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Damian G.

Did you also notice How Rove said "liberals" not "Democrats," but Clinton and Schumer immediately rebuked him?
About time we progressyves showed our true colours.


While it's important we answer Larry's call to ruthlessly attack KKKarl's divisive rhetoric without hindrance or let, it's also important that this not distract us from spreading the news about the Piccadilly Circus Minutes (PCM). Unless people know that Bu-shaitan personally solicited underage prostitutes on a London thoroughfare, we'll never get him impeached!


Damn you, Damian G.! I'll get you next time!

Damian G.

To Bubblehead:
(Coughs, hacks up lung)

J. Edgar Hoover's Ghost

Eeeuuuww. Do we have to share body parts? *picks up lung and shoves it back in*
there. Can you breathe now? Bubblehead, I am not amused. I thought I had disabled that satellite feed into Piccadilly Circus. We will be coming by to purge your hard drive, bleed your bank accounts and leave wallpaper on your computer of the Abu Ghraib Nancy Pelosi fundraiser. You will also be detained at our most feared gulad, Gitmo. Your time there will involve re education therapy.

Stalin Lives In Boston

i am hating bush while i wear my vibrating heat bead suit (taking shots of hot tequila while i sit in a wading pool of vomit)


Stalin, my mentor and spirit guide! How is hell these days? If you see my boys, tell them I will be joining them soon.


Thank you Liberal Larry for being a beacon of hope in a fog of despair - Liberal Ledger will passed the bong to you. What great writing!

After suffering a double heart attack while hearing KKKarl Rove and reading the DU, Larry has the strengthen me with his rational assessment of KKKarl's demonizing attack on the entire progressives commune! (Sniff) And I am off the Iron Bong Respirator (well, the bong ran dry and it was filled with engine starting fluid and I had to inhale without matches). Now, to the problem.

I am afraid that nurturing love to Hillary with a Chinese Bi-prong vibrator will not be enough to fix the damage done. It may take several Hollywood actors and a Tri-prong vibrator to get her going.

As for Dick Durbin, the trauma is too deep. Adjusting his chlorpromazine upwards and decreasing his Ritalin, will only go so far.

Although, Dr Dean has suggested noninvasive electroshock treatments, I fear it will only turn Durbin into another Terri Schalvo media fiasco - where the Rethugakins will attack him like a bleeding whale Moored to a pole.

Although not unrelated, Donald Rumsfeld must take the counsel of Ted Kennedy and resign (despite BushHitler forcing him to continue on the job of shooting innocent motorists whose only crime is driving unexploded cars close our out-of-control Jimoistic Storm Troopers guarding the illegal detained Saddam - look the guy only administered "death with dignity" to thousands of unwanted women and children - not such a big deal in this progressive age).

While the entire DU is gulping for air; trying to find a safe-house to avoided being shipped off to Gitmo, KKKarlRove is flaming us who despise God, America, and the military - for merely trying to give those poor oil rich souls that just crashed a few jet airliners into capitalists pig's buildings - sympathy and understanding.

And, how dare KKKillerKKKarlRove smear us as "hand-wring cowards" for merely asking BushHitler to set a timetable for tucking tail and running!

Oh, I feel another heart attackkkk... That dam KKKralRove.... Just reading the DU is causing... Where is the Iron Bong of Life... Will lighter fluid work as ether? How do I keep the "Kkkkkkkkey" from sticking... Will lighter fluid work on my key board...

Pol Pothead

Dude, I am, like, so infuriated by KKKarl Rove's blatantly something-or-other comments and sh*t, whatever they were. How dare he, like, paint the entire progressyve Left as terrorist-appeasers? Some of us, like, realize that appeasement doesn't work in this post 9/11 world. Collaboration is totally the way to go. It isn't enough to just try and understand why those dudes in Pakarabestine want to kill Amerikkkans and Jooooos and sh*t; real progressyves will help them do it. Dark Lord Rove's comment is totally a slap in the face to those of us who've been working hard to see, like, not just that Amerikkka loses, but that the other side wins this war.

Until Reichsprotektor Rove apologizes and resigns and carries out a martyrdom operation against the Zionist oppressors, it will be just like he's locked Dick Durbin up in Buchenwald, or some sh*t.


In this case I wear the comments of KKKarl Rove as a badge of honor. Never more truer words spoken. Who clued him in?


...and Pol Pothead raises a good point. As progressyves who believe in love, peace, and harmonic convergence, it isn't merely enough to appease misunderstood Muslim jihadists (who simply need a good group hug to find their way back to sanity), but there also must be collaboration to show our solidarity with these people who are merely acting out their inner child.

Phylis Shoofly

Well, their inner child is having one hell of a tantrum. I spank my children when they get destructive and violent.

[...] our trusted friends in the International Community.

You're spending too much time with the household chemicals - you're hallucinating badly if you think the U.S. has 'friends' in the 'International Community'.

BTW, was this a misspelling or a Freudian slip:

[...] so Bush can like the pockets of his rich oil buddies.


Ledger, strike a match and we'll see.


How does THIS sound?:

Secretary General Bill Clinton.

With his bag in the Whitehouse in '08, perhaps we can get on with socializing the world and quashing "the American Dream."


Let face it. Harry Reed was correct. Bush is a lie factory and Karl Rove is the Facroy manager.

Rove...why I oughta~!

I am insane with rage over his stupid comments.

And one more thing This man is a bullying Bully.

,,,Ach. I need my meds.


Hey, Check out MoxxieGrrls site. Iddybud bet MG that she is not as fat as her.

My monies on Iddybud.


Yes, Pol Pothead has finally crystallized our agenda (like crystal meth). It's time progressives for in this country standup and collaborate with those poor oil rich souls who have the money to pay us. I envy Kofi and Kojo. Yet, I have not gotten one dime out this deal. I am just as eager as the next progressive to ask my neighbor to strap on a bomb head to the farthest bible thumping redneck KKKristian church. Pol Pothead is right! Those dudes in PakArabestine who want to help kill Amerikkans and Joooooos should have the help of Real Pregressyves. It's time to push this great idea on the DU and fund this idea with Soro's money (he a true blue progressyve).

Liberal Ledger would like to help - but because of my twin heart attacks and the associated cost of additional medication I am reduced to inhaling lighter fluid - without one dam match! But, this sacrifice is necessary to help my brother progressyves fight the war against Bush.

Progressysves, come out of the closet, and get your neighbor to strap on a bomb and openly help the misunderstood oil rich souls of Arabastine.


Liberal Larry, it has been said era post-9/11 especially when cartoons aren't exemplifying "Bush=Hitler" truths that are fundamental to liberal ideology.

Pol Pothead, in his goddess like wisdom has come up with a great idea, don't appease, collaborate, then the dream of a world full of peace and socialism will finally come.

Praise gaia.


"If your not collaborating then you are part of the promlem"


I do'nt see what you people find wrong with sitting down with O. Bin Laden or some designatd representative of his Al Qaida Movement. Has anyone tried it? Le'ts work it out and sign a treaty! Give peace a chance!

Underground Logician

Baby blue helmets? I thought it's more like Azure blue, and aren't the chin straps a nice shade of Raw Sienna, or was it Burnt Sienna?


And the lavender neck scarfs are toooo cute...


I think puce is the operative color here.

I've never understood why the United Nations uses baby blue for its helmets since blue is the color of males and males represent the repressive western polices of KKKristian patriarchal systems which repress women everywhere - unlike Islam which has stood for women's rights since Mohammed bequeath the right of marriage to 9 year old little girls. See, Mohammed was a progressyve, he stood for women's rights! And he had the courage to stand up to the redneck KKKristian kkkonservatives of his day to demonstrate the other progressyve notion that most marriages are nothing more than legalized rape! Praise Gaia.

But I have to grudgingly admit, howie might have an actual point here. Let's everyone smoke some maryjane, hold hands around the campfire built upon the rubble of the BushChimpy/Halliburton/Cheney kkkabal and give peace a chance. Now that wouldn't harsh anyone's mellow, would it?


Can we sing 'Kum Ba Ya?' and 'Blowin' In The Wind?' I want to do Mary's part.
Then we can puff the magic dragon till we pass out in the bong water.

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