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Sen. Durbin

Thank evolution that the world is populated with brave freedom fighters who valiantly combat the evil ameriKKKans led by the smirking chimp himself, George Bu$hitler and his KKKorporate KKKronies like DicKKK Cheney and KKKarl Rove, not to mention KKKTony Blair. May evolution continue to bless those who fight against KKKapitalist hegemony all over the biodome.


More flagrant chauvinism!

How dare you call yourself a progressyve? Why is it only Bush's attacks on males who matter?

How can something this trivial be allowed to distract us from the massive legal rape of womyn going on in the United States? Now that Bush's genocidal CIA led by the Xtian terrorist Ashcroft has blackmailed O'Connor into resigning every womyn will shortly be subject to a patriarchal rape!

One day herstory will be written properly and all this culture of male oppression will relegated to the pile of burning history books. And you, you tool of the oppressive patriarchy, you will be banished to the ashheap of history along with the books!

This is your last warning before I personally contact your womyn and instruct her to stop shaving her legs. And chin.


Vast Right Wing coincidence, perhaps?


I was crying as I read this post. It isn't enough to blame the spontaneous explosions on sweaty, heavily clad Muslim males, but to actually stereotype them as inappropriately dressed for the season is to unfairly accuse them of being suicide bombers. We all know how cold British weather is to immigrants from climes where it never seems to freeze over, and dressing like that shows they have yet to acclimate to their new home.


Liberal Larry, I still think SDI has something to do with this targetting of Muslim males on buses and subways. If SDI satellites can cause raging forest fires to occur in Arizona and other surrounding states in order to distract from Bush's economic failures here at home, then it's not too much of a stretch to believe there is some way the vast right-wing kkkonspiracy has been able to develop space-based targetting technology which is able to zero in on C-4.

Now imagine this: Here are those innocent Muslims carrying home C-4 after a hard day's work of operating Slurpee machines at various 7-11s and BAMMO, SDI satellites zero right in and ignite the C-4 they were carrying in their back pockets! And that's what really happened in London the other day - case closed.

Now some curious soul may wonder why these Muslims are carrying home C-4...well, maybe they needed it to remove tree stumps from their backyard, or maybe clear out a hairball in their plumbing or maybe it was even left over from their respectful celebration of our American Independence Day.

In any case, they are now blown to bits by SDI technology, we can never know what their real intentions were, therefore we are forced to honor the presumption that they are innocent because they can't be proven guilty!

And anyway, we progressyves know it's all Bush's fault so he's really the guilty one after all, not the sweaty, hard-working Muslim males! Don't you just love progressyve edukation?

Damian G.

Soon, Shrubya will bomb Womyn's clinics round the world in an effort to restrict their Goddess-given right to CHOOSE!!!

Barbara BoxEater


You scum-bag Hitler lover. Only Hitler would find parody in the slaughtering of innocent Liberals.

I've uncovered in my super-duper-secret Senate Meetings that Bush caused these attacks to effectively eliminate Democratic voters.

It is bad enough that Democrats lose over 200,000 voters a year due to a womyn's god-given right to kill her own child. Then Bush pulls this shit.

How am I supposed to win my next senate race if everyone is a fucking RepppugNocker. You and all your idiot commentators can go suck my transmorgphridated thingy.

That means you CamoJackoff.

Talking Toaster

Hum, Bush's Unholy crusade, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and every 9 out 10 exploding buses has had a least one sweaty, Muslim male on board? There must be a connection.

It's appears that Bush's Big Military/Mormon Tabernacle Choir/ Buddies have handed out combustible Koran's to average Muslims who choose to insulate their clothing with Trinitrotoluene (a padding as common a cotton in the Islamic world). The cheap combustible paper copies of the Koran hand out to the unsuspecting victims soon over heat in a summer's day. The resulting heat with the Trinitrotoluene coat lining of the average Muslim causes a horrific explosion - though no fault of their own.

Some would dismiss this theory has so much bong smoke. Rethugicans would ask for facts, such as why there was a detonation device found at the scene. Don't stoop to their level of factual argumentation! It's an KKKarl Rove trick. Just, look at the scientific data Larry has provided. Surely the exploding bus killed the poor Muslim rider. Dam that Bush!


Talking Toaster, your explanation is not as elegant as mine - Occam's razor and all. But upon further reflection it may be a combination of both of our conspiracy theories.

At some level, truth (whatever that is from day to day) and facts (however they may be individually interpreted) really don't matter...what really counts is how we feel about things. And right now I'm feelin' really bad that innocent Muslim freedom fighters are being directly targetted by the Bu$Hitler/NASA/Cheney/Halliburton regime. The dead Brits are just unfortunate collateral damage since they really weren't the ones being targetted...the little Eichmans.


Oh, and thank Gaia we have Ward Churchill on our side to make sense of all this!

[...] Let's park a bulldozer on top of Rachel Corrie!
Again? She's getting pretty thin.

I'm curious about one thing, though. Where does Barbara find these "innocent Liberals" she speaks of?


You people are out to lunch. It's all Bush and Rove can do to employ the Chamber of Commerce and the KKK to keep black Ohioans from voting.

You think they could actually cause a moslem on a crowded London bus to spontaneously combust?

Shit, Bush can't even ride a friggin' bike without putting a fellow fascist in the emergency room.

This is the work of the JOOOOOOOOOOS! Come on, I mean, who benefits the most from backlash against the Religion of Peace, Reason, Tolerance and Understanding?

Netanyahu and his evil warriors at Mossad, that's who. Just when the G8 is finally ready to see the Palestinians for the peaceful, righteous citizens of the world they truly are by rewarding them with 3 billion, U.S., Achmed just happens to explode on a double decker.

Coincidence? I think not.

Che Guevarito

What really terrifies me is that it's Mormon season in Boise right now. Everywhere you look, you see young myn in white, short-sleeved shirts, ties and backpacks walking around. How many pounds of high explosive do you suppose the LDS Jihadists are carrying around, just biding their time until they find themselves on a bus with a muslim myn and can detonate it? (I hear they get 72lbs of Jello and a Donny and Marie CD when they make it to paradise.)

All the more reason not to trust the KKK (Klean-Kut Kristians.)


You might want to check out this link:

Friend of USA

We all owe Larry an apology for not paying attention to his comment ( around 2PM ) under the " Bush crashes probe into defensless comet " piece.

Let me be the first.

Larry, I'm sorry I did not copy the address before and now... well... I'm almost sorry I did.


"And who put that cast iron pig by my bed so I'd kick it and break my toe when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night?"

Heh-heh..."Chom-steen", meet Special Agent Osama.

He used to be on the "Garden Gnome Squad".

He has the latest in surveillance cameras and hidden microphones.

Told ya we'd be watching you.

Just ignore SA Osama and keep doing whatever criminal activities that you usually engage in in your boo-dwahr. Bring along some of your co-conspirators.

The boys at headquarters need new video.

BTW, we're way ahead of you about the buses.

We telexed Scotland Yard to offer our assistance in penetrating and breaking what must be a vast underground network of disgruntled radical London mass transit employees.

Agents Peaceblossom and Myranda(with a "y") are looking forward to new postings.



Che -- I can report that I've succeeded in going undercover, deep inside the Boise Mormon cult. I can confirm that they mostly travel by minivan, and almost all of them are carrying some sort of cassarole around on Saturday nights as they attend church "activities". Plus, to see the number of kids they have, it's clear that their womyn aren't progryssyvely aborting their parasitic fetal matter!

Kerry/Edwards '08

Che, Boise is nothing. I live in Salt Lake City. Several Mormon-gers tried to kill me just today on my way to work. This one crazy bitch in a minivan tried to run me right off the road, simply because I drive a hybrid.

My toaster told me to beware the impending latter day krystallnacht, except this time the NAZI'S will be targeting innocent progressyves instead of Joos who probably deserved it.


The longest dump ever verified was produced by an American, who produced a
'staggering turd' over a period of 2 hr 12 mins which was officially
measured at 12 ft 2 in. The offender is banned from 134 washrooms in his
state, but still produces staggering turds on BlameBush! on a regular basis.

Talking Toaster

Hankmeister, your on to something with Occam's razor and facts really don't matter - it's how we feel. I would never stoop to factual argumentation against those who support the Bu$Hitler/NASA/Cheney/Halliburton regime who is now targeting poor Michael Moore's Muslim Minute Men. In words of the great intellectual Professor Ward Churchill the dead were just little Eichmans.

Further I expect Professor Ward Churchill to write another brilliant paper explaining in detail the little Eichman's role in this illegal Koran flushing war on the average explosive laden Muslim.

Barbara BoxEater

Larry, Since when did you and your idiot commentators start vacationing in Turkey? Is this some kind of Armenian Holiday?

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey
By Associated Press
Fri Jul 8, 6:30 AM

ISTANBUL, Turkey - First one sheep jumped to its death. Then stunned Turkish shepherds, who had left the herd to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff, Turkish media reported.


I didn't know had a Turkish branch.


Bubblehead, I too, have penetrated deeply into the local Mormon group here, and it is worse. Not only do they drive minivans, they sport yellow support the troops stickers on them, as well
as Bush/Cheney stickers. Some are more reich wing and proclaim their political allegiance to Rush Limbaugh and Zell Miller.

All of them have been forced to carry their parasitical
offspring to term, and then the males actually enjoy
taking care of the so called post partum product known as 'children.' Have you had to act in a similar manner?

Talking Toaster

Yes, it's the Mormons. The evidence is quickly accumulating on this thread: Children, minivans with the infamous yellow support the troops stickers. Then next thing we will hear is that they handout religious material.

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