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This is very unprogressive of me but I can't resist. Gaia forgive me.

howie, I used to think you were simply a Rethuglikkkan mole, but now I have to admit I was're a RETARD!

You're an embarassment to the real progressyve movement. Gaia, I'd rather listen to that fat b@$t@rd Rush Limbaugh for three hours a day than to stay on your site more than three minutes.


What facts have you presented ME with? I have been to your blog and have seen nothing but some rather childish
definitions; right wing means wrong sided. What facts have you to back that? Just because you say so?

Your simplistic analysis is rather tedious; We have an agenda (and you don't, I take it) and we want to be liked. Drivel. We don't care if we are liked or not.
What we care about is doing what is right for the right reasons and not knee jerking policy. And where did you learn the British spelling of behavior?

Your post about cannabis being legalized because you 'feel it is safer than alcohol and tobacco' right there shows your ignorance. Cannabis in its most effective form has to be SMOKED...INHALED and somehow that makes it safer than tobacco? Are you even aware that second hand THC can show up in urine? That it takes six weeks for the body to eliminate it? Now that I have presented you with a few facts does that make me a mean spirited evil neocon? Oh I am so scared. NOT.

Friend of USA


You've heard about this?

" Ethnomathematics "

..." The theory behind the book is that "teaching math in a neutral manner is not possible." Teachers are supposed to vary the teaching of mathematics in relation to their students' race, gender, ethnicity, and community.

Just curious to know what you think...


I HOPE you are pulling one of my legs. Here I am, having a good chirp and you come along with this fuzzy math carp. Is this multiculturalism gone bad? Are you totally serious? How is that supposed to teach kids?

Friend of USA


Just how many legs do you have?!...

NO but seriously, I don't agree with "ethnomathematics" AT ALL.
I think this idea is ABSURD beyond belief.
Just look at the comment I left yesterday at Common sense and ;


"teaching math in a neutral manner is not possible."

Absurd beyond belief.

2 apples + 2 apples = 4 apples , no matter if the apples are full of american chemicals or organically grown by hippies in Canada,

or if the apples were bought by a white hetero sexual male or an exacerbated feminist, or if they were stolen by a poor colored person or a transexual prostitute,

or if the illegal aliens picking them were under paid...


I'm testing Howie, that's it.


Oh. Carry on then.

Howie, learn to spell. Then learn to debate using facts and logic to support your position. You mgiht leran somthin.


Has anyone heard from our precious Larry since that guy in a Seattle Courthouse was off'd by fascist pig-cops yesterday?

I'm a little worried about our dear Professym/Chaplain of the Church of Chomstein. Here's why: The man killed, was yelling out threats & his "disdain" for the federal government, was carrying a grenade (found later, to be hollowed out) and a cutting board in his backpack (a "standard feature" for under the sink *product* cutting, mixing, preparing). I hope he wasn't still so distraught at the passing of Andrea Dworkin & the possible appointing of Michael Bolton to the UN that he went all stupid. I know how much he---all of us, really----would rather have Moby or Springsteen as ambassador.


YOU MEAN THE RETHUGLIKKKANS OFFED LARRY? Then who is posting in his place? Oh my Gaia! I am so frightened.



It sounds like he could have been the cousin of that progressyve, the Unabomber. Too bad that grenade wasn't stuff with some serious C-4.

But wasn't it despicable how the Unabomber's own brother turned him in before he saw the full fruition of his "Nature has inalienable rights, too" movement? Gaia, is nothing sacred any more? I better go weed my garden.


Hold on there. You can't 'weed' your garden until the Eff Bee Eye inspects it to make sure you don't have any wildwood weeds, if you catch my drift. I am sending out
Mr. Spinoli to inspect your plot. If you have what I think you have, I will have to slap you with a $2,000
fine per plant, and $100 for each seed.

On the otter heiny, if you have just plain weeds that suck nutrients from food and non medicinal plants, we will use a defoliating agent. You can't be trusted to do that on your own, as it involves interstate commerce for you to get the defoliant and the gas to deliver it, as well as our travel expenses.

After all, we are from the government and we're here to help.

Bug Zapper

Uh, Lar, were you the patron they were helping surf for porn? Has the FBI been tailing you and sh*t?

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