis from the NEOCON-controlled media.

In Gaia we trust.


Of course, hip hop and R&B would be the myusyic of choyce
at at truly progressyve party
such as this.

I think we progressyves ought to have a similar party entitled "Screw Sex!"

Forks will be the door prizes, along with condensers for your cold shower needs and posters of Janet Reno in a bustier and stockings.



It is another Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler conspiracy to try and discredit the brave Iraqi insurgents. No doubt it was one of those right-wing goon squads being trained by American stormtroopers that killed the human rights activists and Bu$Hitler is now trying to blame it on brave Iraqi freedom fighters.

Remember El Salvador....Remember Vietnam? Gaia, has it really come to this again?


How about Hillary? This one is fun...if you have a strong stomach!


Oooops, turns out the progressyve human rights activists were gunned down, not blow up. So for the misinformation but this now proves beyond a shadow of doubt it was Bu$haitan/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler warmongers who put a hit on those activists.

What truth were these activists about to speak to power? What truth died with them that could have impeached Bu$h?

What is Bu$h trying to hide? What is Halliburton trying to hide? What is Cheney trying to hide? What is RoveHimmler trying to hide? These are four good questions that must be answered by the Bu$h regime and answering "nothing" only proves their guilt!

Gunning down innocent civilians fits the warmongers' MO perfectly because that's how the right-wing goon squads in El Salvador operated - and they too were trained by jackbooted American stormtroopers.

If it had really been Iraqi freedom fighters they would have used IED bombs. See, see, I told you so...Bu$Hilter lies and peace activists die!


Liberal Larry, your firewall isn't working very well again. Bush has now stolen an "n" and an "ry". It should read: "...not blown up. Sorry for the misinformation"


"Rudi Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York who coordinated the 9/11 attacks for the KKKonservative conspiracy and HALIBURTON was in London, only blocks from the Picadilly station when the bomb went off. This is obvious proof that $hrub, Darth Cheney, and that House Slave Condelizza Rice planned this and had their number one urban terrorist organizer carry out the attacks to frame the Religion of Peace and give $hrub extra scare power at the G8 summit."

As I said the other day, it was obviously Fooliani who did this, which makes sense given that it was the Jews who elected him to be KKKomandant of New York those many years ago, and still support his evil and nefarious schemes.


Red Loser-

A "screw Abstinence" party for only those over 21? That doesn't make any sense at all! They should let children of ALL ages to enjoy! Sex toys and explicit hip hop songs for EVERYONE! Remember - you can never start to early explaining sex to kids who aren't yours.


As progryssyves, we need to understand "why" Bu-shaitan committed this horrible crime to determine those behind the evil. Since we know that all Rethuglikkkans don't do anything unless it aids their last employer, we need to ask: How does Major League Baseball benefit from these attacks? Coming so close to the twin announcements that London had won the hosting rights for the 2012 games and that baseball would not be part of those Olympics, we see the link we were looking for. I can't wait to see those foul balls from MLB being frog-marched from their secret lair!


Exploding muslims?

I posted a video yesterday that had something to do with exploding muslims.

Except these didn`t have bombs strapped to them and they weren`t in any crowds.

It`s kind of wierd really, and I haven`t quite figured out how they suddenly spontaniously explode.
They`re just minding their own buisness, doing ordinary everyday Taliban stuff like setting up for an ambush of Americans, when POOF...body parts start flying in all directions.

I`m on the case though and I`ll have it figured out soon.
I think it might have something to do with a 1/2 inch bullet hitting them at high velocity, but I could be wrong.

Click the link and See For Yourself.


Joatmoaf, I didn't know you were a progressyve, too. We can always use another non-aborted liberal to advance our cause.


Oh yes. Progressive. That`s me alright.

When I first got to Key West I was under the impression that everyone had to be a Progressive to live here.

You know, "One Human Family", "Celebrate Diversity" and all that Progressive ideology.
It`s enough to make ones head explode.

Friend of USA

I know 50 caliber is like a 3/4 inch bullet, but can it really make a man fly a hundred feet in the air as if it was a rag doll ?

Those look like dummies to me, not Talibans.


.50 Cal. is 1/2 inch in diameter, and yes, it will put a serious hurting on you if you happen to be hit by one.

In WWII they were used as anti-aircraft and light anti-armor guns.

When a bullet makes a persons head literally explode it can also throw them 20 (not 100) ft.


Damn those Palestinians! They constantly insist it was Israelis who put the 50 calibre through their childs head! We all know it was Nazis! Who are the Palestinians going to blame next for Pollars, the Rosenbergs, Frabklin, etc etc? Israelis? Stop blaming jews, you crazy Palestinians! PS, that mound od dead babies? An accident. You Nazi antisemites!


What? Of course the Pallies actions are due to religion -- What does having your land stolen, your markets razed, your livestock poisoned and your children slain have to do with anything? It must be Islam!!!!!!

Bizarre. The only people more raped by zionists than the palestinians are AMERICANS. You side with Israel, you side with our ENEMIES.


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Fist of Etiquette

Those links don't even work.

michael jones

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