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Che Guevarito

But if coastal California slides into the ocean, who will decide who gets California's 55 electoral votes? Without major urban areas filled with academics, celebrities, street people, and other assorted riff-raff, who will be left to vote for Hillary?

Come 2008, I can be in Idaho and Florida at the same time, and I might even be able to pull off living at a King County P.O box again. But taking up residence in California too is asking too much.


Liberal Larrie's new name is "Choo."




Choo Chomstein...or Professym Choo Chomstein does have a nice ring to it.
AS does SHROOM SOUP.!! Where is it, Larry???
And thees seester no are yoking eeether!!

As for the Landslide. It's Shrubya's sinister and sneaky way of getting back at the Ditzy...err...Dixie Chicks for talking smack about him after/during/before they covered Stevie Nicks' hit in a concert a few years back. I betcha that trademark smirk's been pasted on his face since yesterday.


And did you catch the ranting about what government had to do about it? I mean these people pay their taxes and they by crap want their money's worth, since after all they tell the government it is the wealthy progressyves
like themselves who need to bend over and grab their ankles.

I wonder what FEMA will do, now that they misappropriated funds after the fallout from Jeanne and Ivan? Or was Darth Bush, gazing in his Crystal Ball and mind melding with Condi who knew that the spring rains would cause this disruption in the Force?


Here we go with the mud-slinging again...


I heard the mudslides in California was a secret CIA plot using new ultrasonic satellite projection technology that can turn mountains into valleys if they wanted to. Now it's being used against the progessyves in California so that Governator Schwartzenredneckkker, the secret Nazi sympathizer that he is, can ask for Federal Disaster Aid from Shrubya and they both come out smelling like roses. This sets up the possibility of a Laura Bush and Schartzenredneckkker bid for the White House in 2008.

And if Laura doesn't want the job of President then Florida had better watch it because the same technology can cause tsunamis. Then when one of those puppies hit Florida, throw in the Federal Disaster Aid from Bu$Hitler, Jeb Bush is on the ticket with that California Nazi redneckkker idiot. And it won't matter who's the president because KKKarl Rove will be pulling their strings, too! See, the same ol' same ol' Republiscam tricks. And it's sad the average Amerikan can't see through these evil people who haven't worked an honest day in their life.

But Bush's blatant attempt to bury Hillary's 2008 victory has failed as miserably as his presidency.

I'll say.

He should have waited until her motorcade was underneath the bloody hillside.


Your right again Larry! This is a clever plot orchestrated by KKKarl Rove to decimate the last bastion of true blue Progressive Political ground.

It's well known that Barbara Streisand lives in the South Laguna area. Further many progressive Hollywood types live in Hollywood and the surrounding areas. They all contribute to Hillary's campaign. What better way to destroy Hillary's chances in 2008 that to demolish the highly mortgaged palatial homes of Hillary's blue flame constituency. Not only did Bush knowing invite Michael Moore to the front porch of Streisand's house while secretly plugging-up the toilet with a Koran allowing it to overflowed into the subsoil and caused the front porch to buckle under Moore's tremendous weight. This caused the entire house to slide down the hillside triggering broken swimming pools everywhere which caused a domino effect on other hapless highly mortgaged homes. Total destruction.

This disaster was only second to the Evil Shrub's massive brush fires that ravaged Southern California's most Progressive neighborhoods. Bush then flash flooded the whole area in an attempt to drive out the remaining progressives. To add insult to injury Bush and his Body Building Buddy Arnold then terminated progressive Gray Davis from the Governer's office - creating GoverNators House - and the first bloody red streak through the clear blue state of California in years. And, it's gone down hill ever since - as those is Laguna Beach can testify.

Friend of USA

Does this mean that Larry is a south-american jew ?


Although there's a chance that these victims were progryssyve liberals, we have to remember that this is in Orange County, a known bastion of Nazi-Rethuglican jooooos. Until I know more, I'll cautiously celebrate the misfortune of the wealthy, while still retaining the right to revel in their victimhood if Larry is proven right. I mean, how could they have predicted that their cliff-side houses would someday roll down the hill? It's not like this sort of thing has ever happened before...


Catch up Lar. Hillary's changed her name. She's now Sharen Peters.

Friend of USA


I can see the face of Bush in that landslide.

Friend of USA

But then again I could see a map of France in what the cat puked on the carpet yesterday.

( maybe it's time for me to change my bong water...)


My cat puked on the couch yesterday and it looked and smelled like my own sence of self satisfaction. Yet within that spongiform morass I clearly defined the head of a fly, his many many eyes staring longingly at me almost wantingly, clearly defining itself as a being unto itself. I've decided that to ruin an artistic display such as this one would clearley injure my cats free artistic expression. I think I'll apply for an arts endowment that will enable me to compete with the genius of Maplethorpe and that twisted freak that envisioned the infamous Piss Christ
Dude. The bong water is just fine.

adam & stever

News Flash: American dream is dead.\Politics\archive\200506\POL20050603a.html


"I'll apply for an arts endowment that will enable me to compete with the genius of Maplethorpe and that twisted freak that envisioned the infamous Piss Christ

That would be Andres Serrano. For a persyn of such great love, tolerance, and compassion Mr. Serrano sure knew how to tell those KKKatholic KKKhristians where to stick it.


You mean the American dream that Bush so brutally crushed by not expanding welfare, giving out free abortions, socializing health care (which will also include free transgender-operations.)

Remember, progryssyves may be on the losing side of this argument (that Bush is Hitler) but you are on the winning side of history (revisionist, liberal history that is.)

Damian G.

Yeah, those KKKhristians are digging us an early grave, what with their anti-environmental rhetoric. Poor Gaia is shamed!!!!!


"Yeah, those KKKhristians are digging us an early grave, what with their anti-environmental rhetoric. Poor Gaia is shamed!!!!!"

Bam straight, Damian! Bunch O' Poseurs!!!

So like, Damian, since you're thee Rockin'ist Panflute player, you must really know how to work a bong, huh? Unless you're that capitalist pig Damian with that capitalist pig Italian CHAIN Restaurant! In that case, you only know how to feed rich RethugliKKKans(redundancy!).

Friend of USA

Adam & Steve,

Since the adress you provided did not work, I don't know if the following excerpt is from the same piece, but it is interesting to see how the american dream is still very well alive and kicking, just take a look at these FACTS;

"...America's 2004 unemployment rate was 5.5 percent, lower than Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the combined European Union. American GDP grew at 4.4 percent in 2004, versus United Kingdom's 3.2 percent, Japan's 2.9 percent, Spain's 2.6 percent, France's 2.1 percent, Germany's 1.7 percent, Italy's 1.3 percent and the European Union's 2.4 percent. America has the second highest GDP per capita in the world (Luxembourg is first), more than 30 percent higher than both Japan and the United Kingdom. "


Aaargh! Facts and statistics! EEEVVVIL! Get them away! Oh, wait, they're not italics! They're statistics! Hmmm...I've seen those numbers somewhere else.

So, now, for the question that just BEGS asking: when do all the screaming, stinking, whacked-out hippie freaks pack up and move to Luxembourg!?


So, nobody liked my mud-slinging comment? I'm crushed...kind of like those houses in California. Gives moving day a whole new meaning...

Mark "Deep Throat" Felt

"Gives moving day a whole new meaning..."

I can assure you--any day anything moves for me is celebrated as a moving day!


Replace the bong water with prune juice, Grandpa!

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