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Just had to get in first! I'm mad about this cow disease, I'll tell you what!



"Did a young George Bush infect cattle with Mad Cow disease to drive progressives insane with talking toasters?"

I believe the answer is yes!

How you draw this connections is amazing, has your toaster been talking to you lately, Larry?

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Mad Cow disease is just another way that GaiaEarthMother is fighting back against the while male oppressives and their meat eating ways.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Ooops! Silly me, I hit post too soon. I wanted to also say, you never heard of anyone catching "Mad Hemp Disease" or "Mad Soy Disease" now, did you?


A Mad Cow is a War Mongering Cow.....but HAHAHAHAHAHA...they all turned on the Shrub! phhhbbtttthh.

Che Guevera is to be thanked!...and Gaia, too. Hmm...Gaia Guevera?...sounds nice. Coincidence?....

Damian G.

Shrubya wants cows for the OIL!!!
Wait, what?
Anyway, I think that as long as we're blaming AIDS and mad cow disease on Shrub that we might as well keep going.
I nominate cholera, influenza and genital herpes.
Gonhorroea of the throat, on the other hand, is the doing of KKKarl Rove.
'Nuff said.


What are the cows so mad about, anyway?!



Did you forget about the CIA mind control toaster program code named MKUTRA from the 50ties? Or were you just afraid that your bong would get jealous if it heard you talking to your toaster and cut you off there by harshing your mellow with extreme prejudice?

By the way if anybody asks you, you did not hear about MKULTRA from me.

Does anybody have a copy of Catcher in the Rye I can borrow? I seem to have misplaced my 700 copies.

Rosie O'Donnell

Yah, well how would you like to be standing in line in a cattle shute waiting for that steel bolt to shoot into your brain? Wouldn't you be MAD too!!!!!!!!

That's why I refuse to eat any animal meat and became a vagitarian!!!!!


Occam's Razor, people (Occam's Shampoo, Gel, and Clarifying Lotion soon available in a store near you)!

It's just as likely that this poor, demented cow was the result of an illicit tryst between certain highly-placed Attorneys General and a member of the Bovine American community.


I hate to bring up the typo bit, Larry, but I think there are five o's in "jooooo".

RWing Nut

Larry your grasp of history is uncanny. After reading your trenchant analysis and a few tokes, I now see how Senate Democrats have upheld the heroic heritage of the Sandinistas by blocking votes on the extremist nominees of the Bush junta. We all know what happened once Raygun's Contra thugs, with help from king-in-waiting George I, forced a "free" election. In the interest of protecting the people from themselves Senate Democrats are committed to preventing a vote on Dumbya's nominees. The spirit of Sandino lives! Join with me sisters and brothers and transgendered and transitionals and (hope I didn't leave anyone out) together, our new battle cry "No Vote", "No Vote" will strike fear into the hearts of the Bush junta! It's the D/democratic thing to do.


Gee, Camojack! Didn't you watch the video?

Actually, I did hear about somebody becoming seriously ill after eating LETTUCE, tainted with nasty bacteria. Of course, like everything else, that was Bush's fault, too! No wonder so many have taken to, "growing their own." FOOD! I meant FOOD!


A mad cow has nothing on a man eating cow.

Barbara BoxEater

Rosie...I am a full on Vagitarian also. Perhaps you would like to join me and Hill for some reverse spooning.


I thought Mad Cow Disease was something that NOW and Hillary had. .


I have moved away from Rosie. After she showed me a Vagitarian meal I nearly hurled. I prefer meat after all.


Well, that is the mad cow that broke the camel's back! Donald Rumsfeld must resign. Further, this Gen. Electric guy must be demoted to a buck sergeant and given latrine duty. And, Bush's big NiKKKaraguan Meat Buddies, who are the richest 1%, must pay my fair share of taxes - and quit lining their pockets with the eyeballs of working people.


Mad Cow? I thought you were posting a thoughful expose' of Hillary Clinton's chances for 2008.

Sorry to be off topic so soon but did you read where Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring from the Supreme Court? Within hours Shrubya said he would recommend a replacement who will "faithfully intepret the Constitution and laws of our country." The gall of the man! I don't know about you but I'm deeply offended that he would dare appoint someone who would stoop so law as to "faithfully interpret the Constitution..." It's a living document, for Gaia's sake, Shrubya should appoint a progressive judge who will make the Constitution say what we want it to say! Is that so hard to understand, Mr. President?

Rosie O'Donnell

Barbara honey, I would so be there, but I foresee a problem. I just don't think three tops and no bottom would work out.

And as for you gaymaninawomansbody, suck it up and grow a pair. Or do like I did and buy a pair. Once you get over your childish aversions, think of the possibilities- three tops and one bottom will work!!!!!


Liberal Larry, you need to fix your firewall. Already the neo-kkkons with their Rovian dirty mind tricks have managed to turn my statement of Shrubya appointing someone who would "stoop so LOW" into a subliminal fascist message about the "LAW".

Friend of USA

Low and Law you say Hankmeister ? It helped the Kinks make a hit song once;

" I met her in a club down in old Soho
where you drink champagne
and it tastes just like cherry Cola
C-O-L-A Cola
She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said LOW LAW"

Friend of USA

" L - OWWWWW - L - A - Low Law "

( sorry but now it's stuck in my head...)

adam & Stever

Larry, your post just illustrates how things have deteriorated under this current administration. Notice how all the Church burnings and massacres of worshippers are taking place in Iraq now in counter-distinction to what occurred during the term of Janet Reno.

Yup, You guessed it... more outsourcing.


As World Bank chief Paul KKKWolfowitz (seen here assaulting two Black children)

Larry, you are powerful - the World bank has taken down the link you posted so that the wolf can no longer be seen assaulting anyone.

but I have this question - I thought the first case of mad cow was a detention center for bovines near the Seattle Hemp HQ in the Soviet of Washington? or was that a case of slighty confused cow?

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