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Hee hee.......Larry, you are so cold....but my God, you do make me laugh!!

I Love that line about 'How many limbs does Max have to lose before I can get some respect around here'........oh man, I have to use that funny...


'Rush Limbaugh's anal cysts are not far behind.' Too funny. I also heard that Max's Phantom Peripherals have performed miracles in getting people out of the military and on welfare.

I think your blog needs to have a Miracle Max Peripherals Performance watch.

Damian G.

On another note, why don't you review another book? I'm getting tired of seeing Shrubya's face under "What I'm Reading."


Damian, don't forget, the light is pretty dim underneath that sink. It takes quite awhile to get through a whole book. Your point is well taken, though. Come on, Larry, review something else.


The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

Che Guevarito

Max Cleland's severed limbs also make great stocking stuffers. Not for him, but...


If Max Cleland's severed limbs entitle you to spout treasonous nonsense, what does his severed foreskin entitle you to?

Che Guevarito

It lets you defend Dick Durbin.

Che Guevarito

Either that, or it'll help you become part of Barney Frank's inner circle.


Now you make fun of M. Cleland. Of course. Its to be ecxpected. M. Cleland is a war hero who came to realise that war is not the answer. War is never the answer. Communication amd compromise are the answer. Laugh abuot M. Cleland. He will have the last laugh in 2008 when he comes back and deafeats S. Chamblis!


It's an oath: "By the Severed Limbs of Max Cleland! I demand that we unconditionally surrender in Iraq!"

And here, we thought the Left wasn't religious; they just have different relics.

Walter Sobchak

Spelling and coherence are not the answer, either, I guess

Rick Fuqua

Classic Liberal thinking. They will never see it coming. Those damn weePublicans won't have a leg, or for that matter, any limb, to stand on. This is the greatest site I have ever found. The truth is shouthed from the mountaintops. Thanks Larry, for sharing the true gospel of the left.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

Cleland, Schmeland! Our suicide bombers get everything severed. The Crusaders clean them up with a mop.

Son of the South (c)

Bat Mitzvahs, too?


Howie, here is a compromise for you: You quit writing stupid stuff and we'll forget you exist.


Tuhrayza and Diva Willis kavetch about people who didn't serve. John Kerry didn't serve and indeed escaped a court martial by the skin of his teeth, only to be pardoned by Jimmeh Cahtah who has since used his limbs in habitat for humanity

Che Guevarito

I remember the first time I met Max Cleland's severed limbs. I was spiking trees in Cle Elum when a uniformed brownshirt asked what I was doing.

"I'm protecting the spotted owl! Anyone who tries to harvest this precious old growth forest will feel the wrath of Gaia as their saw blade explodes!" I declared.

The brownshirt looked dumbfounded, and then The Inquisition, "You do know that spiking trees is not the same thing as spiking punch..."

I put my empty vodka bottle in my recycling bag. "Hah! Don't try to fool me with your fascist terminology! I'm a member of PETA, the NAACP, NAMBLA, and AAA!"

"... And this is a Wal-Mart parking lot... And that's a 9 foot aspen..."

A group of brownshirts gathering around us, I lashed out, "Don't try to reason with me! I'm Waaaaayyy beyond that! Max Cleland sacrificed three limbs to save the limbs of this old-growth tree! And if I have anything to do with it, some capitalist logger will lose his own limbs harvesting it!"

I stared icily at the ad-hoc brownshirt posse, aware that at any time I could be cut down like so many acres of rainforest. Time slowed to a standstill, and the silence was deafening.

"So do you want to buy some Thin Mints, or what?" One of the brownshirts asked.

I thought I met one of Rush's anal cycsts once, too, but it was just Dick Durbin.


Hey, my Yin-Yang fell off. Can I still be a Communist?

Dean Howard

Hey, maybe we should try to recruit John Wayne Bobbitt as a (ahem) member of our progressive party!

Friend of USA


Blame Bush is at number 13 on the top 40 best sites list at


Dan, you now meet the criteria for a progressive's progressive.

Laugh abuot [sic] M. Cleland. He will have the last laugh in 2008 when he comes back and deafeats S. Chamblis!

So, what do you call a Congress-critter with no arms and no legs?

The podium?


Does Max's two severed limbs make him twice the progressyve that John Kerry is? Maybe Max should, roll for president! You know, his campaign could use Flight 93's famous line for its slogan: LET'S ROLL...HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Off topic, but has anyone noticed the wildfires raging in Arizona? Isn't that just like Bu$Hitler to have the Pentagon use one of its military SDI satellites to zap the Arizona forests and make it appear it was lightning that started those fires? Hmmmmm? Clearly it was Chimpy's lame attempt to deflect attention from the quagmire in Iraq. I have it on very good authority this is true and I'M OUTRAGED!!!!!!

We need to get the Sierra Club and PETA working on this one.

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