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Is this blog some kind of really sick joke or what? Who ever writes this crap should be ashamed of themselves.Please tell me this just an unfunny conservative pardoy of the left. If it's not, it means the moonbats are even more unhinged than I once thought possible. This is genuinely sick stuff.


go back to your trailer park and await instructions from Rush Limbo.

We're progressives, baby. Can you comprehend that without moving your lips while reading this?

Fucking mouthbreather!


John, it's SATIRE. Damn fine satire too, since the line is so fine it's regularly taken seriously.


John, it's SATIRE. Damn fine satire too, since the line is so fine it's regularly taken seriously.

Anonymous Person Who is NOT Liberal Larry

He's not from a trailer park. He's from Holstein Grove...I can almost smell the cow pies on his blog. It's amazing he even has time to update his site, what with all the cross burning and gay stomping he does. YEE HAW!!!!!

Che Guevarito

We're the real thing, John, and we're the mainstream. Can I offer you some Kool Aid?

I thought Linda Lovelace made a far more convincing Deep Throat than Mark Felt. They both screwed everyone around them, but at least she wasn't ashamed to show her face.


Okay. I get it. If you would do like scrapple face does and make clear that it's satire, than most of it would be really funny. Otherwise it I can't tell if it's just lefty nut cases spouting off, or worse, conservatives pretending to be lefties.


Of course, John also heaps praise on Reggie White, the only homo-phobic black man in America.

It's time to make this site more exclusive, Larry. Isn't there some kind of loyalty oath posters should have to sign?


Nixon could not be reached for comment...

Anonymous Person Who is NOT Liberal Larry

Okay, now I know he's a nazi. Scrappleface is "satire?" My hemp underwear it is! Scrappleface is a sleazy, right-wing tabloid, like Faux News.

Next you'll be saying Matt Drudge is "satire".

Che Guevarito

He's got a good point, Larry. I know you're serious most of the time, but you do occasionally throw humor into your ramblings, and I just don't know whether I'm supposed to laugh or not. we really need a Limbaugh on the Left.

Would you mind putting comments like "LOL," "ROFLMAO" or "This is a joke, numbnuts" after each non-serious sentence when you post?

It's too bad you can't blog in crayon, too.


Holstein Grove isn't even a real place. It's the fictional name of the fictional town in my comic strip about Wisconsin. It is however based on where I used to live in Wis.

I am not exactly aware of where I said anything racist or homophobic. I think you're reading what isn't there.

Also. I live in a house, not a trailer. But even if I did live in a trailor, so what?! I am proud of my rural background and if you can't deal with that then whatever. Enjoy the gang members, cockroaches and tarffic jams in what ever urban hell you have the misfotune of calling home. (Just kidding. No hard feelings.)


...but I have a comment:

At this point, WHO CARES?!


Camojack, that's how I've felt all week, after they unearthed this 91 year old fossil, claiming to be, "Deep Throat": Who cares?


I've been saying, JannyMae, it's all about the money...see if he doesn't have a book deal, and/or do the talk show circuit now.

Anonymous Person Who is NOT Liberal Larry

Farmer John deleted my posts on his blog. That figures. The cons are all for free speech as long as they're spewing insults on MY blog. But as soon as I go over to Bloom County to express MY opinion, Farmer John crushes my dissent under his gay-stomping jackboots.

Anonymous Person Who is NOT Liberal Larry

Deep Throat is too senile to write a book, you right-wing cynics! He won't make a dime off this. I doubt he's even in for a cut of the loot his family makes from selling chunks of his flesh on eBay.


One question.

Is "whistleblower" the politically correct term for rainbow party 'markers'?

It's so hard to keep up with slang.


Anonymous Person Who is NOT Liberal Larry, what's the bidding up to on Felt's flesh? And can you choose the cut?


Larry, I don't think anyone is able to post on John's blog (then again, who'd want to?). This internet thingy is still an advanced technology in Wisconsin.

 Trailer Park Ho'

" a "slutty, trailer park ho'"
He better just keep his ancient ass off of my corner of the park!!

"I wouldn't be surprised if Felt wound up dead in a park of an apparent "suicide", Hunter S. Thompson style."

Or in a kitchen chair on Owl Farm in Aspen in a fashion reminiscent of Gengis V. Foster, right after a mysterious caller said to him:(on
the phone): "....doing's your As-pen?"
And "anonymous person who is NOT Liberal Larry"---you said: "The cons are all for free speech as long as they're spewing insults on MY blog" So where/what exactly is YOUR blog, NOT Liberal Larry anonymous person?


..and BAMMIT, Larry---we want some Memorial Day MUSHROOM soup....BAMMIT again!!!!


"I've been saying, JannyMae, it's all about the money...see if he doesn't have a book deal, and/or do the talk show circuit now.==Mr. doesn't feel much these days Felt better start talking & traveling FAST or he's not going to get chapter 1 finished before meeting face to face with Gaia!! That being the case, it can only mean that with Michael Jackson outta the way, there will be a massive media frenzied exhuming of the "who shot Kennedy" thing all over again! That's because Mr. Felt is on the verge of spilling the frijoles about Jack Ruby & Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement in Watergate, too! What's uncovered really Depends® on Mr. Felts personal version of Watergate. I'm all for keeping "it" covered.

And some of you are behaving like mean spirited poopyheaded fascists toward John!!! Knock it off! He's one of us, for crying out loud! He grows soybeans--- and cares for turkeys, ducks and geese...IOW...the birds weren't in a slaughterhouse, because John grows the soybeans which are turned into Tofu, so while fascist rethuglikkkans cannibalize our aforementioned feathered friends, John supplies us our faux-fowl (not FOUL) Tofu!!

I was only mildly concerned when I saw the pictures of the ducks and geese (at his site) in the snow, all in lockstep headed toward what looked to possibly be a Siberian camp!

John was obviously mocking some neighborhood Rethug, too with the pic he had of someones "Bush/Cheney" yard sign. Remember guys, ours is a big tent with room even for recovering fascists like John.

Gore Vidal

I look forward to an intellectual discussion between Walter Cronkite and Mark Felt of this important era of American history and its landmark revelation of just how far back the Rove power machine has hoodwinked the American people.

Ledger takes real guts to leak government information to the media under an alias, deny it for 30 years, and then blurt out in a fit of senile dementia, "I am Deep Throat! Where are my pants? I like cheese." -Liberal Larry

Your dam Viagra strait Larry, it takes a true grit for man to finaly expose himself to the public as Linda Love Lace's stand-in for those close up gag shots in her movies. Remember, you get residuals if you name is on the credits list. Also, remember you have be to alive to attend booking signing ceremonies (Sure, some came come in a wheelchair). But, how many more limb does Max Cleland have to lose to warn the you that book signings are just anther imperialistic sigh of domination!

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