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Che Abu Charmouta Bin Laden

And even worse, they have the audacity to give tithings to their church! It's sad, really; The desperate lengths which people will go to to satisfy their need for taxation. I'm sure the government could spend that revenue much better if only given the chance, but instead these Mormongers must act out of desperation and blow up an entire train to kill a single swarthy member of the Religion of Peace.

Wait a minute... That must be why Boise politicians want to build a choo-choo nobody will ride: To appease the LDS blood-lust!

Talking Toaster

Yes, all we is need more terror groups such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! One could guess Donald Rumsfeld role in it all. Until, the 1% of the top tax payers our fair share we will never be safe. Dam that Bush!

 This is not Talking Toaster

Dam that Bush!

Yes, all we Really need more terror groups such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! One could guess Donald Rumsfeld role in it all. Until, the 1% of the top tax payers our fair share we will never be safe.

This side is not safe from KKKarl Rove editing our posts. Dam that Bush!


And here's something most progressyves are unaware of...Mormon's claim that Joseph Smith, through the angel Moroni, was the inheritor of God's latest revelations - thus validating this latest edition to wacky religions.

And the implication of this is?, you might ask. Well, on the face of it the Mormon religion supercedes that of the Muslim religion (notice they both start with "M"s?)! And if this is true (whatever truth may be from day to day), then that means Muslims, who are always speaking of the superiority of their religion over that of Christians and Jews [Jews are "apes and pigs" according to the Koran, proving Islam is progressyve because it teaches evolution!] becaue Mohammed had received a latter-day revelation from his moon god Allah! See the connection?

So if the average explosive-laden Muslim male is banking his faith on Islam because it is argued by their imams and clerics that the superiority of their religion is due to its latter date of revelation than Judaism or Christianity, then Muslims should "see the light" and begin converting to Mormonism by the millions due to its even more latter revelation in the 19th Century. See the logic: If God can speak to Mohammed then clearly he can speak ot Joseph Smith.

But Mormonism is a rather dull faith so it may be the case that Mormon males will begin donning suicide vests and blowing themselves up at theme parks where Donny and Marie aren't performing in hopes of attracting Muslims to their latter-day-revelation. But given the Mormon's constant emphasis of being Latter Day Saints (LDS), and the possibility Muslims may soon begin converting to Mormonism, LDS might have to change their name to Latter Day Martyrs (LDM).


Well those neo-kkkons are at it again, lying about misunderstood Muslim freedom fighters who follow the religion of peace.

Check out this website: . How dare these evil kkkonservatives try to use facts and logic to disparage the peaceful religion of Islam. You can also click on my name.

The gall of some people!


Cr'Q'T: Yes, I've become fully immersed in the Mormon lifestyle as part of my cover; I spend almost all my away-from-work time with my family; I lead prayers at meals; I even read "scriptures". The thing that amuses me the most about these people is that they actually take certain things on "faith"; they aren't reality-based progryssyves like us, who only believe those things we can prove to be true, like how Bush and Blair personally planted the London bombs to make people forget about Live 8, and now Bu-shaitan has ordered Himmicane Dennis to attack Florida to distract the sheeple from the London bombings.

Friend of USA

Was it you Hankmeister that suggested another material that would make better "tin foil hats" ?

Please provide us with this information as we need it NOW!

Read the following excerpt which I made shorter for obvious reasons.
( emphasis mine ), you will understand.


Military's Energy-Beam Weapons...

The Associated Press
Jul. 10, 2005 - For years, the U.S. military has explored a new kind of firepower that is instantaneous, precise and virtually inexhaustible: beams of electromagnetic energy. "Directed-energy" pulses can be throttled up or down depending on the situation, much like the phasers on "Star Trek" could be set to kill or merely stun.

Such weapons are now nearing fruition.

The hallmark of all directed-energy weapons is that the target whether a human or a mechanical object has NO CHANCE TO AVOID the shot because it moves at the speed of light. At some frequencies, it CAN PENETRATE WALLS.

And they don't involve chemicals or projectiles that can be inaccurate, accidentally cause injury or violate international treaties.

Among the simplest forms are inexpensive, handheld lasers that fill people's field of vision, inducing a temporary blindness to ensure they stop at a checkpoint, for example. SOME OF THESE ALREADY ARE USED IN IRAQ.

A separate branch of directed-energy research involves bigger, badder beams: lasers that could obliterate targets TENS OF MILES AWAY from ships or planes. Such a strike would be so surgical that, as some designers put it at a recent conference here, the military could plausibly DENY RESPONSIBILITY.

...ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM, developed by Air Force researchers and built by Raytheon Co.... It produces a millimeter-wavelength burst of energy that penetrates 1/64 of an inch into a person's skin, agitating water molecules to produce heat. The sensation is certain to get people to halt whatever they are doing.


And they have the gall to call it Active DENIAL System!

Do stainless steal sinks provide any protection ?



It was me, indeed. There is much work going on to find a replacement for tinfoil since the evil Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/NASA/CCheney regime is attempting to buy up all controlling interests in the tin mining industry. So you better stock up now, brothers and sisters.

Titanium foil, though extremely expensive and difficult to roll out in very thin sheets, may help screen out close to 50% of the Rovian mind-control rays that rain down upon us each second of the day from the secret SDI satellites.

One enterprising progressyve has recently suggested tin-plating the titanium, which initial scientific studies (for what they are worth with all the "fact" quoting an all) have actually documented a further 50% improvement in ray blockage. This puts the overall efficacy of tin-plate titanium at around 75% as compared to pure tin-foil.

Surgical implantation under the skin of the skull doesn't improve the performance of this new product but it is more convenient since it is always in place.

For newbie progressyves, please be warned, don't ever, ever substitute aluminium foil for tin-foil, otherwise your brain will be cooked like a poached egg by the Rovian mind-control rays.


Hankmeister, the only reason the LDMs wont succeed is that they are dying off.

The other reason why the religion of Mohammed won't succeed is that the imams and mullahs can only agree on doctrine when bloodshed, either real or threatened, is involved.

Like that is a bad thing?


I am also astounded at how truly progressyve liberal feminists are in supporting a totalitarian patriarchy such as the religion of peace is.


The effectiveness of the various metal combinations used in blocking Rovian mind control rays (RMCR) really is a question of pure physics. Each material's inherent properties, including resonate wavelength, lead inevitably to identifying one question that rises above all others. The question we need to ask whenever we see those responsible for the RMCR is: Kenneth, what's the frequency?
Or, as progryssyve leader Hugo Chavez of Venezuela might say: "Nothing can justify the abdominal acts."

Che Abu Charmouta Bin Laden

Another effective strategy in combatting RMCR is the use of negative feedback, much like radar jamming equipment. A signal exactly 180° out of phase with the RMCR, effectively cancels the rays out. To overcome the inherent latency required to recreate the waves, a negative-time delay element is used. These are dificult to make since Halliburton holds (and hoardes) the patent rights to the flux capacitor, and only manufactures them for members of the Bush cabinet and his political donors.

Halliburton also hoardes the patent rights to the Tesla Death Ray, an internal combustion engine that gets up to 246 miles to a single gallon of tap water, and a special elixer that cures cancer and chronic halitosis.


Bubblehead, interesting you bring up the Dan Rather's "Kenneth, what's the frequency" episode.

The best information I have is brother Dan was officially testing one of the earlier Titanium models under the experimental code name of "Kenneth". In this double blind test (neither party knew the other), the two men approached Dan and were merely testing to see if the Titanium foil hat was working. Hence the question: "Kenneth, what's the frequency." We still don't know what frequency that Rovian Mind Control Rays operate at when projected from SDI satellites.

The resulting confusion between the two men and Mr. Rather essentially confirmed the laboratory experiments that 50% of the Rovian Mind Control Rays were still getting to Dan's brain - at least what was left of it.

Some progressyves in the know have speculated this may explain the delayed reaction Rather had when he found himself trying to pass off the fraudulent Bush TANG memos as the real McCoy on 60 Minutes II many years later!

So you see, ultimately it really was KKKarl Rove's fault that the TANG memos were being shilled to the American people as authentic. Damn smart neo-kkkon dunces.


Just to be on the safe side, I'm gonna wear my violent green shirt tomorrow...


Upon further reflection on truth (whatever that may be from day to day) I must amend a previous post.

If Muslims are to be consistent with the idea that Islam is superior to Christianity and Judaism because it is a later revelation, it may be more appropriate to ask Muslim to consider becoming MOONIES rather than MORMONS (Notice all three start with "M", hmmmmm) because Reverend Sung Myung Moon has claimed to have received later revelation for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Can you imagine five thousand Muslim-Moonie converts getting married at the same time at the Astrodome while wearing suicide vests? Not a pretty sight once the buttons are pushed. I wonder if there would be enough virgins in Paradise to go around?

Pluto's Dad

So THAT is why we have them at GITMO! Duh!

Why can't they be like nice Budhists and when they want to commit suicide in protest don't take other people with them? They'd still be martyrs. I'd be all for that sort of martyrdom.


While I get the, "Airplane," reference, Larry, as a baseball buff, I must inform you that the players names are actually, "Pedro Borbon," and, "Manny Mota...Mota...Mota!"

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

The Brigades are happy to announce the formation of an infidel auxiliary unit, headquartered in Berkeley, called "Committed Communists for the Conquest of Civilization," or C4.

Coming soon to public transport near you!


If you go deeper down the rabbit hole, You would know that the mossad was behind this. Sharon in london at the time of the blasts! H-E-L-L-O!!!!

and call me silly, but I could have swore that I saw kkkcarl rove walking in to one of the underground stations before the blasts!

it has to be true, I read this on democratunderground.

I have to see what Eric Altermann has to say about this. (he's the smartest and the most honest, and the most funny, blah blah blah.........


Larry really nails it when he asks the penetrating question, "Why is it always the Muslims who get fingered?" I suppose it's for the same reason that it's always chubby Jooooo-ish girls who get cigar-banged: because you don't have to buy them a soda afterwards...


A link between the bombings and Blair has been established..

Friend of USA

Rudi Giuliani was also in London on 7/7...

Coincidence or coordination?

Friend of USA

Strangelove, I went to that site then clicked to view the single comment where I found an (alleged) woman inviting me to click on her link , which was a site that tried to sell me a herbal health beverage.

Was I just victim of a strange conspiracy trying to make me healthy ?

I have the right to destroy my health you know !


None of you are getting it....Let me spell it out for you.......


With the help of the repugs of course....

Get with the program folks!

Sometimes you guys make me shake my head until my tin-foil hat falls off.

I'm waiting for Ward Churchill tells us what REALLY went down!


Here's one more piece of evidence you seem to have overlooked, Larry. The word "bus" is only one letter away from..."bush." And what else starts with "H"? Hitler!

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