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"Shooting is just the way our culture expresses itself. We shoot at weddings, New Year's Day, and at people breaking up our terrorist cells."

Is that anything like: "Love means never having an empty AK-47?"

And what's with all the RPGs? Is that some kind of unconscious phallic symbol for Jihadists? No disrespected intended, O' Enlightened One.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades
And what's with all the RPGs? Is that some kind of unconscious phallic symbol for Jihadists? No disrespected intended, O' Enlightened One.

Infidel, an RPG is just our way of ensuring ZPG. Where do you think the expression "firing blanks" came from? Yet another Muslim breakthrough stolen by you Crusaders!

Westerners are obsessed by sex. Even your symbol, who goes by the highly offensive name of Crusader Rabbit, is a reference to reproduction.

Once you join the Religion of Peace (whether voluntarily or not, it's all the same to us), you will advance to a higher consciousness, namely being obsessed by futile bloodlust instead.

How else can you hope to score your 72 virgins? Try to keep up, people!

Dr. Ruth

Shooting guns off for any reason is a sign of sexual dysfunction with premature ejaculation.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

Maybe that's why Hakim always shoots before the infidels are in range. We keep telling to stop stroking his RPG, or he'll go blind.

Dr. Ruth

And this is why you will all die off. You must save yourselves for the virgins. That was something they didn't tell you in martyr school. You must NOT engage the enemy, but instead, settle down, marry and not beat your wives and concubines. Then you will show the world you do live in peace and you will get your reward.


Oh, oh, I think Dr. Ruth has committed Koranic heresy. Even Salmon al-Rushdie himself may not have committed such an affront to Muslim dogma with his "Satanic Verses."

The righteous and indignant wrath of al-Bundy Martyr Brigades will surely follow just as the breath of a camel in heat surely stinks.


My finger smells funny and I don't know why.


Saddam is too much of an insider. He has done business with almost everyone at the UN. I would prefer an outsider as UN Ambassador. A gay womyn or transgendered outsider would be better.

Friend of USA

" Did Howard Dean wait until he had a coherent thought before lashing out at Repugnicans?"

Che, this was hilarious, yet accurate.


Kind-of off topic now;

I Just saw a documentary on Vermont PBS about Iraq.
The journalist asked some high ranking official at the large american base, called the green zone, why soldiers needed 3 different ice-cream flavors...

Never mind his answer, I'll tell you why; The 27 other flavors are made exclusively available for the use of the Gitmo Hotel residents ( sometimes called "detainees" for reason that escape me )

You know reading the Koran and praying 6 times a day can make you hot and hungry, poor little Gitmo Hotel residents!

The Teats of Fatima

Salmon Rushdie was just getting close to the Truth.
Why else would we have wanted him dead? In the best possible way, of course. It is a Muslim thing. You wouldn't understand.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades
Why else would we have wanted him dead? In the best possible way, of course. It is a Muslim thing. You wouldn't understand.

Dear Teats,

I understand, my brother, even if these infidels do not. Peace be upon you, unless you break wind offkey at Friday night bingo at the mosque, in which case I'll be happy to hack your head off, you blasphemer.

Teats of Fatima

My brother al-Bundy Martyr Brigades,
Greetings to thee and peace upon thy head. How right of you to let Teats know you will be carrying your sword of truth into the mosque, just in case.

For further fatwas, I urge thee, beloved, to get thyself to Scrappleface, and there read the posts of the Most High Mullah, A Former European. He has worked long and hard to bring to light the shamelessnes of our ways.

We are not beating our women because of detainment issues. By Allah we have been unmanned because of the Shaitan Bush, may his wanker never grow.

Check the post with the title of: Clinton: Gitmo Horror Could Spark Muslim Brutality

The Ott will be safe, protected as he continues to roast the stomachs of the infidel and reports on those in America who are on our side.

In devotion,
Teats bin Hakim

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

My brother (sister?) Teats,

Thank you for directing me to the suras of the former European - most enlightening. I will most certainly vote for him for Caliph.

I am also grateful to the Great Santini, who shed light on the social scene at Abu Ghraib. I'd thought the photos everyone was talking about had come from a Nancy Pelosi fundraiser.

Peace be upon your, my brother, and good luck butchering many infidels in the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Compassionate.


You are damm-straight Larry!

PeeResident Bush and his minions are in no position to blame Saddam. The fact that Saddam gassed the Kurds and spent many hours shredding his country men should not disqualify him from the UN. In fact, the UN needs someone like Saddam with the backbone to shred a few malcontents (and give the shaft to 7 year old rightwing children).

Saddam would give the UN a needed boost. Further, with Saddam in power no testicle will go without electricity. A far cry from what Bush has done.

I will suggest the eyeballs plucked under Saddam were low lying fruit for the KKKrove/BushHitler/RumsfeldRamRod crew. The later I have yet to connect - where there are pockets of eyeballs - there must be connection to Bush!

Maybe Mrs. Bush is providing better eyeballs to inner city children via new eyeballs from the nice Taliban fighters (one can guess the plucking surgery).

Bush is to Blame For Everything! Donald Rumsfeld - although not directly connected to the pockets of eyeballs - must resign (he is ruining the spirit of progressivism).

The pockets of eyeballs must be dumped like marbles in a back alley. Bush and his Junta must quit plucking eyeballs. And, each eyeball given to an undeserving child must be plucked out.


Ambassador Hussein!!
He has a proven track record with then UN so it has to work!!
Who thinks of this stuff anyway and why are you our leader?


err 'aren't you are leader?'


What kind of kick do you people get from posting this self-serving, ego-tripping rubbish?


Here's some info on the people-shredding story:

Saddam Hussein and his "woodchipper people-shredder"?

Long-time Iraq war supporter Ann Clwyd came up with this sequel to the "incubator babies" lie. Clwyd said; "We heard it from a victim; we heard it and we believed it."

One unidentified, unverified source; one person. That's her entire "proof".

Clwyd insists that corroboration of the shredder story came when she was shown a dossier by a reporter from Fox TV. On June 18, Clwyd wrote a second article for the Times, citing a "record book" from Abu Ghraib, which described one of the methods of execution as "mincing".

--Can she say who compiled this book?
"No, I can't."

--Where is it now?
"I don't know."

--What was the name of the Fox reporter who showed it to her?
"I have no idea."

--Did Clwyd read the entire thing?
"No, it was in Arabic! I only saw it briefly."

Curiously, there is no mention of the book or of "mincing" as a method of execution on the Fox News website, nor does its foreign editor recall it.


Check your facts, people. Otherwise there's no point in the smart-alec comments. Sounds just like a drunken "Curveball" to me.


Irish, you need to check your facts as well.
Downing street memo a reconstruction of the original which has been destroyed.

and besides, we love engaging in juvenile discussions of this nature.
all our alter egos, lampooning idiocy is sometimes a way to deal with stress.

So, either get a sense of humor and join in the fun, or quit harshing my mellow.


PS. Curiously, there is no mention of the word mincing except in your post and this one. TTFN!


Irish probably walks in a mincing way when he/she/it has his panties in a bunch over issues like this.

Hey, Irish, go back and join the IRA and mince some innocent civilians of your own. We don't need some neo-kkkon redneck posing in progressyve's clothing. I bet you acquired the "Saddam's Top Ten Snuff Video" under the guise of using it "just for research." Yeah right. We know how you moles work.


So, I guess Saddam was a, "good guy," after all, then, right irish? Obviously, shredding people would be wrong, but raping, cutting out tongues, pulling off limbs, lining people up and shooting them and shoving them into mass graves by the thousands is just fine? Or, are you trying to imply that since the shredder story MAY not be true, that none of other atrocities have occured, either? I'm sure you believe the accusations about treatment of the prisoners at Gitmo, from AI, who haven't been there?

I strongly suspect that, for irish, this entire website is, "whooosh!" He/she/it is another typical, "blinded by Bush hatred," mental midget with no discernment of what is truth and what is not.


careful, Hankmeister and Janny. Facts and logic used on a liberal are like garlic and wolfsbane to a werewolf. They are repelled, but it doesn't change the basic nature of the beast. You need the silver bullet of truth and then they either
go into denial or change their thinking.

Both of you, in a word, awesome.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigade:

Brother! As our beloved American supporter advises, you cannot ask and I cannot tell what I am. However, let us remember this time together and cherish it always...when you are at home, scrubbing huzzy paint-by-numbers makeup off your Britney Spears wannabe daughters, and using sandpaper to do so, know that I will cast votes for AFE in my heart.

Otherwise, I will meet you at the mosque for a rousing ululation of the Jihad Chorus and the usual firing of weapons.

I will be wearing the unisex burka with a pink turban.

Friend of USA

Irish ,

You are right, if after we are finished counting the bodies in the mass graves it turns out there are 499,999 and not 500,000 , then History books will have to be re-writen, Saddam was not a monster;

Saddam is INNOCENT!

Case closed.


But if one single Gitmo Hotel resident
( Some call them detainees for reasons that escape me ) after checking out is diagnosed with a ringing in the ear condition ( tinnitus if you want to get technical ) that was caused by Christina Aguillera music played too loud - at the Gitmo hotel where they serve Glazed chicken and Rice Pilaf, and where the staff ( some call them Guards for reasons that escape me ), the staff that handles the Koran with gloves, is not allowed to walk during praying time because the creaking from their shoes would be distracting to the residents - then history books will have to be re-writen;



I know it's useless to argue with trolls, Cricket! Sometimes I just... can'! "irish," is the one who called me a, "twit," for making fun of Howie's rubbish. Ye Gods!

Hmmm. Unisex burka with a pink turban. Sounds like an interesting photoshop idea??


Have at it, gyrlfriend! I think Irish and Howie are one and the same, or they have two heads and three arms a la Zaphod Beeblebrox.

The detainees are just that: enemy combatants being held until the cessation of hostilities. IOW, irish,
when OBL and the other terrorist cells quit, and cease and desist, then they will be let go.


Actually, I don't do photoshopping, but I do know someone who does!...

Cricket, you were not the only one who took note of Howie's, "behaviour," spelling! I would not be surprised if he is posting under several, 'identities,' on his blog and elsewhere.

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