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I have checked out Catcher in the Rye over 157067 times. That must be some kind of record. I can't get my local Librarian to give me the time of day. Do any of you have any sugestions?

You guys talk about Dick Durban as if he wears a dirty Turban. Give him a break. Let he who has never said what he didn't really mean, except in a very general way, cast the first stemcell ..I mean stone.

Wow ...I'm really buzzed. Who says homegrown is no good?


oh and on the other tip you guys are getting on with the back and forth bitching. I too have a blog and if Larry doesn't put me on his blog roll in 72 hours. I am going to take this whole blog and everyone who coments on it as a cyberhostage. BWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahhaaha.

Put that in your weak ass American Progressive Maginot line pipe and smoke it. Death to America. Long live the Library. The only Git mo I like is to GitMO of you to link to me.

Oh yea. I almost forgot. Bush made my Lama farm fail.


I remember checking out "portnoy's complaint." I know it didn't faze the lybraryan a bit, but when I asked her where the 200s were, she followed me
and insisted that when I got to the Muslim section I wear kid gloves.

Friend of USA

I would wear gloves too , but not for the usual slavishly submissive reasons.

Maybe progressyves are hiding Osama Bin Laden in a library ?

Progressyves have done stranger un-american things.

Oh the gloves..Well you never know what kind of germs a goat " molester " like Osama could catch and then leave on a copy of the Koran...


What Mel, Git Mo Stupid? No thanks

Doing that would be like listening to Rethuglikkkans and boot-licking kkkonservatives coming up with kkkonspiracy theories which explain away the obvious implications of the Down Syndrome Memos....I mean the Downing Street Memos. Now get this, just because this brave journalist Smith guy illegally obtained these top secret memos, had them retyped and then either a) returned them to the government or b) destroyed them to protect the identity of an anonymous high ranking British security official neo-kkkons are saying this doesn't meet a certain level of evidentiary legitimacy, whatever the hell that means.

I mean, everyone knows that the real truth (whatever that is from day to day) is Bu$Hitler wanted to rush to war with Saddam as pay back for the hit he put out on Shrub's daddy and the Brits weren't too happy to jump in the elevator to hell on that basis. Besides, progressyves don't need any stinking British memos to tell us that, it's self-evident!

And of course we all know this so-called "war on terrorism" was about putting a gas pipeline in Afghanistan, stealing the oil from Iraq to keep SUVs on the road to further pollute Amerika's pristine environment, and to enrichen Halliburton so that Cheney gets a better retirement and then can buy Gitmo and use all the innocent Muslim detainees as slave labor to work the sugar cane fields for the next twenty years...or until his pacemaker gives out.


Lib Larry:
"Ever vigilant, never faltering, they will continue to stand watch over our precious civil bitter, undersexed gargoyles."

AGAIN with the put-downs of the Bureau, Chom-steen?

You just leave Special Agents Peaceblossom and Myranda(with a "y"), out of it.

If they weren't videotaping all the little "Poo" Barrymore "wannabes", we'd be up shyt(with a "y"), creek!

BTW, I see from your dossier that your copies of "Plumbing the Al-Qaeda Way" and "The Bin-Laden Bathroom Companion" are overdue.

Since I wrote 'em, let me encapsulate 'em for ya:

The SMALL hole you dig is for defecation. The LARGE hole is for inhabitation.

You can dig the small hole in the bottom of the big hole, but it's against code, and you won't have many holeguests at your dinner party.

It's really pretty simple, so how's about returning the books. We have other suspects to ensnare, y'know.



Your threats have undergone a subtle and witty change. I am so proud and will now elevate you to Supreme Snoop. That level means you now get your own shovel to dig both the big and little holes, a pay increase for TP and the right to have two separate holes connected by a tunnel.

This also means that you are allowed to watch Peaceblossom work Larry into a sweaty screaming frenzy of a confession of how he used the personal files as a basis for the Kama Sutra portion of the midget sex classes.

My work here is finished. I will now go to Howie's blog and type only with my right hand, read with my right eye and say appropriate things like "This blog needs gloves," or "This blog needs to be flushed." All very respectfully said, of course.


What is wrong with you people you praise Bilgeman's petty threats but you ignore mine.

I'll get you all and cyberkidnap you to Howie's blog.

This is what I get for hanging out here too long. The bizatch has gone over to my blog and tried to get me to go to his by commenting on one of my posts.

as aelfheld wrote

"I think he trolls Liberal Larry's comments looking for someone, anyone to visit his rather tedious portion of the virtual universe."

Howie! Smhowie! This guy is pubic acne on the vox populi.

Liberal Larry

Link fixed.


Dick Durban is an Osama the Sheethead schill. Mel, better you should kidnap them and take them to Gitmo where they can crawl in and out of every little orifice and meet Col. Jessup face to face (they think that's who is in charge down there and the detainees get a red thingie if they misbehave, with Keifer Sutherland reading them the Bible and the Corps Manual for bedtime stories)and compliment Christina Aguilera on being the top morale buster pop tart of the year.

Of course, Tom Cruise will testify since he made a movie about abuse at Guantanamo Bay.

Friend of USA

Crficket ? What's with the F ?

Friend of USA

"W's best Prez for
Africa aid" - Geldof


Live 8 concert organizer Bob Geldof said President Bush has done more for Africa than any other American leader.

"He has actually done more than any American President for Africa," Geldof told Time magazine for its upcoming issue. "It's empirically so."


I'm speechless...


More proof that Geldof is a fascist (as if any was needed). Check out the lyrics of his most famous song:

"The silicon chip inside her head
Gets switched to overload.
And nobody's gonna go to school today,
She's going to make them stay at home.
And daddy doesn't understand it,
He always said she was as good as gold.
And he can see no reason
'Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to be shown?"

"Silicon chips?" Obviously a message in support of "free-trade" practices that force dark-skinned workers to make computer chips for imperialistic Bush-lovers. "Nobody going to school?" He probably doesn't support the progryssyve teachers of the public education system. "Daddy?" If that's not a heteronormative patriarchal-world-view code word, I don't know what is! "Gold?" Obviously a message of support to those opposed to the "free silver" authors of the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs!

We need to let the whole world know what he's up to! I recommend we get an "Instalanche" like the fascist blog that Bush always changes my name-link URL to got today.


I made a typo. Sorry about that. I heard Tom Cruise got it in the kisser with a water mike in London today.

Sorry...I have to quit laughing now...

Bush Ate My Soul...

...they will continue to stand watch over our precious civil bitter, undersexed gargoyles.

I can live with that. It's the bitter, oversexed gargoyles that worry me...


Good heavens, Cricket! First Leonardo DiCaprio with stitches from a beer bottle lobbed at him, and now Tom Cruise? What's this world coming to? Pretty soon we're going to have to dispatch a special Secret Service for Hollyweird celebrities! Hmmm. Pondering on this, I now have this wild vision of Michael Moore...oh, never mind! Let's not, "go there."

Friend of USA


"Crficket" sounded like you were trying to hold in the bong smoke while trying to talk at the same time!

Why do I keep noticing things that don't mean nothing?
I might be suffering from accute perspicacioussanitis, I'll talk to my pusher..err..Doctor...


Came across this bit of disappointing information. Writer Keith Thompson, a 1960s liberal explained to the San Francisco Chronicle why he's walking away from the America left. "I can no longer abide the simpering voices of self-styled progressives - people who once championed solidarity with oppressed populations everywhere - reciting all the ways Iraq's democratic experiment might yet implode...They hate George W. Bush more than they love freedom."

Well la de da! Like, of course Iraq's democratic experiment might implode, but just not in my name! I mean, doesn't this moron know that hating Bush IS freedom? Next thing you know this faux-progressyve will probably claim free sex isn't really free or safe. That reminds me, I need to pick up some more penicillin.


That is a side effect of the mellow. Paranoya will destroya. I do feel bad that de Caprio had to get stitches...that is scary cause there are some genuine creeps out there who terrorize celebrities as well as us normal folk. Well, not in my name. However, while I think Cruise had every right to call him a jerk and persue it so the show that does this sort of thing gets shut down, it was pretty dang funny. He didn't get hurt.


JannyMay (Start her own blog) vignetted:

«Sorry, Howie, but I'm not the one who's obsessed with deleting posts--YOU are»!

Talk to your friend Stifflersmomto10. She said I «did the right thing in deleting those comments from, ‹The Whisperer,›».

You ca'nt have it both way's Jan.


Howie, for someone who wants us to 'learn something,' spelling doesn't seem to be your strong suit. And if you need validation from someone else about what the 'right thing' is, then I would definately worry about sending my kids to any school you would be teaching in.

Why the persistent closed mind for a self proclaimed progressive like yourself? Isn't that what liberalism and progressive thinking is supposed to do? Start a dialogue? Through thesis and antithesis come to a synthesis, or at least an agreed stand? That is part of the reason why liberals are clueless morons who scream about how mean spirited the right wingers are.
On the one hand, they decry the so called violence of what it means to take a stand, but on the other, when a stand is proven to be the right thing to do, degenerate into name calling and hyperbole and wishing
even more vicious things on conservatives.

YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS HOWIE. Deleting her posts only proves that you are not as progressive as you say you are and exercise censorship when it isn't flattering to you or your stand.

Shame on you.


Howie, there is a vast difference in your deleting posts from, "the whisperer," which were merely obscene and posted for shock value, and deleting posts of people whom you simply didn't like what they said. The fact that you obviously see no difference in the two, is another reason why your pitiful blog is failing to, "educate," anyone. That, and the fact that your sole form of debate consists of:

"Present a neocon with the facrs and the truth and recieve a blistering ad-hominem personal attack in return."

Congratulations, you've added, 'blistering,' and you even spelled it right. Too bad it still does nothing to refute any of the challenges people have made to your BS! When even your own, "progressive," counterparts start ridiculing your blog, you've got a problem, Howie! Admit you're parody (I still believe you are), or change your ways, if you want ANYONE to take you SERIOUSLY!


'the facrs?' I could get some mileage out of that...

I also think Howie couldn't possibly hold a 3.0 or higher at Princeton unless they have decided that 'No Child Leaved Behind' would get them more funding.

Howie, look, if you want people to take you seriously, you might want to stick around and learn something. Your imbecilic 'Dick and Jane' style of writing coupled with your hit and miss spelling leads me to suspect that Janny Is Right About You...You are a Faurd!(and that was intentionally misspelled, and the grammar in No Child Left Behind also misused)


JannyMaeTSK, TSK, TSK. I have'nt deleted anyone recently. Go ahead and post on my blog. I will not delete your vignettes. Invite KKKat and Mrs. Evl Neocon too. All the whisperer does is ask if Im a virgin, none of the x rated vignettes she used to post.


Cricket. As to your vitriolic vignette: Youv'e made my case: Present a neocon with the facts and the tuth and recieve an ad-hominem personal attack in return.

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