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Why the helk should Janny Mae apologize for your lack of originality? I have been to your blog. Like Max Cleland's limbs and John Kerry's reminders of what he
attempted to do, your blog lacks uniqueness and cutting edge commentary. IOW, no originality.

You are on the progreesive bandwagon but add nothing new to the discourse.

Che Guevarito

I think JannyMae should apologize for the fact that I have to replace a CV axle in my pickup this weekend.


Cr'q't vignetted:

«I have been to your blog».

You shoudl have been like Jacques avec Le Camouflage, stayed longer and actually read my writings. You might learn something.


And Janny Mae should apologise to everyone4 for not having her own blog. Tsk, tsk TSK.

Brian Levy

You know the problem isn't Karl Rove. . .

On this one I blame Bush:

For serious.


Howie, I have read your 'writings.' The only thing I have been able to learn is that you can't spell, you don't have an original thought and keep regurgitating
the same old progressive spew. Even Iddybud raises the 'tone' of the progressive movement by at least saying why or why not an item is progressive and I disagree with just about all that she puts up there as a matter of priniciple.

You put up some drivel about how pot is safer than tobacco, which I refuted here, and which you have yet to respond to. You also channel irish so I am not interested in going back to someone who isn't in a groove but mired in a rut.

You accused us of making ad hominem attacks instead of getting you on the facts.
When we DO respond with the facts, you curl into the cyber version of the fetal position and whimper that we should go to your blog to learn something. You lack the skill and intelligence for either a debate or to advance your stand based on your thoughts and facts and reasoning to back it up.

Try thinking outside the box.


Cricket -- it almosts seems that Howie is mocking and belittling progressives by behaving in so stereotypically a fashion; I don't know anyone else who does that...

[...] accusing me of having nothing original to say!

But Howie, you don't have anything original to say. It's not an accusation, it's a statement of fact. Of course, considering your unfamiliarity with facts, I can see why you might be confused.


I read what you wrote about Pooh and nearly lost my breakfast. As it is I had to buy a new monitor.

Naughty Progressyve!


well, thats because you are anti American. you hate america for what she stands for. america is much better without you. sadly, that would be a one party system. you intend to radicalize america into a abominable nation, moraless and good for nothing. providing welfare for the poor only keeps them poor. kicking God out only makes us as bad as the Europeans. can you answer why european and japanese nations have such flat economies? thats where your ignorant ideology will lead you. poor, lazy, moraless, and good for nothing


My, my, my we have a right wing Rethugnikkkan in our midst, (yes, I mean you, dagnius.)

Sadly you have not seen the light like Trotsky has, he is a beacon of hope to the oppressed, those who don't have the audacity or the willpower to look for a job, those that don't believe in a "God" but worship Gaia, the lifegiver of all, those who have looked to the Federal Gov't as the all dispenser of truth.

Dagnius, youknow you want to join us.

Europe is better than the US, their socialism is a utopia for liberals.

Vive France!

sound garyhoodlumnow

havasu iwasshoespilling

Home Again

God, that Karl Rove is SOOOOOOO sexy when engaging in right-wing demagogery! If I was wasn't a closeted Marine major with 19 1/2 years in and a shot at LtCol. I'd give him a big Lewinsky right in the Rose Garden.

Radical Liberal

Why is it this Scum and Trash of and Administration can belittle the very things they say they stand for and nobvody calls them on their double speak. You have aquestionable military record of the Talking Monkey, No service just deferment on Gutless Cheney The American Traitor Rove. Dumsfeld, this puke may have served but his past action I really doubt his service record.
Then there is the Media the Flaming closet Queen Hannity, HillBilly drug User Limpbaugh, the Contensious Fox we say what the government wants us to say media. I truly believe that Congress should drag its feet on the Investigations, and go after the Minor Players hide the Real Charges and when this Talking Monkey starts his blanket Pardons he will be misdirected.
Since we now have REAL LEADERSHIP and I am Hoping ACCOUNTABILITY I would like to see a real Investatgation into the Twin Towers and why the site was Classified materials removed and no investigation done.
GUtless Cheney and NORAD WHY? WHY? WHY? were all our military aircraft down?
Can we use the PARIOT ACT against the Administration once out of Office? I mean Dumsfeld and Gutless cheney love water boarding lets accomidate them. They love no Habeus Corpus for detainees classified enimies of the State (they Are) lets give them what they want a taste of their own medicine. GITMO call for these FACIST PIGS let GITMO have them and be done with it.
For you PUKES on the RIGHT i AM from the GHETTO and I served 20+ year with Combat time you PUKES want to take it to the mat, as in the words of the TALKING MONKEY "Bring it on" You Gutless Spineless Trash.

Radical Liberal

Cricket this is for you: By the way you right and question your surrounding you sound like a self loathing right wing Fathacist christian. One GOd has nothing to do with the European or Japanese economies, Two if you will check your World Economics it is America The G-8 and The World Bank that control most economies. Remeber 9/11 when the Talking Monkey didn't address the American people First, he called the G-8 (duh!). Your shallow right wing christian self loathing hate views are a insult to the educated. I have lived outside this country for 20 years I understand the differences of cultures but you and as most christians Hate,Hate,Hate, misinterput, lie twist and manipilate the Truth case and point this Failure of a Admoistration, your FACIST NeoCon Ministers, and your pedophile congressional leaders. So before you evoke your Diety and Hell Fire and BrimeStone look at the dismal failure of your Theocracy. A Religon that preachs Hater,peoples differences rather than there simularities,and its Intoleerance for anything different from what they are told to preceive. You do not have a Religon you have a Culture of Death.

radical liberal

One more thing I purposely misspell words because it is a magnet for the NeoCon to attack it works everytime, they cannot pass up a moment to put there fellow mwn down.


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